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Chidaruma Kenpou: Onorera ni Tsugu 4

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2009 23:10 | Go to Chidaruma Kenpou: Onorera ni Tsugu

-> RTS Page for Chidaruma Kenpou: Onorera ni Tsugu 4

*Only for use by Evil-Genius.

1: Kanei 9 (1632)
2: Ninth Year of the Sixty-Year Jikkan Juunishi Calendrical Cycle
3: One night, during the second month....

1: Inoko Gennosuke confronts his master, Kuchiki Ichidensai...
2: Wh-what's the matter?!
3: T-tell me what's going on, Gennosuke!!
4: Master! M-master...!
5: You...you...!
6: You made me into a pariah...into a scapegoat!
7: Wh-what?!
8: I won't let you make me say it! I won't! You cast me out! You tried to have me killed!
9: To have me killed!
10: Wh-what do you speak of?!
11: Why?!

1: Why?! Is this to say that my heart is not equal to that of a human's?!
2: Calm down, Gennosuke! Calm down!
3: Master!
4: Don't get hasty! There's no reason to get hasty, Gennosuke! If you...
5: I...!
6: I believed you were someone I could trust with all my heart! I respected you!
7: But!
8: You turned out to be a hypocrite! A hypocrite!
9: An evildoer wearing the skin of a good man!
10: D-don't be ridiculous! Wh-why am I a hypocrite?! Explain!
11: Uuu...
12: I-I was only thinking of your best interest!

sfx: haaah

1: The only man...
2: The only man I believed to be my ally...ended up casting me out in the end.
3: casting me out...
4: At this time, Gennosuke was 26 years old.

1: Uwaaahhh!
2: Uaaahhh!
3: After hearing of the assassination, all the other disciples rushed to the front of the dojo, pale-faced bodies shivering not only because of the cold weather.

writing: Heed my words: I will kill you all
1: According to
2: this man,
3: as the dim morning light shone in on Gennosuke...
4: He looked just like a demon, scrawling a message in blood while gripping his master's cold right hand.

1: What?!
2: No need to worry, sir, we intend to chase him to the ends of the earth until we catch him and administer punishment.
3: And of course, we will find out the reason as to why he killed his master, Ichidensai.
4: Who needs reasons?! It's plain to see the bastard is out of his mind!
5: As an exiled one, nothing but black blood runs through his veins!
6: Who knows what else he is capable of...
7: Now, now, there's no reason to jump to conclusions.
8: No, Inspector! What I am saying is that he does not possess even the smallest speck of a human heart!
9: It's plain to see after taking into account the attitude he displayed while training in the dojo! There's no other way to describe him than to simply say that he was stark raving mad!
10: Why don't you tell me a little more about him, then...

1: Once more, please!
2: No.
3: Any more and you will risk killing yourself. Step down!
4: Please, once more!
5: Muh!

1: Stop, I said!
2: Stoooop!
3: Once more!
4: Stop this at once!
5: Stop, Gennosuke!
6: It's painful to watch!
7: Stop!
8: No, let me go!

1: Gennosuke!
2: Your adherence to training is laudable, but any more of this and you will endager your life.
3: It's not worth winning...if it ends up killing you!
4: Don't be stupid!
5: At this point, he is no longer an ally which you can win against! Now step down!
6: Let me goooo!
7: Uwahhh!
8: Gen!
9: Sir Tokiyama, spar with me!
10: Fine! Go at him, Tokiyama!
11: B-but...
12: Kiieehhhhhhh!

1: The floor was splattered in crimson...
2: But...
3: the monster stood up yet again! What fighting spirit! What tenacity!
4: The disciple he was up against was already shivering in fright at the man's guts...
5: Then, finally...
6: he was cut down by his 16-year old junior, Gennosuke.
7: He fainted in agony on the dojo floor, like a bloody daruma.
8: Watching this, Gennosuke's eyes
9: began to glow with satisfaction...
10: Then, having exhausted all his spirit, collapsed onto the floor, unconscious...
11: What nerves...only a crazy man is capable of doing something like that!
12: I see...
13: I see...

1: However,
2: I still fail to notice proof that he is insane...
3: What you just told me about happens often to those who are unusually tenacious in their swordsmanship...
4: It's not uncommon.
5: But...Inspector!
6: His madness exceeds that of mere swordsmanship!
7: Oh? You have another story?
8: That's not an octopus, that's my wife...hahaha, that's a good one!
9: It's damn cold out here.
10: Maybe there will be some snow tonight.
11: Please, listen to me!
12: I beg you!

1: What? Huh...a woman beggar?
2: What are you trying to do, scare us by jumping out of the darkness like that?!
3: Please, I beg you...save this child! Medicine...I need to buy medicine! Grant me...grant me some medicine, pleaaaase!
4: Grant you some medicine, huh?!
5: Stupid bitch!
6: Filth like you is better off dead!
7: Uhyahahaha!
8: I'd offer to give you medicine for your body, but not even I'd dare touch something so dirty!
9: Uhihahahaha!
10: Kehahahahaha!
11: Please, I beg you! Have mercy!
12: Enough already, you!
13: Ahhhh!
14: Ah, look, now she dirtied the water.
15: Wait!

1: Ah!
2: What are you doing?!
3: He may have struck them with the back of his sword, but still managed to break both of their left arms and keep them from ever holding a sword again.
4: Even if he may have found fault in them for kicking away a woman beggar...
5: he should have well understood the kind of disadvantages he would be calling to himself by handicapping two of his senior peers like that...
6: And yet, he still committed the deed!
7: It was only due to Sir Ichidensai's patronage that the bastard was allowed to live this long! Now you should have enough proof to realize how mad he is!
8: Indeed! Just the fact that he killed his master Ichidensai alone should be more than enough proof! There's no more reason to argue about this any longer!
9: Understood!

1: I understand, however I have an obligation to first find out whether he was born crazy or not.
2: Is there any other information?
3: Anything that will bring us closer to the reason as to why he Gennosuke slayed his master...
4: About the story that was just told...
5: Yes?
6: I happened to witness that account myself...
7: and noticed that there was a small error in the retelling of it.
8: Oh...
9: And what would that error be...?
10: Up until the point where they kicked the woman beggar--
11: Wait!
12: And Gennosuke called out to them, the story is the same...but after that--
13: Oh look, it's Gen!
14: What do you mean, "wait?!"

1: How could you do something like that...
2: to such a small child...
3: Don't you have any feelings?!
4: What?!
5: Forget the medicine...
6: there was no reason to push them into the drain like that!
7: What?!
8: After asking drunken warriors over and over again to no avail, she finally ends up with this fate...
9: Don't you think you should have thought things over more carefully...?
10: Shut up!
11: She's a complete stranger to us! Why should we have to spend time to dote over mere beggars?!
12: Whether you're sleeping with a woman or drinking alcohol, the number of people indulging in entertainment
13: does not compare to the number of humans wallowing in despair like this!
14: What I want to say is you should think things over more carefully, and restrain from such rash decisions!
15: Nuu!

1: How dare you speak such words to us?! You think we'll just let you walk away after hearing that?!
2: Hang in there.
3: Are you alright?
4: Y-yes...
5: Ahahaha!
6: What a nice couple!
7: They're even less worthy of our attention than mangy curs!
8: You threw that, didn't you?!
9: You said mangy cur, didn't you...
10: Would a mangy cur withstand this cold weather in order to secure medicine for its child?
11: The heart and mind of a woman suffering over her child...the two of you who cannot even understand her pain are the real mangy curs!

1: Bastaaard!
2: I see...so that's when both of their arms were broken...
3: Yes.
4: I see Gennosuke's attitude toward the poor as being atypical of a crazy man.
5: Not to mention, afterwards...
6: he went as far as selling his short sword to save the child and take care of the two of them.
7: This isn't even something a normal person would do.
8: After hearing of this, Master Ichidensai was so deeply moved that he presented his own short sword to Gennosuke.
9: Therefore, I feel that labeling the man as insane...
10: is truly a profound error.
11: Hoh...
12: All I want to know is, if that fool really was such a great man, then what reason could he have to kill the very master he was so indebted to?!
13: Indeed.
14: I want to know as well.
15: That is...
16: Is this to say that no one has any sort of idea?

1: Hmmm...
2: There remains the possibility that he may have been driven mad, then.
3: His tenacity towards swordsmanship alone was inhuman!
4: Ever since he was admitted to the dojo, his sword was wild and violent...
5: Despite the waterfalls of blood splashing down from his body, he was always determined to keep fighting until he won!
6: Including myself, there were 14 students smashed to the floor by the man's monstrous will and grotesque power.
7: It's obvious that eventually everyone simply refused to spar with him anymore...
8: He always stared dejectedly out at the open space behind the dojo with a sad and disgraced expression on his face.
9: I often caught sight of him out there...
10: Do you know why no one wishes to match blades with you, Gennosuke?
11: That demonic force expelled by your mad blade oppresses others and causes them to become afraid.
12: Before they know it, their instinct to protect their own bodies begins to work, and they feel like they will have to end up killing you just in order to survive...

1: Do not rush yourself...don't try to become stronger in just one day...
2: I do not know the reason, but I understand that you are hurying to mastery for the sake of some hidden reason that cannot compare to that of others'.
3: But you must stop your recklessness, and rid yourself of this demonic aura...
4: If you can do that, then even I would be happy to face you....
5: R-really, Assistant Instructor?!
6: Thank you so much!
7: However! During the match on the next day, a terrible misfortune occurred!
8: O-once more! Once more, please, Assistant Instructor!
9: No! I told you, we musn't continue! Restrain yourself!
10: Once more!

1: Muu! Stop!!
2: Muu!
3: Oh no, his artery!
4: That's enough now, Gennosuke!
5: Once more, please!
6: You fool! Do you want to die?!
7: Stooooop!

1: Wah! The Assistant Instructor's eye!
2: Kill that beast!
3: N-no, you musn't!
4: Tend to his artery!
5: What?! You just lost your eye because of this bastard!
5: Don't say that!
6: Not being able to dodge the deflected blade was due solely to my inexperience....
7: Gennosuke has done nothing wrong! Now tend to his wounds!
8: Fine, bandage him up!

1: That beast must be removed from this dojo!
2: How can we allow such a madman to train here with us?!
3: He stole your eye from you! There's no way you can stay quiet now, right?!
4: No...
5: He's fighting with all his strength...he's well-prepared for death...
6: From what I hear, he is the child of an exiled one...
7: I believe he's refusing to be bound by his lineage and attempting to conquer it.
8: That effort really is the effort of no ordinary man...such effort...
9: I want to see just how far he is willing to go...
10: Now...he may be the child of an exiled one, but the exiled one in question was a parent removed five generations...there is no way I can blame him for such a thing...
11: He is the same type of human as us, is he not?! I find it doubtful that any of us possesses the right to censure him for such a thing...
12: Rather than removing him...
13: We should acknowledge his positive efforts and allow him to sharpen his talents here so that he may rise to become a fine human being--
14: That is what I believe the proper decision to be...
15: What say you all...?

1: I see...training of the mind's eye...
2: So be it. I will pray for your success...
3: As I will your health, Master...
4: and that of your kin...
5: Now then...farewell...

1: Gen...
2: Yes, sir...
3: The monstrous aura that surrounds you when you hold a sword...
4: If you do not learn to suppress it, it will end up being the death of you...I will not tell you again...
5: I also have to restart my training from square one...
6: Now then...
7: Take care of yourself...
8: I see...
9: So then, you too--
10: Believe that some sort of latent madness activated and drove Gennosuke to slaying his master Ichidensai...?
11: Yes sir.
12: Now that I think about it, if we had driven him out then, it would have saved us from this misfortune...
13: I am filled with deep regret.

1: I see...
2: Incidentally...there was one new piece of information that was revealed in this last tale...
3: The fact that Gennosuke was the child of an exiled one. Did Ichidensai know this?
4: We believe he did not...originally.
5: Hoh...
6: Then...when did he come to learn of this?
7: I believe I know.
8: It happened in winter, one year before the Assistant Instructor lost his eye.
9: Gennosuke exchanged a few words with a man who looked like a beggar and then took him off...
10: What's going on?
11: What's he doing?
12: Are you out of your mind?!
13: I don't know who told you how to get here, but please don't do anything that will prohibit me from continuing on this new path I'm attempting to follow!
14: No, no...I'm not trying to do anything like that.
15: But that's what meeting like this will eventually result in! What will I do if people find out I'm speaking to someone like you?!

1: Oh, I know alright. These are times in when hiding yourself came be a crime, after all.
2: If you know that, then don't appear before me like this!
3: Ha, ha...all you care about is looking good, I see.
4: Wh-what?!
5: Well, whatever. Things are sure looking good for you lately, aren't they...
6: Pretending to ignore the senior disciples who give you money and severely injuring the ones who don't...
7: What?!
8; What are you trying to say?!
9: The money you received...you have a lot, don't you? Just lend me a little. I don't know if I'll be able to make it through this winter without any...
10: Ridiculous!!
11: Where did you hear such a groundless tale?!
12: It's common knowledge...what, you don't want to lend any out?
13: Sakuzou! You...!
14: What?
15: It's not fair if only you get to look good, is it?!
16: The only thing we appear as to commoners is exiled ones! Why do you think working so hard like this will change anything?!
17: You...!
18: If you refuse to lend me any money, then I'll just tell the truth to everyone!
19: I'll tell them that Gennosuke's an exiled one!

1: Wh-what are you doing?! Stop!
2: Everyone, get out here!
3: Gen...Gennosuke's...!!
4: And that's it.
5: I see...and so? What happened to Gennosuke afterwards?
6: I'd like to hear the rest.

1: It was not until Gennosuke appeared in front of his master that he returned to his senses.
2: For what reason did you slay him?! Why did you feel that was necessary?!
3: I-I was not in my right mind! I-I just...
4: I...
5(2b): I thought that if everyone found out that I was the child of an exiled one, then all my hopes and dreams would forever be trapped within darkness! Ever since my childhood, I have received nothing but cold glares from others...even though I may be the child of an exiled one, however, I have done nothing wrong!
6(3b): The punishment that exiled my ancestors to their island was decreed five generations ago...and three generations ago, my grandfather was allowed to come back to the main island...and he did not commit a single crime throughout his whole life...and yet! The citizens of this nation and its laws branded us with a stigma that made us no more than prisoners without a jail!
7: Where can you find a hopeful path in such tragedy?!
8: Children of exiled ones are born criminals, and are therefore unable to do honest work and descend into despair.
9: There are many who gang together and commit violent acts.
10: Is it really alright to leave things like this?! At this rate, young people who may have bright futures are instantly cut off from ever reaching them!
11: No matter what, I...! I don't want things to be like that!
12: I want to open the door to a road with hope! That's all I thought!
13: But...but now I myself have finally ended up committing a crime!
14: I cut down Sir Morioka!

1: Excuse sir, master!
2: Just now, five men from Morioka Yasaburou's residence have arrived and appear to be extremely angry! What should we do?!
3: I'll go out.
4: More importantly, what happened to Yasaburou?!
5: He's unconscious in critical condition! The doctor said he cannot ensure the man's survival!
6: Muu...
7: Tell everyone that all further news must be kept secret! Understood?!
8: Yes sir!
9: And so, you see...Master Ichidensai protected Gennosuke!
10: After that, he sent the men away and prayed to God for the salvation of Yasaburou's spirit.
11: Hohoh...
12: Master Ichidensai probably knew that Gennosuke would also have die to appease Yasaburou's soul, but must have felt that it was too pathetic a thing to do.
13: Was his fasting and praying for three days was all that he felt he could do? Or perhaps...was it in order to ask protection from God for the way he had come to feel?
14: It was truly bizarre, however, when we found out that Yasaburou would be able to survive.

1: Masterrrrr...uuuuu....
2: Everything managed to wrap up soundly...but if you remain in this dojo -- no, in this land, Gennosuke, nothing will ever become of you!
3: You must leave today!
4: Eh?
5: Master!
6: So, you too...!
7: You too really are just like the others!
8: You fool!
9: The problem may have been resolved, but do not forget about Morioka! He will be ever waiting for you to show just the right opening so that he may exact revenge...how can you not understand that it is in your best interest to leave?!
10: Master!
11: I understand! But...be that as it may,
12: Even if I end up being killed, I am prepared! Because...I have finally felt the warmth of a human heart in meeting you, Master!
13: I...!
14: I refuse to leave your side, Master!
15: Please, I insist! Allow me to stay at your side, forever!
16: Please, I beg you!
17: And then, Gennosuke...
18: wrapped in the warmth of his master, lived out the rest of his days believing only thta man...no matter what anyone told him...

1: I see...
2: Yes...after listening to all this, I feel like I've finally figured out the motive to his crime...
3: It still seems, however...
4: that the decisive fact that will lead us to know why he killed his beloved master still has yet to arise...any more ideas?
5: Hmmmm...
6: Hmmmm...
7: Ah...it has gotten rather late...
8: For the time being, I will report all I have heard to the elder.
9: Phew, I'm more tired than I thought...that's all for today...

1: Honestly...what a sad fate for Ichidensai...I have no words to express my sadness...
2: It is as you speak. Hooo, I'm certainly glad I refused.
3(2b): Had I promised to possibly give my daughter to the hands of such a man, who knows what would have happened to her...what a relief!
4: What are you talking about?
5: Just yesterday, I visited Ichidensai's dojo...
6: Oh really? And about what did you speak of?
7: About the planning of a tournament...
8: I am grateful for your sudden arrival...how can I serve you, sir?
9: I know there exist stronger men than Gennosuke in your dojo, but...
10: In the event that he is to win, it will mean that he will become the inheritor of all your teachers and rise to become the Lieutenant Swordsmanship Instructor for this area...
11: According to rumors, I hear that Gennouske is the child of an exiled one...if that is the case, then there is absolutely no way I will be able to hand my daughter over to the victor like I promised...
12: Now, is that the truth...?
13: It is as you say, sir...but I already have him taken care of it.
14: It is quite a shame to have to lose such unparalleled skill...but since he is the child of an exiled one...
15: I knew it! How grotesque!

1: Were you really intending to allow him to participate in the tournament knowing all this?!
2: Please, do not become angry...
3: He has a wish...and, to be honest, it is a wish that will never be fulfilled...
4: This has caused me to feel great pity for the man, and so I have done my best to take care of him until this day.
5: ...at the very least, I wish to give him warrior's compassion...
6: So I intend to have him taken care of during the tournament...
7: What, you mean kill him?!
8: Indeed!
9: K-kill?!
10: M-master...is going to kill me?!
11: If possible...
12: I wanted to let him survive!
13: If there existed some sort of road that would lead him to joy and happiness...I wanted to lead him there...
14: But the eyes of the people of this land as they are now are far too cold to lead him to such a place...
15: The way he is able to live with all of his might like he is now...is only because he has received warm support.
16(2b): If he is to lose that warm support at some point in the future, his sword will transform into a mad blade capable of committing the unthinkable...that much is already clear...
17: And so, I have to decided...that while I myself can still swing a sword...I must...

1: I see! Now all the puzzle pieces fit together!
2: Gennosuke must have been listening in on their conversation!
3: The incident happened that night! Right when I was returning home!
4: Now the motive for the murder is clear!
5: Muu!
6: Now then!
7: Mumu!
8: How thoughtless! If only I had told him not to approach the room while we were talking! As a result, Master Ichidensai was...! What a tragedy! Nmumu!
9: The fact remains that we must put an end to this.
10: If news that Ichidensai, the man whose swordsmanship represents our clan was killed by a mere exiled one spreads to other clans, our name will be stained! We must search Gennosuke out at all costs and dispose of him.
11(2b): Of course! Order the other students to create search teams and locate the bastard -- then tear him to pieces!
12: Guard!
13: Gather up every strong man you can find at once!

1: Ahhh!

1: Excuse me, sir!
2: Sawada Hikikurou was just killed on the road by an unidentified man!
3: What?! "Gen" was carved into his forehead?!
4: Did you hear that?! Sawada was killed!
5: What unbearable news! We must find the killer at once!
6: What's going on?!
7: The front gate!
8: Ahh!
9: It's him!
10: W-what are you doing?! He may still be here!
11: Find him!

1: That night, the acting Assistant Instructor Shimura Ryuunoshin became the third victim...
2: And the next morning, the senior disciple Yajima Tetsunosuke was killed in the toilet...
3: That evening...another senior disciple, Iwamatsu Saburoubei was found in front of the entrance to the dojo...with both of his arms detached.
4: It's no wonder that everyone was shaking in fear.
5: I-it's just like he wrote on the wall in blood!
6: Maybe he really is intending to kill us all...
7: T-there's no way!
8: Don't say such ridiculous things.
9: Even so, h-he really is a frightening bastard...
10: Geh!
11: F-forgive uuuus!

1: Prepare yourself, Tsuta Denzaburou!
2: Uchimata Toubei, prepare yourself!
3: Geh!
4: Gennosuke!

1: What, he hasn't come here?! Not even once?! Is that true?!
2: Are you lying to us?!
3: Find him no matter what!
4: Even if you need to fill these huts with corpses!

1: Fufu...so you followed me, huh...?
2: You must want "Gen" carved into your forehead, then!
3: Wait! I'm your ally!
4: There's something I have to tell you, so calm down and listen!
5: A trick, huh?! If you're planning to trick me and then jump me with a bunch of men, it won't work!
6: I have a message from your mother.
7: What? My mother?!
8: You bastaaaard!
9: Fuhahaha, listen up! My mother is already dead! She's dead!

1: H-how old were you when she died?!
2: Two!
3: That makes sense...
4: So it's plain to see why you grew up thinking you had no mother...
5: It just means that you, being an infant, had no way of understanding the world of adults.
6: Huh? What do you speak of?!
7: Your mother is alive.
8: She's alive, and after hearing of the recent crime, visited the dojo.
9: Whaaaat?!
10: Shut up!
11: You mock me!
12: Wait!
13: If you don't believe me, then fine!
14: Go ahead and cut me down!

1: I have never ridiculed you! But if you still cannot believe me, then cut me down!
2: Because of my large body and my grotesque face, I have always been a poor peasant laughed at by others.
3: I can understand how you feel...and I wanted to become someone who you could confide in.
4: Unable to find the right timing, however, I was left in sorrow...
5: Is that the truth...?
6: It's the truth!

1: Unable to ask anyone for help...
2: Gennosuke could only rely on his own tenacious desire to live to survive...
3: And so...
4: With his face contorted into a visage of pain, he crawled off somewhere.
5: Ten years' worth of days and months passed...
6: The clan leaders and students...
7: had long since forgotten about the existence of Gennosuke--
8: Until this moment, when Kawakubo Juuzaburou, an ex-student of Ichidensai's working as a mounted official with a 50 koku stipend in Fukuchiyama...
3: once again quaked in fear in the presence of Gennosuke's mad blade!

1: No matter what, one man was killed per day, until thirty lives had burnt out by the end of the month. GEN was carved on the forehead of each man.
2: Some of the remaining men simply shivered in fear, and others went mad.
3: In the following days, the clan leaders were filled with rage.
4: How can all you fools be afraid of a single lowlife like that?!
5: Are all of Ichidensai's pupils cowards?!
6: Is that you, Inoko Gennosuke?!
7: You really have been busy lately! Don't tell me you've forgotten me!
8: Ah!
9: I must cut you down...

1: If only...I would have told you sooner...
2: That I too an a descendant of the exiled ones--
3: Ehh?!
4: I shouldn't have left the dojo back then...
5: Then maybe...you wouldn't have gone down this path of destruction...
6: What?!

1: What are you talking about?!
2: If you had known I too was the child of an exiled one, you may have been able to confide in me...
3: What?!
4: How could I have confided in a man who hid the fact that he was an exiled one?!
5: What good is it for exiled ones to simply hide in the darkness and lick each others' wounds?!
6: It will do nothing to change our situation in society!
7: There is no other way to change things than to keep killing!
8: That isn't true.
9: What?
10: Bearing the cruelty of society while building up your own character in silence..
11: That's the most important thing...
12: Don't say that! It's only because people have food that they can give thanks! How do you expect someone without freedom and wealth, who doesn't even have enough food to feed themselves for one day to sit in silence and build up their character?!
13: I, for one, cannot do that!
14: And yet you must.
15: No matter how discriminated against exiled ones may be, if they are one by one, slowly able to permeate out into different areas as the world as distinguished individuals, then the points of views of the public may gradually change...no, they will certainly change!
16: You're a respected man...a powerful man!
17: That's why you can do that!
18: However! A mediocre man like myself cannot do that!
19: Even if I understand that I must!

1: Either way, simply barking back and forth at each other like this will solve nothing! It looks like our differences in opinions cannot be overcome...
2: The point remains, that even if I were to excuse the murder of your master, you have piled up so many evil deeds since that point...
3: That there is no way I can let you live...
4: I don't want to die! I don't want to die yet!
5: I don't remember doing a single evil deed when I was born! And yet those bastards in the streets, they...!
6: They treated me as if I was born guilty!
7: How can I die like this?!
8: haaah

1: Mumu...
2: Ahh...
3: After that--
4: Gennosuke decided not to turn his blade on his former peers in revenge...
5: and spent the rest of his years void of even the will to live...
6: finally coming upon a strange new land close to his hometown in winter one year,
7: and freezing to death.


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