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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 54

Tonight, at Cut & Blow...

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 13, 2009 16:10 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 54


tl by molokidan

sign: The Cut & Perm Champion of the Orient and Pacific - Junko
1: Hrrn?
2: What are you doing here...we don't accept patronage from your kind!
3: Eh?
4: Er, I, um...
5(2b): Wearing such a thing in here...is this some kind of declaration of war?!
6: Bastard...I'm gonna punch you back out to where you belong!
7: No! Wait...!!
8: Fufu...you two haven't changed one bit!
9: H...huuuuh? It's Jaguar-kun!!

The 54th Recorder - Tonight, at Cut & Blow...

1: I was really surprised.
2: You should have just told us he was a friend of yours, Jaguar-kuuun!
3: Fufu...I just wanted...to see you kick out a customer for once in a while, Tech-san.*
* Line: Technician-san
4: How sinister you are...making me brandish my scissors at your friend like that!
5: Jaguar-dono tells me you have quite the technique, Technician-dono...
6: I have been tingling with anticipation for this day!
7: Hey, Tech-san, you said you had a new hairstyle you wanted to try out, right?
8(2b): Indeedy! Do you mean you want me to try IT on him...?
9: Yes...
10: Do it in a "Slap you with a sardine head tonight" style...!
11: Grand...it's too grand!
12: Your benevolence bag...
13: My thanks to you!

1: I'm looking forward to watching your technique today, Tech-san.
2: Fufu...what pressure!
3: He's shooting the mist onto himself in order to create sweat and make it look like he's trying his hardest...
4: That's my Technician-san...what technique!
5: You...didn't wash your hair yet today, did you?
6: Eh? No...I haven't.
7: You're soooooo dirrrrty!!
8: It's all slimy with grease! What the hell?!
9: Ehh?!

1: If you're a modern human being, at least shampoo yourself in the morning before coming, dammit! God, what a stench!!
2(2b): Hiieeee! I...I'm sorry...!!
3: Fufu...it's fine.
4: You don't need to worry.
5: This is how it should be...
6: Humans are at their best when they're natural.
7: Now! Relax, relax...
8: Carrot & stick...
9: The carrot & stick method, combined with his massaging will wipe the customer's nervousness right away!
10: What a technician!
11: This is just the beginning...
12: Eh?
13: You're always on the getting cut side, so you don't know...
14(2b): But...it's when he's cutting that he is the most amazing. The most...heated up...
15: Wh...what?! When he's cutting...!!?

1: I...impossible...
2: He's dodging...
3: He's dodging all the hair that flies toward his face!!
4: No, that's not it...look closely.
5: Ehh!?
6: Uuu...!!
7: H...he's...!!

1: G...growing a beard!?
2: No he isn't...!! He's just making sure all the hair flies onto the bottom part of his face so it looks like a beard!!
3: So that's why he always had a strange beard after cutting my hair...
small: You look great! Hahaha
4: To think that he was always working with such grueling effort behind me...
5: What a technician...
6: This man is a technician down to the very last hair on his body!!
7: I think some perm lotion's gotten into my eyes, Miss Pantystocking...
8: I'm going to go out and get some night breeze.
9: Fufu...
10: Men are all the same...

1: Yo...finished, Hammer?
2: Yeah.
3: Hey, hey, what is that? Are you embarrassed?
4: You just got it cut, what's with the helmet...
5: Uuu!!
6: I...it can't be!!
7: He's not wearing it...
8: It looks like he's wearing it but he really isn't!!
9: That technician...what an incredible technician...
10: Yeah...I was truly flabbergasted, yo...
11: But this looks stupid, doesn't it...
12: Yeah...

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