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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 58

Oh! Ultra Maman ~On the Way Home From the Married Women's Association Meeting~

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 21, 2009 13:39 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

1: Ahh!!
2: Here it comes!
3: I'm sorry.
4: It's the Mandolin commercial!
5: But...Junko-san!
6: This is my lover, Mandolin.
black song in panel 4:
man man ma
Squeeze Factory
mandoliiiiiin <Squeeze Factory>
7: It's right after this!
8: Finally...
9: H...
10: Here it is!!!

The 58th Recorder - Oh! Ultra Maman ~On the Way Home From the Married Women's Association Meeting~

1: Ahhh...Married Women's Association meetings sure tire me out...
2: Maybe it's not a good idea for a single woman to go to them?
3: If only I had children, I would finally be able to take part for real...
4: Haa...if only a Prince (up to 10 years old) would appear before me...
5(2b): I have received wealth and fame...now all that I lack is a child...
6: Wahhh, how sad!
7: ...what an unlikeable hero...
8: Huh
9: What are you three getting so excited about, madams?
10: Ah, Mamanokouji-san.
11: You see...it's about my son.
(small): Nothing special though!
12: Ken-chan's studying for exams!
13: Oh my! I'm so jealous that you can even worry about such a thing...ufufufu!

1(2b): More importantly, Mamanokouji-san...another strange being has appeared!
2: Oh my! Really?
3: Yes, yes!
4(2b): And of all things, the one that appeared this time is apparently...a supersonic wave!
5: Yes!
6(2b): And according to the rumors...it might be capable of mind control!
7: It's capable of using high-frequency waves to send submilinal messages and directly control the subconsciousness of children!
8: Oh my, how frightening!
9: How dangerous~ There's no telling what the strange beings these days are capable of!
10: I've got...I've got to do something!
11: The protectors of the future are in trouble!
12(2b): Change Maman! ...I'm worried. I'm going to go check it out!
13: Okay! He was supposed to be around the quarry, as always!
14: Sorry to trouble you like this, Ultra Maman!
15: Just wait...
16: My children!!

1: Eh?! A commercial already?!
2: Yeah, the program is only 10 minutes long, you know!
3: Aw, c'mon! When are we gonna be on!?
4: I can't wait to see the scene where I stuff noodles into a mole hole...
5: Yeah!
6: That scene exists?! (How does that follow the story?!)
7: Calm down, you guys! The story in Ultra Maman is the same every week...
8: It'll come after this...every week after the commercials end, it cuts back to the show with a close-up of the featured kid!!
9: Here it comes!!
10: Shut up, guys...!!
11: Help meeeee~

1: His face is...
2(2b): Ora ora! Bring it on, Ultra Maman! If you don't act fast, I'm gonna brainwash all the children here with my special waves!
3: Help meeeee!
4: What do you think you're doing?!
5: Muu! This voice is...!
6: Ma maaaaaaaan!
7: U...Ultra Maman!
8: Uwahh!
9: Owwww!
10: Hey...owwww!
11: Wh...what the hell are you doing, grandma?!
12: How many times have I told you never to cause trouble to others?!
13: How many times do I need to tell you until you understand?!
14: Fight, Maman!
15: Wh...what's with this camera?!
16: Who cares about the damn mochi pile?!

1: Heh! Shut up, grandma! I live my own life, free from anybody's shackles!
2: Just a few minutes ago, I brainwashed one kid and made him start stuffing noodles into a mole hole!!
3: I don't care what other people think!!
4: Wh...what was that?!
5: I'm mad now!
6: You're gonna be sorry!
7: C'mon, get over here!
8: Huh?! Why?!
9: Don't tell me you think my feelings will change if I lay down with you like this...
10: Uuu!?
11: H-huh? What's this feeling?
12: Warm...it's so warm...
13: I...feel tired all of a sudden, Maman!
14: Yes...go to sleep now, honey.
15: That was a tough enemy...
16: S...she did it!

1(2b): Sorry for making you wait, hun...are you hurt?
2: No! Thanks, Maman!
3: Uuu...!!
4: C...cute!
5: Could there be a cuter Prince than this?!
6: Round eyes...a smile free of all cares...
7: This child really is a Prince...
8: What's wrong, Maman?
9: Ah! Sorry, I'll take these ropes off you now.
10: Thanks!
11: Really, though, he's so cute...
12: I'm saved!
13: Ahhh, I want him! I want to raise this child as my own!
14(2b): hey, child, you're still...under 10 years old...aren't you?
15: Yeah! I'm five!
16: (Another camera is filming it from a different angle)
17: And your mother and your father?
18: Mmm...I don't have either one...

1: Hey, boy...
2: Mm?
3: I decided the moment I saw you.
4: Please become Maman's new child!
5: Please!
6: I'm sorry!
7(2b): Ehhhh, why?! Really?!
8(2b): Because I have a big brother. Right now, he's probably stuffing noodles into a mole hole...
9: I can't leave a big brother like that alone!
10: By the way, Maman...your brain is visible, right?
11(2b): That kind of mama isn't my type...I'm sorry.
12: Fufu...it's fine.
13: It's completely fine...
14: That's right...I'm not meant to raise children...
15: If I pour all my love into one child, I won't be able to transform anymore...

1: The children of the world
2: are all mine, after all...
3: Today's Maman One Point!
4: Don't stuff noodles into mole holes, everyone!
5(2b): ...wha...th...
6: I-it's alright...
7: I have no emotions, after all.
8(2b): You don't need to worry about it, everyone. You know, I really...wish I hadn't gone out in the first place.
9: If it would save everyone from having to put on fake smiles and worry about me, I just wish I hadn't done the audition altogether.
10: If only I wasn't so selfish...
11: Sticky!
12: As for my personal feelings, I feel like electrocuting (Director) Seine right now...
13: Want to help me out?
14: If it's what you want, Master, then I'll provide a million volts!

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