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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 21

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 25, 2009 18:37 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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tl by molokidan

S: "Bombs have been tied to your friend and also hidden around the school.
S: If you want to save anyone, leave the AS and come to the school immediately.
S: If you do not, the bombs will be detonated."

sfx: click...
S: Chidori.
S(2b): I know you must be in shock right now. But...
C: I knew about the truth of things.
C: That this life wouldn't continue forever...
C(2b): That whenever the enemy came, things would become all messed up. That they'd probably take me away...

C: It's all my fault.
C: If I would have gone with him yesterday, Kyouko, and everyone else wouldn't have gotten tangled up in this.
S: That's not true. The enemy is at fault here.
S(2b): And everyone is still fine for the time being. If we save them, everything will be alright.
C: ...save them?
C: What are you talking about?!
C: There's no way we could possibly save them at this point!!

C: Aside from the bomb on Kyouko, they probably had some pros rig up other disguised bombs around the school, right? We'll never be able to find them all...
S: If we use the electromagnetic pulses on board the <Arbalest>...
C: It's impossible.
C: Judging by the level of this enemy, it wouldn't be surprising to find they had long-range molecular spectrum sensors, high-sensitivity magnetic sensors, and reverse interference mics set up, right?
C(2b): Besides, even if we found the locations of all the bombs with the AS, rendering them useless with the electromagnetic pulse would be impossible if the bombs were programmed to respond to NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), right?
S: Chidori...I'm sorry. I don't know what I'm saying...
C: You don't know?

C: So you really are no different from the rest of them, after all.
S: Chidori...
C(2b): Don't look at me with such a stupid face like that. It's like you're making fun of me, I can't stand it...geez, it really pisses me off how idiotic everyone around me is.
S: Chidori...!!
sfx: yank!

S: That's just a delusion produced by the high level of intelligence the <Whispered> were gifted with. Don't look down on others! Acknowledge your own sickness.
C(2b): ...you think just making a worried face gives you the right to put yourself in the higher psychological position? It's so simple, it makes me want to laugh.
S(2b): Didn't you say this just a few minutes ago? You're scared of me...and you like me, but you're scared of me.

S: I like you too.

S: But I'm scared.
S: I don't understand it.
S: But I'm attracted to you.
S(2b): From the moment I first met you, I've just felt it over and over again.
S: A feeling I've never felt until now...
S: You're the one that changed my entire world.

S: I will protect you.
S: And I will protect the world you belong to.

S: That is my "mission."
S: Lend me your strength so we can save Tokiwa.
S: I'll make sure everything works out, just like it has until now.
C: You really think you can save her, no matter what?
S: Affirmative. As long as you and I are together.

C: Sorry, but I just think it's impossible.
C: It's probably best for us just to surrender.

Box: Merida Island
F: This is the HQ. We have lost the upper regions of the base to explosive attacks, but the <TDD-1> dock is still safe.
?: Understood, Uruz-1.
U(2b): This is Gebo-3. To all soldiers: the <Behemoth>s have begun spreading out.
U: We will now transmit you data pertaining to <Behemoth>s A, B, and C.
sfx: bababababa

C: This is Uruz-1, thank you. You've done enough, Gebo-3, feel free to evacuate.
G: Gebo-3 here. Understood. The <Behemoths> just shot--
sfx: bzzzzt
C(2b): Uruz-1 to Kano-13. Head directly to the point where Gebo-3 fell.
K: Kano-13 here. Understood.
C(2b): Everyone else, prepare to hunt down <Behemoth> B. Uruz-1 and 2 will play around with A and C.
U: Uruz-2 here, understood. Pretty lame for a dance partner, though.
L: You alright, sis? You should know how dangerous those things are more than anyone...
U: Have you forgotten that Uruz-1 and 2 are both eqiupped with a multi-lateral communications system?
l: Ahh...so you're saying they can control those M6 puppets, huh?

sfx: sfx: shhzzzz
sfx: zzzzzoooooo
M: Alright, let's go, Friday!!
F: Yes, Lieutenant.
M: Control system to position XA-1.
sfx: bzzt

sfx: bssht bssht
sfx: bzzt
sfx: boom

sfx: booooom
sfx: bssssht
M: Detonate XM-3!!
F: Roger.
sfx: boooooom
sfx: bzzt

sfx: baboooom
M: How's that...?
sfx: shoooooo
sfx: bzzt

M: It activated the Lambda Driver, huh...?
M: Dammit...it's totally unscathed...
M(2b): Uruz-2 to all soldiers. My attack was...
M: There really is no way for our units to make even the tiniest scratch on a <Behemoth>...
M: ...no, wait a minute...
M: It...did work?
M: I knew it! Half a year ago, Kurz managed to deal damage to one of them with a rifle.
M: As long as I can take it by surprise...I'll be able to take advantage of its openings!!

M: It's still too early to despair!!
M(2b): Uruz-2 to all soldiers: while light, I still managed to deal damage to the giant AS!! We can do this!!
S: Understood!!
P(2b): This is Perth-1. The enemy's descending force is coming in from the southeast. I expect hand-to-hand combat will start within 15 minutes.
P: If we don't clean up the <Behemoth>s as much as we can until then,
P: we will be defeated.
M: ...all three of those things? In only 10 minutes?

M: Easier said that done...
M: This is going to be a tough fifteen minutes...
sfx: boom boom boom
L: They're having a field day out there...dammit!
L(2b): <Behemoth> B has entered Area HO. It'll be about 60 seconds until he reaches the C Line...
L: Clouseau and sis will be keeping the other 2 busy...

L: That means we'll have to use the remaining M9s to destroy the last one.
L: But...
L: Knowing that it's all up to my marksmanship is a hell of a lot of pressure...
Box: During Briefing
L: Lambda Drivers aren't perfect.
L(2b): The strength of the "protective wall" that surrounds them varies depending on the concentration of the pilot. If you can take them by surprise, dealing damage is possible.
L: We got lucky last time, but still weren't able to deal enough damage to completely immobilize it.
L(2b): We'll probably only have one chance. In other words, the only way to do it is to target the cockpit with a single shot.
L(2b): The head area of the unit that contains the cockpit is surrounded by multi-layered reinforced armor. We don't possess the firepower capable of piercing it with a single shot.

L: No...that single shot isn't quite impossible, you know.
L: This is Uruz-6. Let me know your situation, Team Red.
U: Uruz-5 here, I can move anytime.
U: Uruz-10 here, gimme 20 more seconds.
L: Uruz-8? Can you move?
S(2b): Got no choice, do I? I'm OK to go.
L: Alright then, let's take out that hunk of junk with one hit!!
S: You need to give you shots a little more impact, Leader-san...

L: "Fairy Eye" activated.
sfx: kyuuuuun
A: Yes, Sergeant.
A: Kurtz's unit possesses a Lambda Driver display sensor known as the "Fairy Eye."
K: Heheheh...you're totally naked, Mr. Giant...
K(2b): I can get a light idea of the status of the "protective wall" around the entire unit. This is going to be a piece of cake!
K: The distance is 2500m...wind speed 12m...atmospheric temperature 22 degrees...humidity 83%.
sfx: grip...
K(2b): My field of vision is less than desirable, and the speed of wind on land compared to the air above the ocean is completely different. The enemy's movements are also unstable...fuck, fuck, fuck...!!
K: There isn't a single pilot on earth capable of pulling off a shot like this!!

S: What's wrong, Kurtz? Don't tell me you're getting cold feet?
K: Hah! You wish.
S: If you can do this, I'll make sure you earn a fortune afterwards.
S(2b): The week after this, I'm positive the price of potatos is going to go up. If you give $5,000 to me, I'll make it into 20 times that amount.
K: What the hell are you talking about at a time like this?
S: What does that giant scrapheap have to do with potatoes?
K(2b): If I go into that, we'll be here forever. Let's just hurry up and fuck this sucker.
K: Whaddya say?
S(2b): I'm counting on you for my new fortune, alright? Then I'll share some of the bikini babes at my new mansion in Florida with you!
K: Sorry, that isn't really my scene...
S: Oh really? How about a new ferrari, then?
K: That's more like it!

K(2b): Uruz-6 to Team Red! We will commence the plan in 5!
K: Alpha GO!!
sfx: zoooom

sfx: blamblamblam
sfx: boooom
K: He blocked, they didn't reach!!
K: Beta GO!!
sfx: bsssh
S: Beta, understood!!
sfx: boooom

K: Alright, the "protective wall" moved downwards...
K: ...now!!
K: Gamma GO!!
sfx: bssssssht
sfx: bssssh

sfx: boom
K: ...there it is!!

sfx: boom

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