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Full Metal Panic! Sigma 22

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 25, 2009 18:37 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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tl by molokidan

K: Got him!!
sfx: boom
sfx: shoooooo...
sfx: bz...bzzt...

K: Didn't...I...?
sfx: splash
sfx: careeeeen...
K: We did it...!!

sfx: bzzt
K: Fuck!!
K: It's still alive!!
sfx: boom

K: Woah...!!
sfx: boom
K: Team Red, what's your status...
sfx: blam
C: Dammit, my AI's dead!!

K: Roger!!
C: You can't defend!! Uruz-5, throw away your unit and
sfx: bzzzt
K(2b): We failed. It's all my fault.
K: Fuck!!
K(2b): fuck, fuck, fuck!!
K: At this rate, the team will be...
K: annihilated...
sfx: bzzt
S: Uruz-6, hang in there!!
K: Speck...

K: You dumbass!! Swim away!!
S: Shut the fuck up!!
sfx: bssht
sfx: splash
S: I'm gonna make another chance for you. Let's do this one more time!!
sfx: klink x3
K: Stop it, Speck!!
sfx: ka-chick
S: Heheheh. This isn't...
S: just a stunt, you know.
sfx: blamblamblamblam

K: That's enough, just get out of there!!
S: You get it, Kurtz...?
K: No...the protective wall...
K: is heading in his direction...
S: Apologize to the Captain for me.
S: I wasn't really serio--

sfx: boom
K: H-hey...

K: You've gotta be kidding me...
sfx: bzzt

sfx: krack
K: You idiot, what did you...
K: It's gone...the protective wall!!
K: Now...!!

sfx: chak
K: Burn in hell, fucker!!
sfx: boom

sfx: pop
sfx: bzzt...
sfx: splash x2

sfx: splaaash
K: I...
sfx: grip
K: If only I hadn't missed that first shot...
K: idiot...
Box: Command Room
K: Now transmitting Team Red's damage report.
K: 2 M9 units semi-destroyed, one completely destroyed.
K: Uruz-5 is severely wounded. And...

K: Uruz-8 has died.
L: It's a shame about Corporal Speck...
F: Yes.
F: We'll have to revise the dispersion of troops immediately.
F: The soldier's corridor...
L: ...excuse me.

F: Maybe it was who was truly the naive one, Commander.
U(2b): This is Uruz-2. My right leg's been damaged. I won't hold for long.
F: Understood, Uruz-2. I will send the remainder of Team Red over to aid you.
Box: Merida Island - North Beach
A: Lieutenant, I recommend you flee from the battleground.
M: Huh? Run?! But to where?!
sfx: boom boom boom
A: Missile warning: 3 shots coming in at 4 o'clock.
sfx: boom boom boom
A: Muscle package of right femur severed.
M: Shit!
sfx: whoosh

M(2b): I don't have any other cards to use with the ITCC-5. And I can't even get my own unit to stand...
sfx: haa x3
sfx: blamblamblamblamblam
sfx: klink klink klink

sfx: ka-chik
M: Dammit...if only this monster didn't have a Lambda Driver...
M: Kuh...
M: What, really?! You're gonna save your ammunition for the other guys...?!
sfx: creaaak x3
M: can I die in a place like this...

M: Is this really the end...? Dammit!!
M: You son of a bitch...not even the bravest men in the Pacific Fleet could fuck'd better not underestimate Melissa Mao--
sfx: boom
sfx: krunch

sfx: zoooom
L: Are you alive? Mao!
sfx: stomp x2
M: First Lieutenant Castello?!
sfx: flik
K: Compared to the last shot, this is a breeze!!
K: Slow-ass fuck!!
sfx: boom

sfx: bssht
sfx: ba-boom
sfx: booooom
K: My main artillery is gone, but I've still got my 30mm left!!
sfx: stomp
K: Alright, leave the rest to me!!
M: ...Lieutenant?!
K: I'll be a decoy. Leave your unit and run to the base.
M: That's impossible!! And...

K: That is an order, Second Lieutenant!!
M: Lieutenant--!!
Box: Tokyo
S: ...Chidori's assertion is correct.

S(2b): The possibility that we'll be sacrificng 99 people to save "one" is 99%. And the possibility that we'll be able to save 99 and "one" is 1%.
S: Which is the wiser decision? It's not even a question.
S: But to me, that "one" is priceless.
C(2b): We don't have any more time...let's go...
S: Those 99 people are important to, but...this "one" even more important.

S: If it's a question of having to give that "one" up...
S: Chidori.
C: What?
sfx: crackle
sfx: bzzt bzzt

sfx: stumble
S: I wouldn't care if the world ends up being destroyed in the process.

S: We're heading to Jindai High now, Al.
S: We're going to search out the bombs in there and deactivate them.
A: I'm may not know about the details of this situation,
A(2b): but that is clearly an irrational decision. So irrational that I must ask you to reconsider.
S: Irrational...yeah, it is.
S: ...but I don't know what else to do.
sfx: beep
S(2b): With this text message, I can take back the initiative. The enemies are pros too...this proposal isn't a bad one.
S: I'm sure they'll go for it...

S: Alright!!
?: What is your request?
S: Confirmation of my safety and escape. I want to designate the time and place.
?: ...fine. All we care about is securing Chidori Kaname.
S: My AS will be waiting at the second block of Sengawa Town by the old factory at 22:00, with an open hatch. I'll send Chidori Kaname about 2km away, walking alone toward Sengawa Station.
S: After the trade is complete, I will disappear.
?: Fine. But if even the smallest diversion appears in the process, we will set all the bombs at the school off.
S: Just like I wrote in the message, that doesn't threaten me.
?: Oh really? Well, we've lost around 10 from our side too, you know. We can't help but want to make you suffer a little.

S: That's of no interest to me. I'm hanging up.
sfx: beep
S: Al. After moving Chidori, head to Jindai High.
A: Understood.
S(2b): probably won't forgive me for making this decision.

S: I can't think of doing things any other way, though.
S: I'm keeping my promise.
S: I will protect the world you belong to.
S: I don't have a single ally...but this is what I must do.

S: Let's go, Al!!
A: Roger, Sergeant.

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