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Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu 1

Even If I am to Wither

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2009 04:31 | Go to Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu

-> RTS Page for Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu 1


tl by molokidan

Hirata Hiroshi Chronologies 1970-1971

Table of Contents

1. Even if I am to Wither - 5
2. Proud To Be a Samurai Even Though I'm Destitute - 33
3. Taking Care of the Wife - 57
4. With a Large Cannon Under One Arm - 117
5. Spear of Dissent - 165
6. No One May Wish for War, But... (Special Compilation)

Even if I am to Wither

1: Wait!
2: Ohh!
3L You're...!

1: Out of the way, old man!
2: wait!
3: That is my son! He is my son, who I was separated with long ago during the war in Osaka!
4: That doesn't change the fact that he is a vagrant. Now move.
5: Don't take another step forward!
6: If you intend on killing him no matter what, then I will have no mercy!

1: Wait!

1: Ahh!
2: Senseiiii!
3: What's wrong?
4: I just saw the Great Sensei and a headless corpse in the entranceway!
5: What?
6: Muu...

1: Tell us the details. Briefly, that is...
2: I would like the clan order that all vagrants moving within the city limits must be slain to be abolished.
3: There have been at least three clan officials who have suffered damages as a result of either robbery, gang violence, or rape by vagrants.
4: If you intend to deal with them all yourselves, then we may be able to accept your request, however.

1: If it will spare innocents from bloodshed, then I would prefer that!
2: Kasai!
3: Since the war in Osaka ended, and various clans were dismantled, the number of wandering vagrants has greatly increased. Just the number of those fleeing from Edo alone easily reaches two or three hundred.
4: You think someone who is suffering to take care of merely thirty men is capable of such a task?!
5: I have no choice.
6: I cannot tolerate the high officials who give 'a lack of funds' as the reasons for their slaying! These men are not animals!
7: Yazaemon!
8: Despite being a samurai whose job is to serve only your lord, you chose to willfully adopt a child and poured all of your efforts into raising it -- a deed that can only be described as slighting your master!
9: Your selfish act of deciding to protect one of the very men that clan warriors have been ordered to slain without separating emotion from your work, and then coming in here and mouthing off like some high and mighty official is absolutely the extremity of audacity!

1: It is as you say. However, I do not wish to become a samurai in appearance only like the chief retainers -- who go so far in protecting the way of the samurai that they are led astray in the way of men.
2: How dare you?!
3: From what I hear, you want the vagrants to devour us blade and shield!
4: The way of the samurai must be protected with one's life, which in turn must be offered up to one's master!
5: That is how the way has been built up and strengthened to this day!
6: Blade and shield alone cannot make a true samurai.
7: What?
8: Yazaemon! Whether a samurai is a true one or merely a samurai in appearance, that's not the point!
9: The question is whether a samurai, having sold off everything, even his weapon, can protect the body of his master when the time comes!
10: I can.
11: What?!

1: Interesting. Guess I might as well have you demonstrate some proof of that, then.
2: Tomorrow I want you to arm the thirty prisoners in your possession with weapons and armor and then fight them as you would an enemy.
3: If you can manage to burst the straw dolls your master has set up for you, then there is a possibility that the Kasai house may escape its imminent diassembling.
4: I assume you are in full understanding of this fact.

1: What...happened, sensei?
2: I must now bid farewell to you all.
3: Eh?

1: Why?! Where are you going?
2: Mu...
3: I realize that you all will not able to rest if I leave without giving you a reason, so I will explain.
4: To put it simply, I must choose between either abandoning you all or engaging in mortal combat with thirty prisoners.
5: Now, if I am killed, the Kasai house will be erased, and everything will be taken away.
6: At that time, you must all listen carefully to Hanshirou's instructions and work hard to become good individuals without losing sight of who you are.
7: You...have to fight thirty men at once, Great Sensei?!
8: Yes.
9: But there's no way someone could survive that!
10: Have you been ordered that you must fight alone?!

1: No, that isn't the case.
2: Then...!
3: Why don't you go, Young Sensei?!
4: If possible, even we would...!
5: Right, everyone?!
6: Yeah! Let's do it!
7: Alright! Let's beat every last of those bastards down!
8: No, wait, wait!
9: I don't want you to misunderstand. I don't feel even the least bit of joy after hearing such cries...
10: The only reason I entered you all into this family was to save your lives, and nothing more!

1: That is why, no matter the circumstances, I cannot kill you.
2: Please do not go against my wishes.

1: You can't possibly
2: be thinking of doing this alone, can you? Not out of filial compassion, but in order to save the home and finances of your children...
3: I won't stop you.

1: Mu...
2: No matter what you say, we won't leave. We're doing this.
3: If you're that prepared, then follow us.

1: Kasai!
2: You gave those vagrant devils bamboo spears? What is the meaning of this?!
3: My weapons are not blade and shield,
4: but men.
5: Whaaat?!
6: Ohhhhh!

sfx: haa...haa...

1: Kasai!
2: Do you think you've protected the way of the samurai now?
3: Indeed. I have done nothing but followed the way of the samurai to the very end!
4: Fool! Using filthy vagrants in order to protect your lord?! Whilst spouting off nonsense about the way of men?!?!
5: Desecrating the class of one's lord is not the way of a warrior!
6: What gives you the right to call us filth? Class means nothing in the realms of life and death! That is something that any man experienced in battle should understand!
7: They have sacrificed their lives and protected their master. They are beautiful, and they are true samurai!
8: Silence!
9: Filth is filth, period!

1: Unuuuu!

1: Just like the tiniest flea has a speck of a spirit,
2: not even the filthiest man can lose all of his pride.
3: So what?!
4: The pride of filth is meaningless!
5: You're still talking like that...?
6: Despite how they may look, their pride is no less great than yours!
7: Hanshirooou! Are you saying this with full knowledge of your position?!
8: Why must one worry about one's position when speaking the truth? Your samurai by appearance attitude is most unbecoming of those who stand in the higher eschelons, Chief Retainer!
9: What?!

1: The likes of you
2: could never understand the true way of the samurai!
3: I see that any further answers will be pointless now!
4: You're the ones who will never understand.
5: Let's go.
6: Stooooop!
7: You insolent maggots!
8: Kill theeeem!

1(2b): I would like to speak on behalf of them, and apologize for all the insolence that has taken place here.
2: I know there is nothing that I can say to make up for this, so I will offer up the innards from this body in exchange for forgiveness...

sfx: dosuh


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#1. by 1dgrayman ()
Posted on Jan 3, 2010
do you know where to find the raws? Thanks for translating it though~
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Jan 13, 2010
Don't sweat, it'll be released soon by E-G.
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