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Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu 2

Proud to be a Samurai Even Though I'm Destitute

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2009 04:32 | Go to Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu

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tl by molokidan

Proud to be a Samurai Even Though I'm Destitute

1: Stop crying!
2: Children of warriors mustn't cry!
3: There, there...
4: The wife of this common foot soldier, Ogata Hanbei, died of illness while she was still breast-feeding their sixth child.

1: Hanbei, let me take care of your youngest child. My wife said she'd raise her.
2: Let your second daughter come to my place.
3: If you don't mind, I'll take your fourth son, Yaichi.
4: I deeply appreciate your sentiments, everyone...
5: But I don't want to cause you any trouble. I would also hate to make my children ashamed of anything.
6: But, Hanbei!

1: When you include all the work it will take to raise your infant child, it's simply too much!
2: You should listen to everyone...
3: I will meet all my sixth child's needs!
4: I gratefully accept your kindness, but nothing more...
5: By the way...
6: We should start making preparations for the funeral...
7: Mmm.
8: First we need to let the boss know.
9: Yeah, the sooner the better.
10: Hold on!
11: I'll go bury my wife's corpse tomorrow. You don't need to worry about a funeral...
12: Eh?
13: Hanbei! What are you saying?!

1: If it's the cost for the funeral, forget it. We'll take care of all that.
2: You should at least do a proper funeral...poor Omyou...
3: C'mon, everyone...
4: OK.
5: All of the preparations for the funeral were finished...
6: And the life of six children with only a father began...
7: For some reason, neither furniture nor beddings existed in the house...
8: Each child had at least one bowl...and within it cooked plants from the garden were always served...
9: The infant died exactly 20 days after Omyou's funeral.
10: The source of the emaciated child's death was clearly starvation.

1: What are you eating?!
2: Ah, father!
3: Grandma Nishida next door gave them to us! They taste wonderful!
4: Look how many there are...
5: You cannot eat this!
6: Ah, father, what are you doing?!

1: When did you all become beggars?!
2: Only beggars eat food given to them by others!
sfx: uwaaaaah
3: Just wait! I'll go bring you all something to eat!
4: I have a request for you! We may be poor, but the Ogata family is not a family of beggars!
5: Please stop giving food to my children!
sfx: gyaaah

1: No one come until I say so...
2: Alright!
3: What is this? It's good...
4: It doesn't taste like anything we've ever eaten, huh, Kuni-chan?
5: It tastes great, dad!
6: Make sure you chew well...
7: Eh?! He's feeding them stray dog meat?!
8: Oh my...
9: I went to the homeworking wholesaler the other day and asked them if they could cut even a little bit off of Hanbei's debt, but it doesn't seem like they will.
10: I see.
(next panel clockwise)
11: He has also apparently amassed a great deal of debt and sold off all the things in his house to pay for both his father's long illness and Miss Omyou's illness...
12: The debt collector takes about three ryou from him per year. (*t/l note: ryou is the currency that was used in Japan before yen, and it doesn't really translate into modern terms well. The easiest way to put it is that one ryou is equal to one koku, which measures the amount of rice needed to feed one man for one year.)
13: So that's why he can barely eat?!
14: What happened to his stipend from the clan?

1: Not only does he refuse help from us, his own brethren, but he even said turned down assistance from his boss! Hanbei really is a piece of work...
2: I assume Miss Omyou also died from malnutrition...
3: But is it really alright for us to let him go like this, as his allies?
4: Hanbei's children are skin and bone! They're suffering!
5: But there isn't anything we can do, is there? If we offer even the slightest bit of help, his eyes gleam and he gets angry...
6: Muu...
sfx: pachi!

1: That night, Hanbei's fifth child, a daughter at the age of three, said that she was feeling cold at night. It wasn't until the next morning...that he decided she must have caught a cold...
2: I'm going to bury her with mother, so wait here.
3: Do not go outside. Got it?!
4: Another small stone was placed in front of Omyou's grave...
5: And that night, a third was placed.
6: What is going on here?!
7: He stole an orange from the grocery store in town, and was chased by the shopowner. While he was running, he fell into the river. He had already stopped breathing by the time they pulled him up...
8: Luckily, your second son was saved, but unfortunately his right leg is completely broken...
9: Why didn't you listen to your father and stay in the house?!
10: I wanted to eat an orange...uwaaahh...
11: Muuuu...

1: We don't want to say anything offensive, Hanbei, but...you must entrust your children to us!
2: Unu...
3: Go home! Everyone leave here at once!
4: No, we won't! Not until you entrust your children to us, Hanbei!
5: At this rate all your remaining children will starve to death! We can't leave them with you!
6: Don't say that! I'll look after my own children!
7: Silence! Indeed, you have done all you can for your father and wife! However! Because of that, you have lost both the capital and the means to raise your own children! You cannot look after your remaining three children! You must be trying to kill them!
8: And I will not allow that! Give them to me, Hanbeiii!
9: Everyone...please leaaaaave!
10: Sir Sakubei, he won't really attack us, with he?
11: Maybe...maybe it's best if we temporarily retreat for now.
12: Mumuu...
13: We'll be coming back to discuss things in detail with you...
14: There's no need for thaaaat!

1: This...this...!
2: Thiiiiiiiis!
3: This is the only thing I cannot sell!
4: The...next...morning...
5: there were six small stones lined up in front of his wife's grave...
6: You dirty, rotten...monsteeer!
7: You demoooon...
sfx: kaaaaah
sfx: beh

1: None of the other sixteen men in the rowhouses (although the houses were actually one-story buildings separated from each other) who made up the Sagara Genzaemon foot soldier division, including their 15 families, took a single step toward Hanbei's house alone...
2: It was after ten days, that an Inspector paid a visit to Hanbei's house...
3: Are you home, Ogata Hanbei?!
4: There was no reply, so he entered...
5: Hanbei was busy eating plants and rat meat...
6: If you're home, then why don't you answer?
7: I came after hearing the rumors, but as I can see...you really have nothing...
8: Hoh! Nothing but your long and short swords...
9: I understand just about everything.
10: The only thing that still perplexes me, is why you, in this state of destitution, refused help from your section leader.
11: A section leader is no different from a father. He is supposed to take care of his men and make sure nothing tragic befalls them. You should know all this...

1: Why?
2: I may be extremely poor...
3: But I refuse to accept help from a backstabber...
4: What?
5: Are you saying your leader, Sagara Genzaemon, betrayed someone?
6: No, his family did...
7: Someone of your stature, sir, should know the story well.
8: Hm?
9: If not, then allow me to explain.
10: This land, which is now a part of the greater area owned by our lord, originally belonged to a Masutomi man, who was an Elder Retainer to the Houjou Family...
11: Sagara's family, as well as mine, were both retainers to the Masutomi house.
12: When the war began, however, Sagara's grandfather began his betrayal...
13: Ah, you don't need to say any more, I know what you're talking about now.
14: But it's not like the current head of the Sagara family, Sagara Genzaemon has any connection to betrayal, correct?
15: That is correct...
16: But because of the Sagara's betrayal, almost all of my allies and family members died...
17: And so you hate them for it...
18: And therefore will not accept help from them.
19: Exactly...
20: I see...

1: But even so, eating rats and doing homework that won't earn you a single coin...!
2: Why do you get up in the morning? If any sane human came to the point where they felt they had to kill their children, would at least want to die with him...
3: I have always wanted to die.
4: I caused my beloved wife to die without satisfying her even once...
5: And then my sixth child, who was more important to me than my own life died...would there be any parent who would want to continue living after that?
6: Then are you saying that the man who is sitting in front of me right now is a living corpse...?
7: No!
8: Hoh...
9: Then what is your purpose?
10: Inspector, have you ever thought about the interrelationship between master and servant?
11: For example?!
12: Why does a retainer receive a larger stipend than you?
13: Because, of course, he is working loyally for his lord.
14: Incidentally, the Ogata house has never had a steady trade since the time of my grandfather.
15(top left): If I die here, the Ogata house will receive no stipend at all...making them no different than beggars.
16: Despite myself being a warrior who receives only three ryou per year,
17: I refuse to fall so low as to turn my entire family into a house of beggars!

1: I see...so you plan to eat rats and suck on sticks until a chance for work appears.
2: Exactly!
3: I wonder if there exist any other warriors of such mettle these days...?
4: No, now I understand everything.
5: Now, I can lay to rest to the rumors and tell everyone that the foot soldier Ogata Hanbei is not a madman. If you'll excuse me...
6: The story of foot soldier Ogata Hanbei soon spread through the castle...
7: A man with such integrity, receiving only three ryou...and in order to serve out his duty to his house, he even sacrificed his wife...
8: There are few men alive capable of demonstrating such fidelity.
9: No...he doesn't sound loyal to me at all -- he probably just doesn't want to become a beggar.
10: No matter the reason, his guts easily surpass those of our greatest warriors! He is one to be admired!

1: Even so, it goes without saying that his stipend should be taken away for accusing people of betrayal. He may not want to become a beggar, but at this rate, he's nothing but a devil!
2: Hmmm...
3: Hearing this, the squad leader Sagara Genzaemon--
4: fell ill and stopped going to the castle, after finding out that rumors of his family's betrayal had spread once more.
5: Despite being well-liked, his cowardly nature drove the man hysteric...
6: After three generations, my family has finally shed the stigma of betrayal from our name! But now, because of that bastaaard...
7: Hanbei bears a grudge against our family. He must surely be planning to destroy the Sagara house!
8: That's it...that must be it!
9: Dammit! I won't let him...how could I?! I'll make the first strike! ...that's it, what should I do? Assassinate him as soon as possible? Or should I lure him out of his house and push him into a pit? Or should I simply capture him and give him a slow death, cutting him piece by piece for an entire day? Unuuuuu...
10: But! But! No matter which way I choose, it's too dangerous to do myself...someone...I need to find someone to do it for me!
11: Wait...if he dies in some strange manner, all the eyes in the castle will look to me! This won't do...I'll have to keep going to work as usual...
12: I got it...he's afraid of becoming a beggar, isn't he?! That's it! I'll just make him into one. It'll be ten times more entertaining than simply killing him! It's perfect!

1: Here is your dinner, Hanbei.
2: Would you like to relieve yourself first? Or will you eat now?
3: I'll eat now...
4: I see. Chew well, now...
5: Ogata Hanbei, one year later...

1: His arms and legs were lost, of course, when he was attacked by Sagara Genzaemon's assassins.
2: In spring he lost his right arm,
3: and in summer his left arm was cut off by a passerby.
4: He knew exactly whose grudge was the cause of all this...
5: But after losing both his arms, he became a man who had forgotten what it meant to struggle and get angry.
6: When each of his legs were cut off separately in autumn and winter, he gave hardly any resistance.
7: After his transformation into a daruma, his neighboring allies felt sorry and began taking care of him.
8: Ogata Hanbei had become a complete invalid.

sfx: uhahahahahaha
1: Serves you right, Hanbei...
2: You are now completely useless! How can you fulfill your familial duty with that poisoned body?! Fuhahahaha...
3: No matter what you say now, your house will become a family of beggars and end miserably...
4: Looks like he's in pain. How has his body been doing lately?
5: alright, I guess.
6: Who could have done such a cruel thing...? I've been urging the Inspectors to do a full-scale investigation, but...
7: You must be full of sorrow, Hanbei.
8: I understand completely.

1: But I know you mustn't want to become a beggar...you want to fulfill your duty and then die.
2: That, however, seems quite impossible now...and therefore you must be filled with sorrow...sorrow, and disgrace...
3: I sympathize with you from the bottom of my heaaaart...I am so thankful for your services until now...
4: W...a...it...
5: Ogata Hanbei can still...fulfill...his d...u...t...y...
6: Wh...at?
7: You can do it with that body?
8: Indeed!
9: Impossible!
10: There's no way that can be!
11: How could you?

1: How could youuuuu?!
2: And--he did--
3: It happened after Hanbei's poisoned body died a month later due to liver failure.
4: The only possessions the Ogata house has to its name are these long and short swords...
5: Hoh...as expected from such a loyal warrior. That's all he left behind...
6: Doubt they're of any worth, though.
7: Inspector, something fell out from the sheath.
8: Muu?

1: A document...!!
2: Muu...
3: This is...!
4: On this document, the following was written:
5: This blade was received from the successes of the ancestors of the Masutomi house. The Ogata family worked for this house as retainers receiving three ryou per year. Over 58 years, they received a total of 292 koku.
6: 292 koku, 292 ryou. At the cheapest, this blade is worth at least 600 ryou. To show proof of my loyalty and gratitude for the stipend thus far, however, this blade is to be offered up to the lord.The conduct surrounding me can be described as nothing more than cruelty that turns the relationship between master and servant into nothing more than calculations. However, despite my sorrow, I spent my youth working as a foot soldier, but was unable to find work after the war. I will now die without having ever found a job, but I still intend to fulfill all my obligations before I do so. I have also paid off the 12 ryou debt I owe the homeworkers. Signed, Ogata Hanbei Masanori
7: After showing the item to an appraiser, it was found the blade was indeed a valuable sword, currently worth 800 ryou.
8: Muuu...
9: Ogata Hanbei truly was an amazing man! Undoubtedly!
10: Despite having a sword worth 800 ryou, he still let his wife die! Muuuuu!
11: He was a man with flawless loyalty thicker than any man's! He is the farthest thing from a beggar!
12: The chief retainers were deeply moved, cursing themselves for not realizing the man's true worth sooner and allowing him to end his life as a low-class foot soldier.

1: Although proof was never found, the criminal behind Hanbei's death was seen to be Sagara Genzaemon. One day, while he was walking home from the castle, Genzaemon was slain by a fellow clansman.
2: Not a single man criticized the killer for his actions. The chief vassals also welcomed him into the castle the next day, as if nothing had happened...


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