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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu 4

Taking Care of the Wife

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2009 04:33 | Go to Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu

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tl by molokidan


1: It is extremely difficult for a common warrior to take the hand of a daimyo's daughter, without any special help.
2: Everyone sitting in the room warped their noses in response to the disgusting stench permeating throughout it, suffering as they waited patiently for the ordeal to end...
3: Praying every minute for the ceremony to finish up, they drank hardly any sake during the banquet, then kicked up their seats and dashed out of the room.
4: Some were unable to keep holding down the bile building in their throats and threw it up as they ran. Others behind, thinking solely of getting out of the room as quickly as possible, did not make a single attempt to dodge the vomit, stomping right through it. Socks and clothes were soiled while people continued to flee the room, as if a war had broken out within.

1: The lady bore it...
2: The sadness of having a celebration in which no one truly wanted to take part...

1: One old woman stayed with her...
2: Finally opening her mouth and inviting the two to may their way to the sleeping quarters where they would seal their pact.
3: Genzaburou was still...
4: He spent the whole night like so...

1: I will leave now. Thank you for taking care of me so long.
2: From now on, I will be known not as a lady of noble birth, but as the wife of Sir Sasahara Genzaburou. I will life with all my might, so please do not worry about me...thank you so much.
3: My Lady...

1: Call in Sasahara.
2: Bring me Genzaburou!
3: Sir!
4: It is I, Sasahara.
5: Come closer.

1: We are taking this opportunity to ask a favor of you.
2: It is a very important favor that concerns the honor of our clan.
3: We want you to take her as a wife.
4: She is the daughter of the leader of a neighboring clan.
5: A noble?!
6: One could call her that.
7: In any case, she's the daughter of a high-ranking family who is now in control.

1: But why am I to receive her?
2: That's the rub.
3: Apparently, this woman's armpits happen to give off an atrocious stench...
4: Some time ago, the young master went to meet with her in order to schedule a marriage, but the stench ended up being so painful that it left him bedridden for five days.
5: Hohhhh...
6: Therefore, no matter if the parents of both clans give the permission,
7: the young master refuses to accept her...
8: The date for the marriage is still scheduled, however. We simply can't tell them that the marriage is canceled at this stage.
9: But...
10: It seems that the young master is so against marrying her that he has threatened to commit suicide if he is forced to...

1: Left with no other choice, I told this to the neighboring clan.
2: They replied that they have tried using numerous medicines from other areas in order to cure her, but nothing has worked.
3: Distressed over this, the lady tried to kill HERSELF this time, and not only just a couple times.
4: Leaving us with our current conditions...
5: Unless the marriage is sealed, the lady will kill herself...
6: The more I hear about this whole matter, the more tragic it all seems. It does not look like we have any other choice, however, since we cannot possibly allow the woman to kill herself, as it will fall on our hands.
7: Everything was set up perfectly...through this marriage, our clans will be tied together. We cannot not complete it now!
8: If the young master insists on refusing to marry her, it's unavoidable.
9: I don't care who out of all the retainers is chosen, I just want a willing groom.

1: I see.
2: So that's why you called me.
3: Yes.
4: It must be a retainer...we couldn't select a mere foot soldier or some other commoner, as we also have respect toward the neighboring clan to think about.
5: That's why, after reviewing all the possible candidates, we arrived on you.
6: I must respectfully decline,
7: for I have already found the right woman to take as my bride.
8: What?
9: Sasahara!
10: Are you saying you're going to ignore a favor that will save the clan's honor?
11: Well, Genzaburou?!

1: Well, say something, dammit!
2: Now, now...
3: It's only natural that he's reluctant. No one would want a wife that stinks, after all.
4: Genzaburou...
5: There's no reason to think more than necessary about this. You can think of the lady as nothing more than a wife under formalities, and continue loving the women you truly have feelings for. There's nothing wrong with that...so? You can answer now, can't you?
6: Elder!
7: If this is only a matter of formalities, then why me...? Why don't you just do it yourself, then?
8: I'm sorry, but that can't happen.
9: Why not?!
10: You are stepbrother to the young master, and that is why it must be you.
sfx: flinch!
11: That's enough of that!

1: My mother was rumored to be a lover of the late lord's, but I assure you that blood does not run through me!
2: Let's forget about that for now.
3: The point remains: you must take that lady as your wife!
4: I refuse at all costs.
5: Genzaburou...are you underestimating us because we tried to be nice with you?!
6: Not being able to marry the woman you love just because of a clan order is insignificant in the grand scheme of things! You should be ready to kill her if need be!
7: What did you say?!
8: Calm down, calm down!
9: No matter the case, you are the one we have chosen, Genzaburou.
10: But if you truly intend to refuse, then we have no choice.
11: After finishing the wedding ceremony, we'll plan our moves carefully and then have her done away with!

1: What?!
2: What did you say?!
3: Of course, you will be banished from this land afterwards.
4: And then we will report to the neighboring clan that the two of you eloped.
5: After things have died down, we will allow you to change your name, return to the clan, and marry the woman of your choice. Now how does that sound, Genzaburou?
6: It's decided, Genzaburou!
sign: Ogata

1: What?
2: What's that, Sir Genzaburou?!
3: This isn't funny! The ceremony will be in two days, and I have already finished speaking with all who are to attend!
4: And now you ask me to postpone it? Why? Why, I say?!
5: Why, Sir Genzaburouuuuuu!

1: Then that means...
2: Yes.
3: I obstinately refused, but as it is an official order, there was nothing I can do.
4: Those Chief Retainers...have they no mercy?!
5: I'll go discuss things with them!
6: Wait, Hikokurou!
7: But Father!
8: You'll simply be punished for going against the clan's wishes. Nothing good will come of it!

1: So...how long must we postpone it for...?
2: Three years?!
sfx: creak

1: After the ceremony is finished, I must kill the lady.
2: Then after things have died down...after three years...
3: A noble lady?
4: If you don't, then what..?

1: Lady Kaede...
2: Yes...
3: I must ask you to wait three years...after three years, I promise to come back for you.
4: Genzaburou married the noble lady two weeks later.
5: After an extravagant ceremony, and things had calmed down, his heart became overcast...
6: It's true that the stench from her armpits is unbelievably foul...it could make even vermin stop dead in their tracks.

1: But realizing her situation, the woman acted humble and worked hard to make things easier for her husband...
2: Despite coming from a noble background, she was modest and reserved -- which only deepened her pitiable nature.

sfx: quiver
sfx: bachih
1: Jobs like that...must be done by the servants!!
sfx: Yes, sir...

1: It's been two months already, and that damn Genzaburou hasn't done anything yet.
2: Maybe he's come to love her so much that the stench doesn't bother him anymore?
3: Haha, impossible!
4(panel 2, lower right): If he truly does love her, though, it must be the greatest love a human has ever felt.
5: Incidentally, what happened to his actual woman? The Ogata girl...
6: Apparently, he hasn't been back to visit her yet...
7: Then he really must love her!
8: No...
9: He's probably just being thoughtful to her. Genzaburou is a man of integrity, after all...

sfx: bakih
1: Get out of my sight, you filthy woman! You'll corrode my nose!

1: I said get out of my sight!
sfx: uuuu...
sfx: gah!

1: Things are getting worse and worse...
2: She won't eat, and no matter how much medicine we try and use, nothing changes.
3: What we need now isn't medicinal, but mental healing...spiritual healing...

1: Did you hear, Ohama-san?
2: Ever since the marriage, Kaede-sama has refused to eat anything, and seems to be nothing more than a body waiting for death!
3: That doesn't surprise me...after the marriage was decided, the poor thing religiously counted down the days until she would become Genzaburou-sama's wife...

1: When are you going to finish things, Genzaburou?
2: It's been half a year now...how much longer do you plan on torturing Kaede?
3: I can't stand to watch her deteriorate any further.
4: I know.
5: If you can't kill the lady, then allow me.
6: I can't ask for help.
7: Then will you kill her today?!

1: She's here...
2: I'm giving you a letter of divorce.
3-4: Sir Genzaburou!

1: What's wrong?
2: Sister!
3: Sister committed suicide!
4: What?!
5: Suicide!
sfx: dah

1: No matter what anyone says now, it will only sound like an idle complaint, but...
2: Just allow me this one comment: I believe it's clear that Kaede died because she truly loved you too much...
3: No matter how tied up you may have been with the lady, you should have come to visit her in secret.
4: Don't tell me that now!
5: Her foul stench has seeped into my body! I didn't want to make her smell it!
6: I don't want to hear any more about this.
7: Nothing more...
8: After returning home, Genzaburou...
9: was unable to hide his grave expression and heavy footsteps...
10: He silently shut himself in his room...
11: leaving the lady with no place to put herself...

1: Do I really have no right to live amongst other people?! Should I kill myself after all?!
2(2b): Should I die simply because of my armpits, the one and only problem I have ever had, the problem I have suffered over since I was a little girl?! I know the people sent me as a wife to the house of this retainer as a way to rid themselves of trouble! It can't simply be my own paranoia!
3: And yet...and yet...
4: I feel like I still should have a right to live my life! I still haven't found a true reason to die! Ahhhh...ahhh...
5: Unlike the heated emotion the woman had felt in her youth, she resisted suicide and simply let the sadness of her self-questioning boil over through the night...

1: Before going to work, Genzaburou said only a single thing to his wife...
2: Take care of me.
3: Uuuuu...
4: Sasahara Genzaburou destroyed his nose once the 49th day after Kaede had died passed.
5: Come to me, my lady.

1: For the first time, she felt the embrace of a man.
2: Why, all of a sudden...
3: From this day forward, I, Sasahara Genzaburou...
4: will live for you.
5: For me?
6: That's right. My sole purpose is to make you happy...
7: I can't believe such a thing. Because of me, your future was destroyed...

1: If you can't believe me, that's fine. But I promise, without a doubt, to bring you joy and happiness.
2: No matter what.
3: Did you hear what happened to Sasahara Genzaburou?
4: Yeahh...that was certainly a strange turn of events...
5: The harmony between them is said to be like that of a lifelong couple...
6: I suppose she's quite a woman if not for that stench...the only creature I'd have ever expected to willfully couple with her was an earthworm! Hahaha!
7: Yeah, I know what you mean...fuhahahaha!

1: So you are here, Genzaburou!
2: Hello.
3: ...it's been a while, Ogata Hikokurou.
4: Genzaburou, I want my sister's head back.
5: What?!
6: After she was transferred to Hokuzen Temple, it was discovered that her grave had been dug up and that her head was missing. After investigating, we found out that a man had been seen hanging around the gravesite the night following her burial...
7: A young priest at the temple said he looked just like you. Your seal case was also found in the dirt. We know that you took her head home with you.

1: I suspect that Kaede would probably want her head to be taken by the man she died from loving.
2: That's why my brothers and I kept silent up until now.
3: After recent developments, however, we want it back. We feel too sorry for her, so will you return her?
4: I will not.
5: If you truly insist...
6: Then we'll take your lady in return...
7: You cannot do that.

1: Genzaburou! I'll take her back by force, then!
2: Wait! Hikokurou!
3: I beg you! I have done nothing crude to Miss Kaede.
4: Please, I beg you, just leave us be!
5: Silence!
6: Please, Hikokurou!
7: You selfish bastard!
8: It's no useless no matter how much I beg, huh?!

1: You have turned into a devil who violates the dead.
2: This is all a result of the clan forcing their order on you...
sfx: basuh
sfx: dotah

1: Lady,
2: It's true that I have hidden her head...
3: If I had simply returned it, this may not have happened...but...I cannot do so...

1: This is...!
2: What is the meaning of this?!

1: I killed him...
2: What?!
sfx: cha!
3: Wait.
4: Shut up! Not only did you violate my sister's corpse, but now you killed my elder brotehr!
5: stop!
6: Remove your hand from that sword.
7: Do not throw away your life!

1: Although...I know it must be hard to go without killing your brother's murderer.
2: I will allow you to do so one day.
3: Therefore, please wait until then.
4: I beg you, please cooperate with me.

1: Nuuu!
2: Keijirouuu!
sfx: bah
sfx: uuuuuuuuuu!

1: That night, Hanbei visited Genzaburou's house...
2: Why did such a level-headed man as you kill Hikokurou?
3: Because I realized I could no longer reason with him...
4: Reason?
5: If you do not agree with my decision after hearing my story...
6: You are free to cut me down here. I will not fight back.
7: And so, Genzaburou explained everything--

1: Hanbei left the Sasahara house around midnight, his grave expression a testament to the alarming nature of the tale.
2: Due to an unforeseen accident, Hikokurou died suddenly...and following that, his younger brother Keijirou was involved in an incident--
3: This is all what Hanbei told me...and apparently, the one responsible for the murder was Sasahara. He sliced off the younger brother, Keijirou's left arm, too...
4: What should we do about this?!
5: Forget about it.
6: If we pursue this, it will result in forcing Sasahara to commit seppuku. That will leave his wife alone, creating a troublesome status for our natures with the neighboring clan. Besides, Hanbei is out on secret business right now...
7: And so, Genzaburou suffered no punishment, allowing him to continue his life with the lady as if nothing had ever happened...
8: There was, however, one thing...

1: sometimes when he was off duty, he would take his wife for a stroll through the mountains.
2: Lady...are you happy?
3: Please call me Hatsu.
4: That...will make me happier...
5: Hatsu!
6: Ah...in a place like this?!
7: No one's watching.

1: Ahh...
2: Ahhh...
3: Dear...
4: This was about the time when the lord Taneoki's health conditions worsened.
5: The cause of this seemed to be none other than the ingestion of a poisonous mushroom.

1: When Taneoki's health reached a critical state--
2: his retainers panicked.
3: They had not yet found a proper successor.
4: At this rate the family line will end! We will lose our houses and status, become nothing but vagrants!
5: Yes, this is an emergency situation! We need to find a successor as soon as possible and then appeal to the government...
6: Whether or not Genzaburou is truly the illegitimate child of the family line or not, we can always create some proof later!
7: If we don't act fast, this entire family will be cut off!
8: That night, Taneoki breathed his last...
9: The Chief Retainers gathered together and headed to Genzaburou's house.

1: As I've explained already, I only know who my parents are because they told me themselves, and nothing more...I cannot be completely sure whether I am an illegitimate child or not...
2: Yes, but once we present this proof, and you are officially acknowledged as one, no one will be able to deny it. We cannot let the family end like this -- you must feel the same way! We want to recommend you to become the new clan leader. Please allow us to do so.
3: And so, Sasahara Genzaburou became the new leader of the 20,000 koku clan Koizumi.
4: And during the ceremony, no one noticed the small smirk that peeked out on his face from the emotions lurking deep in his heart.

1: The Chief Retainers did not intend to give Genzaburou even the smallest bit of control over the clan's politics.
2: Since he had been no more than a tool for them to escape a possible crisis, once things settled down they merely shelved him like any other.
3: There may have even been some Chief Retainers plotting to impregnate Hatsu with an illegitimate child themselves and then later take over the clan.
4: One day, Genzaburou gathered up these Chief Retainers and told them something...
5: Since we have been engaging in foreign relations with other leaders...
6: and the foul stench my wife gives out would be too rude to allow her to take part in any tea ceremonies, I want to begin a thorough investigation of any possible cure for her condition. Any objections?

1: Of course, they couldn't say no.
2: All of the Chief Retainers were unanimous in their agreement.
3: Then please place your blood seal here.
4: Blood seal?!
5: Indeed.
6: I mentioned a thorough investigation, and I don't want any trouble from people going back on their words later...
7: grumble grumble...
8: Unbelievable...
9: Now, as you can see here, I have all your blood seals on this scroll, so I never want to hear any complaints about what happens.
10: Any who do raise objection are to receive punishment under clan law...

1: Afterwards, Genzaburou offered a thousand ryou up to any doctor across the land who could cure the woman's stench.
2: But no one could.
3: One Dutch doctor claimed that he could using the equipment in his home country...
4: And so, Genzaburou ordered a boat to be made so that his wife could go to Holland.
5: Finally, everything that had been bottling up within one Chief Retainers' mouths came pouring out.
6: To think you'd use the clan's emergency funds for this was one thing...but now you're ordering us to build a ship, which is against the law?!
7: Have you mad, Genzaburou?!

1: wretch! I will forgive you for speaking rudely to your lord, but have you forgotten your blood seal as well?!
2: Kiiii!
3: You must be punished now!
4: Unuuu...what are you doing?!
5: Get in! This is a punishment room I created specifically for you!
6: The Chief Retainers were thrown in one after another.
7: It was a hidden room filled with foul clothing Hatsu had worn for over a week straight.

1: Muuuu...what a stench!
2: You will stay in here for one hundred days to reflect on your actions...and bask in the might of my wife!
3: Even the food that was served...
4: absorbed the smell and rotted instantly.
5: Then, summer came -- and clothing that had been born during the intense heat and humidity of the season were added weekly to the room, filling the small alcove with an entirely new level of fedor.
6: Their headaches reached new heights, calling madness, and their loss of appetite brought on debility...

1: They collapsed in pools of sweat, causing their bodies to catch colds...which in turn led to disease...
2: The cruel heat until autumn -- but by that time, all five Chief Retainers had gone insane and died...
3: The boat was completed--
4: I promise I'll heal you, dear. Tomorrow is finally the day we leave for Holland.
5: To me, the position of lord, and this entire clan...are nothing more than tools with which to heal you! I will devote all of my strength and energy into finding a cure for you, and nothing more!

1: She was so happy she could die...all of it was for her...all of it was for a single woman named Hatsu...
2: You will be healed.
3: They will see your problem as absurd...but I will push them...and get you healed at all costs...even if we both have to bury ourselves in Holland...
4: On the day of departure, he passed out all the remaining capital in the clan to less than two hundred clansmen.
5: *clamor clamor*
6: What is the meaning of this?
7: However--Genzaburou was assassinated only minutes before he boarded the ship!

1: The murderer was the man who previously had his arm cut off by Genzaburou: Ogata Keijirou...
2: After the deed, he shook off his pursuers and disappeared.
3: His wife, Hatsu...
4: killed herself next to her husband.

1: Two items were left deep in the back of Hatsu's room.
2: Kaede's head, preserved in sake, and an envelope bearing two small slips of paper--

If the love is genuine I pity the Princess -Kaede

Two will not be served in that world -Hatsu


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