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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu 5

Spear of Dissent

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2009 04:34 | Go to Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu

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tl by molokidan


1: Unuuu!
2: Shingo!!

1: He is a man from our lord's house...
2: Nuuuuu...
3: Why the long face?
4: Can't stand to look upon a freak like me, can you?
5: But unless you want the Hiwasa house to be destroyed, you'd better not cut me, Shingo.
sfx: dadah

1: What's he in such a hurry for...?
2: I have now returned!
3: How quiet!!
4: That bum...
5: I can't hear a sound!!
6: What could he be up to...

1: Shingooo!!
2: Yaheiii!
3: Isn't anyone here?!
4: Don't you know about the suicide?!
5: It was me.
6: Whaaaat...?

1: Are you going to forget it all, father?!
2: Are you really?!
3: Despite our family having no loyal achievements, we were graciously passed down this spear from the lord...
4: This is something we must bear through...

1: This is a new spear...
2: We were blessed with it yesterday...
3: Hoh...looks pretty valuable.
4: I bet you want to shove it through me, don't you?
5: Go ahead!
6: Do it in one swift motion!

sfx: ban!
1: Please stop saying such things and resheath it.

1: I recently heard that your wife...died suddenly.
2: Yes, she contracted an unexpected disease...
3: Hmm...
4: About that...
5: I realize this incident must have caused you some inconvenience, so I intend to take care of you from this point on as well.
6: Nonsense!
7: I insist.
8: This may sound sudden, but I do not want you to be left alone. Therefore, if there are any women within my house whom you take a liking to, I am willing to give them over to you.

1: It's better to decide now than letter, just in case.
2: Y-yes, sir, b-but...
3: I don't think that I...can...
4: Haha...what's wrong? Come on, out with it! What type of women do you fancy?
5: No, no sir, please...excuse me.
6: By the way...
7: How is your health?
8: Sir,
9: I am in perfect health.
10: Oh really? From what I hear, though, you haven't been doing too well...
sfx: cough cough

1: Please, hurry up and prepare a grandchild for me. Y-yes, sir...
2: Tadateru died four days later.
3: 45 days passed...

1: I have come under orders of the late lord.
2: I am very inexperienced, but I shall do my best...
3: Father!
4: Please see this woman out!
5: Shingo!
sfx: hahaha
6: What's the big deal? A family of three men is far from relaxing, you know.
sfx: hahahaha

1: What's that look for?
2: Oh, I see, those eyes are expressing your true feelings toward the freak living here.
3: It sure is hard to be an inferior human, even if you're part of the lord's line...ahaha!
sfx: ahahaha!

1: I don't quite understand myself, either...
2: Just like he says, the blood of the lord's family runs through his veins...
3: It was just his bad luck that he was born as the twin of the current lord...he used to be a nice, quiet child...
4: But ever since he learned of his true lineage, he became warped...
5: Now I understand.
6: I believe the late lord was concerned about your relationship...that is why he sent me here to take care of you...
7: Please keep it at that.

sfx: ahahahaha

1: Do not say anything
2: about this...
3: And become Genzaburou's wife from this day forward.
4: That is the only way to keep the peace in this house...
sfx: uuuu!
5: Good work staying alive and waiting for my return.
6: Please do not ever think of suicide in the future, either.

1: Aya! Come here!
2: Forget it, just forget it...

1: Theeeere, theeere! Good boy!
sfx: hahaha
sfx: hyuuuuh!
sfx: Kabyuh!

sfx: hahahahahaha
1: What have you doooone?!
2: What's wrong?

1: I may be a freak, but I still have enough mercy to stamp out the life of my bastard child and keep him from living a life of shame...
sfx: biiin!
sfx: ahahahaha
sfx: aaaaaaauuuuuuuuu

1:“The scholar had need be strong and bold; for his burden is heavy, the road is far.
2: His burden is love, is it not a heavy one? Death is the goal, is that not far?” (*t/l note: From Book 8 of the Sayings of Confucius)
3: Father!
4: Don't say anything. This is our fate...it is our job to bear it!

1: Four years later, Shingo's father fell ill...
2: and the family headship of the Hiwasa house was passed on to him...
sfx: eyah, eyah, eyah

1: What are you doing?!
2: This is my father's beloved spear! Do not touch it!
3: Hoh...
4: That's some attitude you've got there.
5: It's about time you stopped acting like the master of this house.
6: Aya, come!

sfx: gachih
1: His lover was raped by Genzaburou three days later.
2: Wait, Sir Shingo!

1: We are filled with pain! We had been counting down the days until the time when that woman would become your wife!
2: However! You must stop, Sir Shingo!
3: The conditions of the ill lord have gotten worse this past month. You should be aware of this!
4: The Chief Retainers have been discussing late into each night what to do about the succession!
5: Are you telling me to let him live because of that?!
6: Are there any other possible candidates?!
7: We must bear this, so that our house shall live on.
8: If we don't, we will all lose our name and status!

1: Genzaburou became the leader of the clan, and had free range to do whatever he wanted.
2: There were some people who cautioned him here and there, but most just pretended not to notice what he was doing.
3: Finally, Genzaburou's outrageous behavior reached new heights, and he began raping the wives of all his retainers, one by one.
4: He would force each one to stay the night with him and then send them home in the morning.
5: Ohh, Shingo!
6: Long time no see.

1: Seems like you are fully enjoying all the benefits that come with lordship...
2: I wouldn't say that! I'm just being used as a tool so that the clan's name will continue on, you know!!
3: The Chief Retainers are taking care of all the politics. I'm nothing but a puppet!
4: And yet, you are abusing your power to a perverted degree in order to abduct the wives of your retainers.
5: Hoh...so you came here to try and obstruct my freedom, huh?
6: Fool!
7: The words of a coward like you mean nothing to me!
8: Coward?!
9: You heard me!

1: My house, my house, my house! That's all that ever goes through your head, as you continue to foolishly bear even the worst of crimes!
2: What stupidity! I could hardly stand to be surrounded by such infernal cowards!
3: What amusing words...
4: How about this, then...? You sit there as this coward passes judgement unto you with this spear...
5: Hilarious!

sfx: iyaaaaaaaah
sfx: gui
1: Nuu!
sfx: bakuh
sfx: dosah

1: WIth this...the lord's house, and my house...
2: But it's fine...this is how it must be...
3: This man...Shingo...
4: had he been born in the Warring States Period, he surely have become a valiant general...


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