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Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu 6

No One May Wish for War, But...

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2009 04:35 | Go to Soregashi Kojiki ni Arazu

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tl by molokidan

1: In the last years of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the great hero who brought Japan out of the chaos of the Warring States Period into a time of peace, he began to go mad with greed and died at age 62.
2: Two years later, the Battle of Sekigahara began...a battle that was bound to happen.

The Illustrated Battle of Sekigahara

No One May Wish for War, But...

1: No matter the situation, a leader is absolutely necessary in order to unite a great mass of people. If that leader dies, however, it's only natural that the unity he created will begin to unravel.
2: While Tokugawa Ieyasu was not the only ambitious man who aimed for the top seat after Hideyoshi's death, the difference in power between all that he had amassed over his long years and months of war and that of his rivals brought them great unrest.
3: Additionally, Ieyasu, one of the five elder heads of the family under Toyotomi law had decided to ignore the Council of Five Elders & Five Commissioners system instated by Toyotomi and began delegating his own arbitrary politics, something that other men could not ignore.
4: Acting on your own without first consulting the other Elders and Commissioners is a direct violation of Lord Toyotomi's laws!
5: Under what discretion did you decide to violate Article 13, Sir Ieyasu?!

1: The angriest out of the nine politicians was Ishida Mitsunari, who had been taken care of by Hideyoshi's wife since he was a boy.
2: Since he apparently sees the system that our lord instated one month before his departure as anything but official law, Ieyasu will most likely attempt to seize power from us. Do you disagree, Judge?
3: If we do not destroy Tokugawa as quickly as possible, the Toyotomi house runs the risk of being overtaken. I am extremely regretful at having ever allowed him into a seat of power.
4: Enough, Mitsunari. Everything is as you say, but since you are a virtueless man consumed by deep arrogance, no one shall ever admire and follow you.
5: Indeed, Mitsunari was an impassionate elite too reliant on his own logic.
6: Even further angered at Mitsunari himself were the other men who had been raised by Hideyoshi's wife, the seven generals of the Toyotomi military, which included famous people such as Katou Kiyomasa and Fukushima Masanori.
7: That ignorant fool thinks he's smart enough to run the whole country by himself!!
8: He must diiiie!

1: Fukushima, Katou, and the others had never gotten along well with Mitsunari in their childhood. On top of this, despite them all having come within steps of starving to death during the Imjin War, Mitsunari had played down all their efforts after the fact, which was one of the greater sources of their outrage.
2: They finally decided to put things into action, chasing Mitsunari in and out of all the Elders' homes. This marked the turning point when the Toyotomi machine began disintegrating from the inside out.
3: Damn that Mitsunari! Now he's run into Ieyasu's estate!
4: Those vacuous seven generals...ignoring Ieyasu's ambition and attacking me instead!
5: Ahem...
6: Now that we've spoken with the generals and got them leave, it's time for you to return to your castle too...if you do so quickly enough, I doubt anything serious will happen to you.
7: Having escaped the blades of the seven generals, Mitsunari had no choice but to follow Ieyasu's orders.

1: Mitsunari finally returned to his own castle, but it was now clear to him that Tokugawa would be the one to inherit the country. It was here...
2: that he contacted a friend Naoe Kanetsugu, the personal advisor to Uesugi Kagekatsu, in order to plan a campaign to fight against Ieyasu.
3: So that bastard Uesugi is conspiring with Narimitsu...?
4: If Uesugi of Aizu goes against the orders of one of Toyotomi's most esteemed elders, Sir Uesugi, then he has committed the vile act of treachery.
5: We must march into Aizu to punish the traitor! But if we do, those idiot generals will most likely come to defend them. That will leave Kyoto and Osaka wide open...
6: Narimitsu probably plans to ride in at that very moment...in which case we will gain a just reason to prosecute Narimitsu for treachery as well.
7: Clearly, the way things are now, unity will not happen easily...simply raising myself up as a tyrant will only make matters more difficult..
8: Narimitsu's actions seem to be paving a quicker road to total unity.
9: We should be thanking him instead.

1: Just as Ieyasu hypothesized, Narimitsu raised the flags of war against Ieyasu, squeezing all the knowledge he could out of his allies in order to draft a clever strategy. And indeed, they were tactics smart enough to garner victory.
2: Politicans who were against Ieyasu's aribitray delegating as well as lords of other clans all sided with Narimitsu.
3: In truth, however, this alliance was only a formality. Many of these lords cared not whether it was Toyotomi or Tokugawa in power, and were solely concerned with securing the peace and status of their respective lands.
4: Following this...Japan split into western and eastern armies in order to fight the Battle of Sekigahara.
5: The country may have been cut in half, but within this cut were numerous other clefts in the loyalties and vicissitudes of each clan, which meant this extremely uncertain battle could go either way.

1: This is why Ieyasu sent out letters to other lords upon reaching Edo, planning to grip their hearts as he detailed the true reality of this uncertainty.
2: On the other hand, Narimitsu, in order to force the defiant seven generals to fight on his side, planned to take all of their wives and children as hostages to secure their loyalty.
3: After catching news of this before the fact, most of the politicians snatched up their wives of children and fled,
4: but one woman, the wife of Hosokawa Tadaoki, Gratia, chose to end her life instead. (*t/l note: This strange name perked my curiosity, so I did some research, and here is what I found: Gratia converted to Christianity earlier in her life, so she decided to changed her name to a latin one. Ironically, she kills herself here, though...so technically she shouldn't be able to go to Heaven. Some entries on wikipedia says she ordered someone else to kill her so that she would be able to go, however...)

1: Once they found out about this, the seven generals grew enraged, then suddenly turned around and began an all-out attack on the Ishida forces!
2: Narimitsu's hostage plan was a complete failure. Despite having overthrown Fushimi Castle, Ieyasu's estate, the castles of his allies began falling one by one, beginning with Gifu Castle.
3: The leaders of the castles who he believed to be his allies were the first to revolt, proof that conditions had gotten so bad that they had no choice but to turn against Narimitsu.

1: At first, Narimitsu had a wealth of lords at his disposal. But as time went on, and conditions worsened, it became harder and harder to truly pinpoint people he could count on.
2: Then finally, the stage moved to Sekigahara, and it became time to deal the finishing blow.
3: When it was time to assemble, there were many lords who, worrying about the safety of their own men, chose to meet at places far from the designated point. They had decided the only two viable options now were to either ally with the winning side, or simply do nothing until the battle was over.
4: Despite having over 200,000 men present out of both the eastern and western armies combined, the true number of men who actually fought in the war was only about half that amount. This was, of course, due to concern for the safety of "one's own house."

1(2b): The Supreme Commander of the Narimitsu army was one of the Five Elders, Mouri Terumoto. Terumoto remained in Osaka Castle, however, and was not present at the battle. The Elder Kikkawa Furue was acting in his place, but refused to move Mouri's massive force at all.
2: Neither did Shimazu,
3: and Hideyoshi's brother-in-law's child Kobayakawa Hideaki's army merely stood on their hill and watched the events unfold.
4: Narimitsu began to panic. If only everyone would move like they were supposed to, victory would be absolute!
5: We have the greater number here! And yet...no one will move!
6: Everyone should be feeling deep gratitude toward Toyotomi! Why won't they fight to protect his legacy, then?! The traitor Ieyasu is drunk on ambition! How can they let him do as he pleases?!

1: No one really wanted to let Ieyasu do as he pleased, but the men of Mouri knew that if the conceited Narimitsu won, he would only look further down on their lord.
2: We're sick of looking at that arrogant fool!
3: The Kobayakawa name might not be directly related to Toyotomi, but his blood is running through my veins! And yet, that bastard Narimitsu not only failed to appoint me as Supreme Commander, but continually dares to order me around like he is somehow my superior! This is outrageous!
4: If we win, he said he would appoint me as Chief Advisor to the Emperor as well as make me a cabinet minister in the government, but I just know he still plans to walk above me even after all that!
5: The great Kobayakawa soon sided with Tokugawa.
6: He may have found plan that was capable of victory, but Narimitsu did not possess a heart of the same potential.
7: Narimitsu's over-reliance on rationality and logic had deprived him of the emotion and wamrth needed to connect with people.

1: Kobayakawa's defection robbed the Narimitsu force if its morale, leading the entire army into defeat.
2: Out of all the lords concerned only about their own safety, but one of Narimitsu's friends Judge Ootani, the leader of Echizen-Tsuruga Castle -- despite having already foreseen the imminent defeat -- stood up to fight against Kobayakawa's army out of camaraderie for Narimitsu, and died alongside 1500 other retainers.

1: The defeated Narimitsu was chased through the Ibuki Mountains as a criminal.
2: Narimitsu was a just man down to the end, however, and made sure to walk an honest road to protect the honor of the family who raised him.
3: This world is not composed solely of justice -- immorality and evil exist in equal -- no, in ever greater abundance. And if one does not learn to manipulate immorality and evil, justice will never be born.
4: Ieyasu knew this.
5: When he was young, he was taken prisoner by Imagawa Yoshimoto and had gained a considerable amount of experience in sadness, pain, and patience. It could even be said that this is what won out over Tadamitsu.
6: You are a fine man, Narimitsu. Judge Ootani is also the portrait of what a warrior should be. If only everyone would throw away their personal desires and work hard, there would be no need for me to step up as a unifier...

1: Unfortunately, however, such saintly men like you are far and few between, and the latter, men who possess greed and avarice that will only heighten with the coming of peace and unity, are legion.
2: Sadly, Sir Narimitsu, you must suffer a strict punishment to serve as an example for others who may follow...
3: And it fills me with sorrow...
4: On the river bed at Rokujou in Kyoto, the great war criminal Narimitsu was executed.
5: Although Ishida Narimitsu may have lost in war, the look on his face expressing how he had served justice until the very end did not falter.

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