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World Embryo 50

Rubble Tower

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 29, 2009 19:14 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 50


tl by molokidan

1: that...?!
2: We don't looks like a bird's nest made out of scrap metal!
3(2b): It's clearly the enemy's hideout...for the time being, we should mark it as our final destination. It will be nicknamed "Rubble Tower!"
4: What's the update on the Kanshu signals?
5: About that...all of the circuits from the HQ have been cut off!
6: The location of the Source of the Infection...we are now completely unable to search within 300m of "Sanbanzaka Green Hill!"
7: GPS is out of order!
8: Not just emergency circuits, but all of our communication devices have been cut!
9: 10 more seconds until an updated satellite image...!
10: Please respond, HQ! This is Iguchi with the Himekawa Team!

1: Due to the sudden appearance of a strange wall, three of the Morimura group have vanished!
2: Wall?! Vanished?! What are you talking about?!
3: We were in a position removed from the designated point, but...
4: The satellite image has arrived!
5: Now a huge black obelisk has appeared out from the point itself!
6: ...this is...
7: just like...a giant..."CAGE"...!

Chapter 50 - Rubble Tower

1: ...haha.
2: They're shocked, they're shocked!
3: Game start!
4: I go first.
5: I suppose I'll begin by lining up my pawns.

1: ...what are those people doing...?
2: Hey! I told you to bring the laundry in, didn't I?!
3: Are you listening to me?! All you ever do is watch TV...

1: Hie...?!
2: Gyaah...

1: Kya
2: Iie...
2: Gyah
3: Hiie
4: Gyah
5: What...
6: Waah
7: Waaahhhh!
8: Mitsui and Yoshinaga...
9: turned into Kanshu!!

1: Hey! They didn't answer their cell phones, did they?!
2: N-no, it was the monitor!!
3: After watching the monitor, they suddenly...!!
4: Impossible...they can invade using means other than cell phones...?!
5: But this is completely unprecedented...

1: That's right, Kanzaki-kun...completely unprecedented.
2: Humans are creatures who find peace in rules...after all, it saves them from doing troublesome things like re-checking and re-thinking...
3: F.L.A.G. also, over time, completely forgot the possibility of dangers aside from cell phone infection.
4: Unprecedented...yes, I made sure to make things so just for this day.
5: should always be hiding one of the cards in your hand.

1: Tch...
2: It's no good...the "wall" is physically isolated from us.
3(2b): Look at what happens just after touching are our lifelines on the inside?
4(2b): ...this isn't good, people are starting to gather. I need more men so that we can seal this place off...
5: Although...I don't think this is something that can be hid by NEFT alone...
6: Our circuits still won't connect to anyone on the inside.
7: What are these Kanshu signals? They're 5000 times the norm...
8: If that really is a "CAGE," then the answer is simple...
9: ...what about Sakomizu-kun? Kazama-kun should be waiting in the lab with him.
10(2b): Ah...that's it. Jinki Users!
11: A Jinki User should be able to get a grasp on what's going on inside there!!
12: Call them out here at once!

1: Guh...
2: Th-that hurts, Kazama-kun...!
3(2b): You heard it, didn't you? Our communications have been it's futile to try and resist any longer!
4: I-I already told you...your equipment isn't ready for battle yet. I can't guarantee its safety if used...
5: Are you guaranteeing the safety of the lives of all those who are out there risking their lives for us right now?
6: You don't need to. I'll guarantee it all myself!
7: Just give me access to that equipment!

1: Are you...really Kazama Tougo-kun?
2: Turn off all monitors!!
3: Over here!
4: Turn around!
5: Here comes the second wave!

1: Don't come any closer!
sfx: bububu
2: O-OK! ...kuh!
3(2b): Don't let the numbers scare you! Fresh Kanshu are always weak!
text: Tsukamoto Ryouma (25) Katar Jinki "DUAL EDGE"
4(2b): Please just surround them and then systematically exterminate them! We should be able to finish this up within five minutes!
sfx: jakih
5: That's a one-on-one match, a Jinki User will clearly win out over a Kanshu.
6: But of course, I've already taken that into consideration.

1(3b): If we let them keep jumping down like that it'll never end...leave the outside to the Jinki Users! The Disposal Teams should continue on inside!
2: Roger!
3: Hiiieeee!!
4(2b): People...there are survivors?!
5: Help us!!
6: Monsters...
7: Secure them and guide them to safety!
8: Are you hurt...

1: Uwaaahhhhh?!
2: Kyaaaaah!
3: Help me help me help memememe
4: What's going on?
small: Where is the Kanshu signal?!
5: Why is a human...
6: Clearly, she ISN'T humaaaan~

1: The result is inevitable either way~
text: Himekawa Kao (23) Iron Fan Jinki "Kaguramai"
2: Sorry about that, might-or-might-not-be-human people...
3: Your movements are still too slow. Gather everyone up and surround them once more!

1: What is thaaat, a Kanshuu~?
2: It's black and shiny...

1(2b): Look, now you have nowhere to run. There's no way to tell who is a human and who is an Uro...
2: Woah, now -- sure it's OK to be hesitating like that?
3: The longer you take...
4: the more Kanshu transformations there will be...shit!
5: A little more and the Disposal Unit will be completely useless!
6: It's to our advantage that this battle is dragged out.
7: It's the epitome of easiness.
8: Damn...they're fast!
9: Calm down, don't break the formation!
10: Uwaaaah! We're surrounded!

1: Tch!
2: You're harder than you look...!!
3: Clara!!
4: Leave it to us, bro!

1: We're aiming toward one point!
2: The enemy's obelisk!!
3: GO!! Clara!! Renaaaaaa!!

sfx: gura...
1: I already told you I ain't gonna let you do that, pal!!

1: Kya...
2: The Kanshus' CAGE...?

1: Arisu-san!!
2: Kuh...

1: Kanshu...
2: Get out of my way.
3: And...return my family to me!

Next: Jan. 30

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