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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

World Embryo 51

The Depths of Darkness

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 29, 2010 03:18 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 51


tl by molokidan

1: Arisu-san?!
2: What's happening down...
3: Oh my, oh my.
4: It really is tough being so attractive <3
5: Sorry though, I don't like skinny boys.

1: Heh..."she" and "he," huh?
2: What an amusing counter-guard!
3: Rook.
4: Bishop.
5(2b): And...Knight. This power of yours, born from seven years of intense study, is indeed promising.

1: Soon...it'll all be over soon.
2: Our time, which has been frozen for this seven years, is finally going to start moving again.
black text: The Source of the Infection: Karasawa, in order to bring back his beloved woman...
3: If she wakes up...

Chapter 51 - The Depths of Darkness

1: Ohhh...a hole appeared in the Cage!
2: Just a little more!!
3: Guh...
4: Master!!
5: That's an extremely strong cage. If it's just a hole to the inside that we want to make, though, then just a little more should...
6: Please don't overdo it!! Remember, Master, your core is already...

1: It hurts...to know that I can't even do this much...
2: A mobilization order?! ...this is...!
3: Hayato-kun! I'm sorry I couldn't contact you!
4: Chairwoman?! Why are you here...
5: There's a chance our communications are still being intercepted. The enemy's timing was too perfect!
6: ! But after this much work...
7: Yes. That's why we need to change our plan of action.

1: It's time to start back up the rejected Plan C, and accelerate it to Phase IX.
2: Sakomizu-san!
3(2b): Ahaha! The truth is, I'm still in the tuning phases here. His spirits weren't really moving in the direction I want to, you know. And I was still worried about utilizing his mental state.
4: For some reason, though, he seems to have suddenly come around...and I just lost to his enthusiasm.
5: He's a necessity.

1: Gah...!
2: Squad Leader!! Are you alright?!
3: Don't worry!!
4: They're extremely hard, but also slow-witted! Surround 'em!
5: Protect the barricade with your life, Disposal Unit!! Guide all civilians to a safe place!!
6: A safe place? That's easier said than done...
7: Hey, you over there!!
8: Didn't I tell you?! Throw down your cell phone!!
9: Why would I do such a stupid thing like that? Just who are you people, anyway?!
10: Hey! What are you doing?!
11: Silence yourselves and listen to our orders!!

1: Gyaaaaaah!!
2: Another monster appeared!!
3: Noooooo!! Daaad?!
4: Listen up!
black: Satomi Ema (26)
Scythe Jinki
"Dragon Agito"
5(2b): We have no connections to the government, and absolutely no duty to protect any one of you! Now, if you don't want to be carelessly minced to pieces, then shut up and follow our orders!

1: Yoooouuu...
2: restless like braaaaaat!!!

1: Its movements are so fast that I can't catch it in my attack range...not only that, but
it has projectiles...
2: Tch...this is really a bad match-up...
3: Match-up...?
4: Wait, maybe...
5: Kyaa...
6: Guh

1: Owwwww...
2: "Nooooooo!! I'm scaaaared!!"
3: "Brotherrrr, help meeee!! Brotherrrrrrrr!!"
4: Is that what you thought I'd say?

1: What the hell are you doing to Clara?!
2: That's my big bro! Excellent judgment!!
3: Huh?! What the...why are you in completely good shape?!
4: It was just a plan! Now we've sealed its movements, though!!
5: Yeah! We're so awesome, aren't we?
6: It's the perfect match-up!!
7: Let's gooooo! Claraaaa!!!

1: ...I "get it!"
2: Next up is...a straight fist thrust!
3: Then next...a left barrage!

1: So there's a regularity to its movements...
2: I can do this!!
3: gakih
4: Damn, it sure looks calm!!
5: It has an extremely powerful Cage...falling like this must not mean anything to this guy...!
6: How about some of thiiiis, then?!?!

1: Clara, Joe?!
2: Nice confinement!
3: Everyone get away!!
4: This strong Cage has become our true enemy, huh!!
5: That's it, keep going! Crush it to pieces!

1: Ohhhhhhh
2: Ohhhhh!!!

1: D...
2: Did they do it...?
3: Th...they did it!!
4: They beat it!!
5: Hah! Damn straight!!
6: Hmph. That's what happens when you mess with us <3

1-2: Haah
3: Haa!!
4: I was reading my opponent's movements? ...no, that's not it.
5: Is this...Deja Vu?
6: I...know these movements.
7: They're...a martial arts...form...

1: Kuh...

1: Oh no...Arisu-san!! (I forgot!)

!? Brother!!
2: Heh...! She that is too secure is not safe, Clara!
3: Squad Leader!
4(2b): Retreat!! Cages are absolutely useless here!
5: What's going on here?!
6: It's utterly unscathed?!

1: Kahah!
2: U...kuh.
3: What indiscretion...I've broken multiple ribs...!
4: The healing won't make it in time.
5: Is this the way it's going to end...? In a place like this, without bringing anything back?
6: My memories...
7: Neene...

1: and him...
2: Out of the way, Arisugawa.

1: Uwaaaahh!?
2: What the...?!

1: Amami...?!
2: Amami-kun!
3: The MIA guy?
4: Why is he here...
5: Boy!
6: Rikkun...
7: Kuh...
8: Wh-where have you been until now?!
9: I searched all over the place for you!
10: I was so...worried
11: Arisugawa.

1: Where's that piece of shit...?
2: Ah...
3: So he really is...in there, huh...
4(2b): Neene...is also with him. She went to his side...
5: Amami...?
6: Amami Riku!
7: Dammit...dammit...why did everyone...
8: Wait...

1: Wait! Riku!!
2: ...If you can't move, then just stay there...
3: This'll be over in no time.
4: I'll bring them back in no time.
5: Neene,
6: and that bastard's head.
7: ...you can't.
8: You can't...

1: If you go there, you won't come back...
2: That's why...Riku...!
3: Ahh, so both of them did end up coming together...?
4: But you know...it's just going to be a little longer now
5: until the checkmate...

Next: Feb. 27

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