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Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil 69

Shadows of the Departed [18]


-> RTS Page for Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil 69


tl by molokidan

Shadows of the Departed [18]

sfx(2): gyaaaah
sfx(2): waaah

1: Now, it's Rie Sayaka-san's turn to sing for us!
sfx: dadada
sfx: jaaaan
2: Rie Sayaka-san!
sfx: dadada
3: Rie-san, the mic!
4: Rie-san hails from Fujisawa City. I looks like she's a bit nervous today.
5: Huh?
6: Wh...what is this?!
7: She's all over the place!! What's going on?!
8: Stop the closeup!
9: She isn't making the face of a star!

1: Wh-what should we do?!
2: Don't ask me...!
3: T-this shouldn't be happening!!
4: This live show has completely backfired! There's no way for us to fix this now!
5: Thank you...Sayaka-chan...
6: A-are you alright...?
7: I-it's all over!!
8: She's kaput!!
9: I-isn't there anything we can do?!
10: Alright, now we've had almost everyone sing, and boy how talented they all were!
11: For our final number, we present to you from Yashikiato Middle School, Doi Miyoko-san.

1: Go ahead!
2: Miyoko-san is singing a hit song everyone should know, "Northern City."
sfx: kasha

1: Huh...?!
2: This girl...!!
3: S-she's totally got it!!
4: She isn't very good at singing, but look at those peepers!!

1: Y-you look at those ones one time, and...
2: H-how to describe this...
3: Make this girl win instead of Rie Sayaka!
4: Ehh?!
5: This is the only hope we have left of this show being a success!
6: Just stop following Rie Sayaka!!
7: Ahh, you idiot!! I said get her off screen!
8: Do you know what'll happen if we let that thing win?!
9: Change all the cuts that were supposed to go to Rie Sayaka over to Doi Miyoko! Got it?!

box 1: New Star Debut!!
box 2: Hana Miyoko!!
1: "New Star Debut: Hana Miyoko...!"
2: She got her debut under the stage name Hana Miyoko! Look how big this photo is!!
3: This wasn't from Miyoko-san's effort, though! It's because of that shadow of the departed that's possessing her!
4: Izumi!!

1: Here, look at this!!
2: I took a picture!!

1: Uwaahh!!
2: The man in the camera shop was so disgusted that he told me never to bring pictures like these again!
3: Ahh!!

1: Sou!!
2: I'm not Sou.
3: I'm Saburouta.
4: I'm Saburouta, the spirit that used to be on Miyoko's back.
5: Now I've possessed Sou-kun's.
6: I can't leave Sou-kun's body for the time being.
7: Also, Izumi-san, that spirit is going to notice you!
8: W-we have to destroy these as soon as possible!

sfx: gusha
1: T-the wound on your head got better!
2: Y-yes...
3: Almost completely healed...
4: I have to go to defeat the shadow of the departed at once!
5: Sou-kun's shrinking!!

1: Sou!!
2: It's like Sou's becoming the appendage!!
3: J-just what are you?! What's happening to Sou?!
4: I'm Saburouta! I'm one of Miyoko's ancestors who used to protect Miyoko!
5: All of a sudden, however, she became possessed!
6: Unless I win her back, I will have no place to return to!
7: I want to go back to Miyoko as soon as possible!
8: Right now, Miyoko-san...should be in the middle of her wide show...!
9: Ahh! M-Miyoko!!

1: By the way, Hana Miyoko-san, why did you decide to become an actress?
2: Well...
3: I've always been a fan of Hyoudou Takeru-san...
4: I thought that if I became an actress, I'd be able to meet him...
5: Oh my...
6: And? Did you get to?
7: No, not yet...
8: I see. Hyoudou Takeru-san is a big star, you know. I'm sure that once you get your hit song out, Miyoko-san, you'll be able to stand on the same stage as he.
9: Miyoko!!
10-11: Uwaaahhh!!

1: T-the shadow of the departed!!
2: I-I can't overcome it!! I can't overcome it at all!!
3: What are shadows of the departed?
4: You know, don't you? Answer!!
5: Hey, answer!!
6: I'm scared! I'm scared!
7: Everyone's going to be devoured!
8: How can we destroy the shadow of the departed? Tell me!!
9: Humans can do nothing!!
10: There is only one way...

1: Kill Miyoko...!!
2: Ehh?!
3: M-Miyoko-san...!!
4: K-Kill her...

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