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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 296


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 13, 2010 01:38 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

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tl by molokidan

No. 296 - Memories
1(5b): Uooooohhhhhhhhh
2: Why did you shoot me?!
3(3b): Goddamn youuuuuuu! This fucking hurts! I'm gonna kill youuuuuu!!

1: Missileman!!

1: I'm not...dead...?
2: No damage either...? What kind of an attack was that?
3: Dammmmn, this huurts! Shit!
4(2b): Kuku..you little brat, fuuuck...
5: I can't believe a weak little flunkie like this could hit on my weak point...!!
6: My "Missleman" requires tactics...if I'm attacked without asking any sort of argument, then I lose my initiative!!
7: The wound's not deep...!!
8: Kukuku...I'm gonna kill you nice and slow!
9-10: throb
11: throb throb
12-13: squirm
14-15: wriggle
16: squiggle squiggle

1-2: throb
3: It planted creatures...
4: in my body...!!?
5: Kukuku...those are the "Black Centipedes" my nen ability creates.
6: They grow by feeding on your insubordination.
7-8: twitch
9: If you go against my orders!! If you try to hurt me in any way!!
10: They will cause horrible pains to your body, eventually bursting out and taking your life!!

1: Wha
2: What are you doing, dumbass?! Didn't you listen to a word I saaaaid?!
3: If you did, there's no way you'd be doing what you are right now, dammit!!

1-2: wriggle
3(2b): guuuuhhh
4: I wouldn't have it any other way...!!
5: If the only thing I lose here is my own life...!!
6: suuuuuu
7: Idio....stop it!!
8: No...wait! If he intends to kill me...
9: That's the worst classification of "insubordination!" It will probably raise the "Black Centipedes" straight to instant-death level within no time at all!!

1(2b): Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
2: Relax...I don't intend to kill you...
3: As long as you don't move from that spot.
4: I still...have more bullets...
5: Don't make me laugh!! I'm gonna kill you!!
6: You're gonna die!! I'm going to fucking kill you!! Uaaaaaaahhhh!!

1: Nuaaaaaaahhhhhh
2: Kuh...
3: Kukukuku
4: How
5: easy...!!
6: How easy it is to pull the trigger...
7: when I lose my own life in exchange...!!

1: suuuuuuuuu
2: Stoooo! Fine!! I get it, I get it!!
3: I won't mooooove!! I forfeit!! Please!! Don't shooooot!!
4-5: gggiiii

1-3: giii
4: The pain's going away.
5: The creatures inside me are suffering...?!
6: I lost...dammit...I won't move...
7: I knew it, goddammit...I knew it would end up like this eventually...
8: Werefin...
9: acknowledged his own loss...?
10: But I neeeeever thought I'd feel this fragile...thought it'd be so scarrry!!
11: to face someone who rushes in without giving a thought to his own liiiiife!
12: Hey...
13: ...what...?
14: The pain is...going down.
15: These bugs...? Hurry up and take 'em out.
16: Tch...shuddap...
17: I'm in pain too, I can't concentrate on that right now!

1: There's no way to release my "Missileman" ability...!!
2: Just wait...
3: ...but I might be in trouble if I'm that honest...dammit, how can I make it through this...!?\
4: a little...
5: I need to buy time.
6: Consciousness...
7: Until I figure out some kind of plan.
8: fad...ing...
9: jaki
10: suuu
11(2b): Uwaaah, wait!! Alright!! I was lying, lying!! I won't do it again!!

1: Then hurry up and take 'em out!!
2(2b): Uu...yeah, about that...umm...
3: Fine, I understand!!
4: Uaaahhh, wait!! Wait a minute!!
5: I can't release them!! Once I fire them, that's it...so...!! I couldn't say it!
6: Really!! Please, believe me!! I'm not trying to trick you!!
7-8: giii
9: They're still...suffering...
10: Could they be responding to Werefin's "true intentions"...?
11: There's no helping it...I just thought "all I want to do is kill him, so I need to attack...it doesn't matter what happens afterwards"...
12: I didn't think a bit about my opponent's circumstances...

1: "Nen" is really a good name for this power. (*the word nen usually means sense, thoughts, or feelings in Japanese)
2: It perfectly reflects my personality.
3: My...personality...?
4: Werefin.
5: His..."true intentions"...
6: Do you still have memories from when you were a human?
7: What am I asking?
8: What I...
9: want to hear...
10: I know someone who resembles this guy...
11: What is this, all of a sudden...
12: I don't remember it one bit.
13: Liar!
14-15: squirm
16: suuuuu
17: Uoohhh, what, what?! Stop it!!
18: Waaaait, calm down!!
19: If you don't...
20: answer me honestly, I'll fire...!!
21: ...kkh!

1: ...the first thing I thought when I woke up was
2: "I fucking remembered it again"...
3: "Goddammit."
4: "I fucking remembered it again."
5: In NGL...I should have been killed by some bug monster...and then
6: I should have been eaten by the Queen and reborn into a completely different being...
7: The one thing...I wanted to forget most...
8: I remembered it perfectly.
9-11: giii
12: My father strangling me
13: and a woman watching from behind him.

1: At first...it was just a flashback of that scene.
2: Then gradually, I remember what happened before and after.
3: The one who saved me...
4: was a little brother who wasn't connected to me by blood.
5-6: giiiii
7: ...I remembered...!! You really resemble him...
8: Gyro...
9-10: gii
11: Gyro...!!
12: You idiot, the King...
13: I used to...brag about my bad luck...with him...
14: The only person...
15: who I could laugh about the days I cried with was him...
16(2b): He and I...were both empty...that's why...we didn't have to hide anything...
17: ...I wonder what he's up to now...
18: giiiigiiiiiiii

1: I wanna...
2: see him again...
3: ...that's it. If I can meet Gyro...that'll be enough...
4: Ants...people, money, countries...it's all a pain in the ass...
5: ...go on, the bugs are all gone...
6: You still...have something to do, don't you?
7: Why did you open the door to the hallway?
8: ...hm?
9: I just let in some weaklings who wanted the treasure inside...they have hardly any ability to fight.
10(3b): I saw you and Brou on the monitor, and timed letting them in for when you came back. That's all...

1: After seeing how you couldn't shoot Brou...
2: I thought you would be a sitting duck, but that was a huge miscalculation.
3: Go on already...I'm tired...
4: One last question.
5: Have you seen a woman in the palace?
6: Woman?
7: ...I dunno if that thing is one or not, but
8: there was one human caught by the Royal Guard...and put into a cocoon...
9: They're in the room at the end of the right side once you get out of the elevator.
10: ...kuh.
11: They called it "#1"...kukuku
12: ....ku ku
13: Fufufu, hahaha
14: ...what's so funny?
15: I was just thinking how easy it is...
16: to be honest...

1: While barely noticeable, after the hundreds and thousands of hits they had exchanged,
2: a dull pain had begun to grow within the King.
3: However

1: Stop the bleeding,
2: and say my name.
side text: Is this the limit...!?
3: You did well.
4: For a human...

Next: The King vs. Netero comes to a big conclusion!! Next time, a sudden development draws near!!

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