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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

World Embryo 52


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 26, 2010 18:59 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 52


tl by molokidan

1: gaaaah
2-3: aaaahh
4: aaaaahhh!!
5: Zeh!
6: Zeh...
7: Zehh...!

1: Tch...
2: You're charging in too much on your own.
3-4: Haah
5: I don't
6: need to be
7: worried about by you...
8: Just release your Kensei for a minute, alright?
9-11: Haa...
12: Zeh...
13: Zeh
14: ...ah.
15: Zeh...
16: ...I...

1: ...there's too much blood rushing to your head.
2: Your sense of reality gets distorted in the CAGE when you Kensei.
3: If you don't be careful, your anger will gradually reduce your field of vision.
4: You're not even a Jinki User, how do can you know that?
5: Anger...
6: So that's why...Arisugawa's words hardly even reached my ears...
7: ...it's the first time I ever saw her make such a face...
8: And yet I...
9: If you're going to hesitate, then go back.
10: If you take only a little bit of time, I'll wait for you.

1: ...don't underestimate me!! I'm going on ahead!!
2: There's no way I'm going back...without Neene!
3: How could I return, without even being able to do that...?
4: Go back to that place...

1: Fly me to the moon <3

Chapter 52 - Ende

1: Tch...this is like a tornado! It completely breaks through our Cages!
2: We won't be able to get near it at this rate!
3: ...it's almost like it's protecting that thing...

1: It just means we need to send a sturdy pawn forward!
2: Clara!!
3: The only Jinkis that can attack from long-range without exposing themselves are ours!!
4: Don't be ridiculous!! You're almost at your limit!
5: But...
6: It stood?!
7: ...wait, something's odd...

1: Grandma, what are you doing?
2: Gyaaah! You scared me!
3: H-huh? When did you get home?
4(2b): ...haha, so you really didn't hear. Neene, don't bug her, alright? (Shizuru-san is really into that kind of stuff.)
5: What is that, Grandma?
6: A jigsaw puzzle. The picture's in all different pieces so you have to put it back together. It's like a game.
7: Nee?! A game?! I wanna play too!
8: I think it's a liiitle too difficult for you, Neene-chan...
9: Ne!

1: ...eh.
2: Ehhhhh!?
3: I did it? Is this OK?
4: Woaaaaah! How?!
5: Neene memorized it all!
6: Neene never forgets anything once she sees it!

1: Ende is an "original personality" that broke of separately from the splintered memories, and sleeps alone.
2: First, we must restore this original personality and awaken it.
3: Can you do that?
4: Just match with this...
5: and this one goes here...that's it!
6: Mm...it's just like a puzzle!
7: This is fun!
8: Fuyahh!?

1: The same...
2: The same as Neene...
3: There's another me...
4: Neene
5: isn't just Neene...
6: ...once you wake up, let's talk?
7: Let's talk...about a lot.

1: Wha...?
2: Th...this is...
3: Eh...!?
4: A Kensei...signal?
5: There's no way! It's too...powerful...
6: It's up there...
7: What?
8: What's there...!?

1: Ne...
2: Good work.
3: Leave the rest to me...
4: Shiro?

1: Good morning...and welcome back, Ende.
2: Do you know who I am?
3: ...Master...

1: Neene, put this on her.
2: Ne...this?
3: Thank you. I can't touch her, you know...
4: ...this is your first reboot in two years, Ende. Please search for "her" memories.
5: Now activating...
6: ...application error.
7: I began a cache search, but found corrupt files incapable of being recovered.
8: Ne...? What are you talking about?
9: OS vocabulary. I taught it to her.
10: The language of the islanders, whether it's simply archaic words or some kind of ritual language, is too cryptic. Your ideas match more with this kind of vocab.

1: ...you can't restore the corrupted memories?
2: If it was the full collected "main storage" file, and not a cache file connected to myself, "Ende," then it would be possible.
3: But at the current performance levels, reboot is impossible.
4(2b): In the event of a dual boot from 2 Coffin Princesses, there must be at least one master present to authenticate and release the limit on each of them.
5: ...main storage, you mean...
6: Access to the embryo.

1: Ne...Shiro?
2: Where did he go?!
3: The link has been severed.
4: ...so we finally meet.

1: Shiro...

1: ...I thought so...you really are all fucked up.
2: ...you foresaw this?
3: Well, yeah...you never showed me your actual body again since we fought two years ago.
4: So you were using the small fry Kanshu as links to project your own image into their Cage...?
5: That's some large-scale trick...it took me a while to realize what was going on.
6: ...good job figuring out where I was.
7: I know exactly how you work...there's no way you'd reveal yourself out in the open up in a place like that.
8: Then things kept getting more and more fishy...
9: ...well, you sure beat me...and with guesswork, at that.
10: That's not all I used...these guys showed me the way.
11: I sensed several faint Kanshu signals coming from this tower.
12: It seemed to faint to be Kanshu waiting in ambush...this did end up being my intuition at work too, though.

1: So you saw through the perception camouflage caused by the consciousness sphere...
2: I expected no less...fantastic job, Juri-chan.
3: ...hope you're prepared. It all ends here.
4: The dream you've worked toward for 7 years will not come true...
5: Everyone will slumber, and the Coffin Princesses will return to their coffins.

1: Guh...
2: Checkmate...you thought?
3: It's still my turn, though!
4: Dammit!
5: Just stay there and watch.

1: It's too bad we couldn't play more, though!
2: Next turn and this time I'll have a checkmate!!
3: Zeh!!
4: Alright...!
5: Zehh
6: Zeh
7: I'm here!!
8-9: Zeh
10: ...it's fine, I'll just keep going on my own...
11-12: Zeh
13: She's waiting...
14: Neene...
15: Zeh
16: Amane-ne...
17: Zeh

1: Tch!
2: Shit! The initiative...

1: Wapuh!
2: ...ne!!
3: Neeneeeeeeeee!!
4: Papa...

1: Ne...
2: Sorry, Amami-kun...
3: Just let me borrow her for a bit longer.
4(2b): Neene! Dammit, dammit!
5: Karasawaaaaaa!!
6: Ende...let's hurry...
7: Access the Embryo...
8: ...identification check. Authenticating the Master.
9: Opening access to Embryo.
10: Ne...!?
11: Ahh...
12: Now...
13: Finally...

side: Tougo aims and fires!! He's Riku's strongest partner!!!
1: Reporting in! ...how was it?
2: He did it!
3: Ohhh!
4: ...it slipped a little from the center.
5: Restoring image!!
6: How are the Kanshu signals?!
7: Widespread tremors confirmed!! It's been a success!
8: Seriously, though, how was that? I completely broke through it.
9: This Cage!

Next: March 30

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2010
hey dude, do you work for groups if they ask you to or do you do like, one time tl's if they ask nicely enough? :P

PS: Love your work on FT, Bleach and One Piece!
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Feb 27, 2010
Thanks, zambo92.

If you're interested in hiring me, please do it through PMs :]
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