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World Embryo 53


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 3, 2010 10:45 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 53


tl by molokidan

1: Uwaaaaahhhhh
2: What!? What happened!?
3: Another explosion!?
4: An attack! I can see the locus!!
5: zazaza
6: A call!? H-hey!
7: It's gone back to normal! The monitors are back on!!
8: Sorry for taking so much time!
9: Chairwoman!? What the hell is going on here!?

1: ...what'd you say? Plan C?
2: The Anti Super High-Density CAGE Sniping Plan?!
3: ...about what I suspect to be the Source of the Infection...
4: I hypothesize...that it is most likely a signal organism that possesses an unusually strong CAGE.
5: According to the witnessing of both Chairwoman Tokiji, Amami Riku, and Neene, it transferred into ex-Chairman Karasawa Shirou,
6: which means that it would not be unusual to assume a similar organism to Neene is at Karasawa's side.
7(2b): Considering that the size of the hole we expect Neene created during the April incident at Yasakadai High represents the size of her CAGE, even if a Jinki User was to penetrate the CAGE, it does not necessarily mean they will reach its user.
8: What about the Jinkis of Utaho and Joe?
9: Arisugawa-san possesses a projectile type, but its reach is too short, and since Joe's involves shooting out his CAGE, it leaves him too vulnerable.
10: What is necessary is a Jinki that can attack much more quickly from a farther distance.
11: ...are you talking about an active bunker for Kazama?

1: Yes. He can't make his into a "blade"...and therefore it is not limited to a specific shape.
2: If we give him a blade ourselves, then it opens up limitless possibilities for how he will adapt to it.
3: So you're going to give him a projectile-type blade for him to "ride" his CAGE on and snipe with?
4: ...there's no way.
5: Keeping one's cage ridden on a 1000m/s bullet for kilometers at a time?!
6: Well, it may take a LITTLE concentration power...(even with mechanical support)
7: Forget it, forget it.

Chapter 53 - Sisters
1: The CAGE...
2: dissipated...!!

1: Master...
2: Master.

1: Ne...!!
2-6: Master
bubble 3 from top right clockwise)
7: Something's coming in...!?
8: Ah...
9-10: Master
11(2b): That's right...I'm connected...to the embryo...
12: Ahh
13: Master...
(bubble 4 from top right clockwise)
14: The emotion is so strong...is it anger...?
15: Master
16: I feel like I'm going to go crazy!
17: Ahhhhhhhhh
18: Master...
19: Who are those feelings for?
20-21: Master

1: For who?
2: H-hey?
3: ...ah?
4: You're kidding...

1: Do you...have a bad feeling about this?
2: Eh? Do you see something with your CAGE?
3: No, not that...
4: It's fine! Do you know how far away this place is from the scene?
5: ...tch! I'm being treated like a scaredy-cat again...
6: ...see, look!

1: Gaaaaaahhhhhhh
2: Wha...
3-4: Ahhhh

1: Hiieeee
2: Uwaahh
3: You alright?!
4: Ahhhh
5: Just what...
6: Ahhhh
7: Iiieeee!!

1: Wh...what is that...
2: I have no idea...
3: ...a CAGE.
4: A humanoid one...
5: Haaaaaa!!
6: Waaaahhhhhh
7: Calm down!
8(2b): But, but! What the hell are we going to do?! What the hell are we going to do about that?!
9: DAMN!! ...what's wrong, Clara?
10(2b): ...ah, sorry. I just thought of an inappropriate joke.

1: When pigs...are lined up on the dinner table,
2: is that how humans look?
3: What are you saying?!
4: Withdraw!!
5: There is no reason to fight against an enemy not included in our plan!!
6: While escorting civilians, the Disposal Unit is to leave at once!!
7: Y...yes sir!!
8: What about us Jinki Users, sir?
9: Rear guard! Protect the Disposal Unit and the civilians from enemy fire!
10: ...guess that's the bad part about our higher salaries, isn't it?
11: Escape in all four directions! The meeting point is A-23!!
12(2b): Leave all unnecessary equipment behind! We will form a new plan after regrouping!

1: Report your situation!!
2: The sniping point has crumbled, probably due to an attack from the target!
3: We've lost Kazama-kun's signal! We cannot trace his vitals!!
4: The target's Kensei signals...are off the charts!
5: The maximum value of a Jinki User...times 5000!?
6(2b): Sensors back up! Footage coming in!!
7: What...is that!?
8: Someone's in the center...!!
9: Zoom in on it!
10: Eh...

1: ...Chairwoman?
2: Eh...? No way...?
3: Really?
4: This is a child, isn't it...?
5: Ah...
6: ...Chairwoman...?

1: ...ah
2: Ah
3(2b): Ah ah
4(2b): Ah ah
5: Ahhhhhhhh

1: Chairwoman!?
2: Sayokoooooooooo!!!

1: ...Sawa...ko.
2: Hiee...
3: Chairwoman...!

1: Sayoko...
2: The puzzle pieces have all come together now...

1: ...don't you get it already?
2: I can finally see the whole story now.
3: It's because you are the way you are that I was forced to create F.L.A.G.!
4: Is that you, Sayo...
5: Ohhh, Sayooo...!
6: It was because that single piece was missing that I didn't understand...
7(2b):...don't you get it already? Living a mediocre, normal life like you do is the same as
8: The meaning behind your words...I finally understand.
9: living in disgrace!
10: How...could I forget!? Something so important...
11: Why...I was unable to become a Lost Rebound...
12: We were separated...
13: My precious
14: twin sister!
15: Sayoko...!!

1: No...this is
2(2b): Chairwoman of F.L.A.G., Tokiji Sawako...F.L.A.G...is a hostile existence.
3: This is...not Sayoko.
4: Acting as a representative for my Master...I shall erase its existence.
5: Detecting intervention...

1: Stop, Ende!
2: No more causing trouble!
3: You're going wild now, Ende...
4: So...Neene is going to make you stop.
5: ...rewriting recognition.
6: Acknowledging another enemy existence.

1: Neene...
2: ...Riku!!!

Next: April 30.

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