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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Boku to Issho 28

Is That a Sex Friend?

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 13, 2010 22:30 | Go to Boku to Issho

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tl by molokidan

28 - Is That a Sex Friend?
1: ...well? ...is she still there?

1: Yeah. She's staring straight at us and hasn't blinked once.
2: Uwahhhhhh~
3: Come onnnn! How many days has it been?
4: She only goes home for about 2-3 hours a day!
5: I'm scared! I don't wanna go outside~
6: Over 30 silent phone calls per day.
7: Over 20 amazing hours per day of stalking (rain or shine)
8: And it's all for Itou-kun.
9: Hey, Itou-saaaan...just go home already.
10: Yeah, it may be a little warped, but love is love!
11: Kaaaah! You're loved, Itou-kuuuun~
12: No waaaaay! Hide meeeeee!!
13: But you're just a nuisance...we don't need you.
14: Arrrrgghhhhhh, you said it! You finally said iiiiiit!

1: You're gonna get a cooooold~

1: Alriiiight, just hang in there, lady!
2: Noooooooooo! Stop, stooooop!!
3: Huh??
4: For some reason, she stopped appearing after that day...
5: Anyway, what I'm trying to say is...
6: real men are loved so much that they end up getting stabbed, dammit!

1: Here you go.
2: Gufufufufu! Gufufufufufufufu!
3: Oww, owww!
4: What I mean is...you have to risk your life for love?! Half-assed feelings aren't gonna cuuuut it!!
5: That night...
6: ...hey, Itou-kun...

1: ...hmmm?
2: ...can I ask you something...?
3: Mmm...
4: ...did you do it...with her?
5: ...do what?
6: ...do what...are you really going to make ME say it...?
7: ...yeah, what?
8: Hmph...fine, whatever. It has nothing to do with me anyway.
9: Itokin is Itokin, after all...

1: I did.
2: ...I thought my life would change, but...nothing changed at all..
3: It didn't live up to my expectations at all...it's really no big deal...
4: ...that's enough, right...?
5: Good night...che
sfx: PIKUH
6: ...Suguo.
7: Uwaaaahhhhhhh!
8: Wh-what, brotherrrrr?!
9: Yeah, these lights and bright! Turn 'em offffff~

1: ...were you about to say cherry boy right now?
2: I said nooo suuuuch thiiiiiing~
3: Nooooo, you said it!! You said "Good night che!!"
4: I said good night Suguooooo~
5: You fucking liar, you said che! CHEEEEEEE!!

1: Go to sleep!!!
2: Y-yes ma'am!
3: ...uuuugh...fuckers...
4: ...ahhhh, I can't go back to sleep now that Suguo woke up me up.
5: Oh really?! Well excuse me!!
6: Ssssshh!
7: ...hey, Suguo...
8: ...I wonder what the meaning of life is, huh...?
9: How should I know?!
10: He said che!!

1: Wh...when I start thinking about hard things like that...
2: I...I feel like I'm gonna fart!
3: ...ah, whatever.
4: ...time for bed...
5: ...good night...
6: Che
7: ...Suguo.
9: Wh-what!!? Gyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

1: You guys are so loud!!
2: What were you doing?! I only got 3 hours of sleep, you know!!
3: I can't believe it, old man...that girl just beats up defenseless injured people, without any mercy...
4: It's your fault, Itokin! You were picking a fight with big bro!
5: ...what happened, anwyay? It doesn't seem like he'd do something like that unless you were really getting at him.
6: Keh! It's his fault for ending up the only one of us who is still a virgin!
7: He went into a frenzy the minute I said it! How petty!!
8: Eh? What about Kazu-kun?
9: Kazu banged the guitar girl, remember?!

1: But the guitar girl was a man.
2: In the ass! He's even more advanced!! He doesn't have that virginity either!!
3: Keh!!?
4: Suguo just pisses me off, man! It's like he's always looking down on people, ya know?!
5: Like when he hit that fluke of a home run and got all full of himself! C'mon, old man, don't you think it's time we shoved him outta here?!
6: ...ass...?
7: Wanna have sex with me?

1: Wh-what's wrong?! What happened to you?! Heeeey!!

1: ...what's the meaning of this...
2: Why are you talking about that all of a sudden...?
3: ...please...explain yourself...
4: ....I...am a man with a weakness...
5: ...I came to Tokyo...and met up with a certain shitty pitcher...
6: My strike zone is wide, so no matter where his crappy pitches came from, I could score a home run easily.
7: And so the days went on, as I made our differences in power clearer and clearer, acting the "stronger man."

1: ...however even I had a hole...with the name of...
2: "Woman!"
3: Yesterday, he realized this...and shot off pitches one after another...
4: That good-for-nothing...! Acting so cocky!!
5: Please, I'm begging you! I know you're different than all the other girls, you'll understand me!!
6: Transcend the boundaries of men and women!! And make me a man without any holes!!
7: Alright!!
8: Ohhhhh! I knew you'd understand! This'll make things go faster!!

1: But you're too naive!!! No one would hit that one so early on!!
2: In order to conquer that weakness of yours, all that is needed is practice!!
3: ...that's why...if you'd be doing it with the intents of practice...then...
4: ...would you like to go out with me?
5: H-hey, don't get scared!! It's practice, I said!!
6: The problem is, you hardly know anything about women's hearts! Of course, I'm also equivalent to ignorant as far as love goes!!
7: That's why this will be useful in terms of our mutual growth to becoming more advanced humans! It's the greatest simulation game!!
8: Hmph! You talk big, but you can't even understand other people yourself! Look at you, all scared like that!!
9: I-I'm not scared! I'm a superhuman who has long since transcended the boudnaries of men and women!! I'm a magician of emotional control!

1: Fiiiiiiine, let's do this!! I don't care!!
2: OK, great!!
3: First then, let's try doing a kiss!!
4: Ehhhhh!!?
5: F-for form's sake, for form's sake! We should be able to do this like adults!!

1: Huuuuuuh~ Something's weird heeeere!
2: I think I died or something!!
3: I'm the one who asked her in order for help...
4: But now...all the pain!!

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