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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Dragon Ball 97

The Last Dragonball

+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 13, 2010 10:39 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

1: Son Gokuu, after finally defeating the Red Ribbon Army all by himself, is down to one
last missing Dragonball! However...
2: Yooosh!
3: Where's the last Dragonball?!
4: kachin
5: Huh?
6: kachin kachin
7: That's weird...

1: Okaaaaay!! We're finally here! The Red Ribbon Army Base!!
2: I'm going down!
3: Why do we have to get off at such a removed spot? This is so far away!
4: If we get too close to the base, they'll fire at us! So instead we'll get off here
5: and run in so the enemy doesn't notice us!
6: A-alright, let's go!
7: Time to save Gokuu!

1: Wait! It'll still be too dangerous even if we try sneaking in unprepared like this.
2: We need to make a plan!
3: Everyone!! Do your best and beat 'em all up, alright?!
4: You're going too!!!
5: Ahhhhh, owwwwww!! A-all of a sudden I'm getting this bad stomachache...!!
6: Stop making such baldfaced lies!!
7: When you're really busy you say you need a pig's paw, right?!?!
8: That saying ends with a cat's paw!!!!
9: Arrggghh!
10: This is all because Gokuu went and did something stupid again...!
11: Let's stop putzing around like this and hurry up and go massacre those bastards!!
12: T...this person...is a woman, isn't she...

1: argue argue
2: bicker bicker
3: Maybe Buruma-chan should get naked and distract the soldiers while we...
4: That's not even funny!!
5: How about this...or this...
6: I'll attack from the left, then.
7: Hm?
8: Everyone, get down!! Something's flying toward us!!
9: Ehh!?
10: Waaaaaaaah!!
11: D-dammit!! They're gonna spot the aircraft!!
12: Change it back into a capsule!!
13: Okay!!
14: pih

1: Phew!
2: We weren't spotted, were we...?
3: Hm...?
4: I-isn't that Gokuu?!
5: It is!! It's Gokuu!!
6: Well this is just great...it looks like the Dragon Radar's broken again...
7: I'll have to go back to granps' house and have Buruma fix it again...but I don't really
know the way back...

1: Heeeeeeeey, Gokuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
2: Son-kuuuuuuuuuuun!!
3: Heeeeeeey, down here, Gokuuuuuuuuu!!!
4: Sheesh! So he's still kicking, huh...
5: Hm?
6(bottom right): Heeeeey, Gokuuuuuuu
7: Huh?!
8: Gokuuuuuu! Down heeeere!
9: Huuuuuh?! Everyone!
10: Why are you all heeeeere?!
11: What do you mean, why are we all here?!
12: I guess that's it for our invasion plan!

1: You went in to fight the Red Ribbon Army all by yourself, so we came to help you!
2: Wooow! I can't believe you found that out...
3: Crazy kid hasn't changed a bit!
4: Still, though, you made the right decision in not going in there!
5: Eh?
6: I didn't give up. I went in!
7: Eh?!
8: I beat them all and got 6 Dragonballs!
9: Eh!?
10: Y...you beat them all? You mean the Red Ribbon Army...? By yourself...?
11: Yeah! The leftover ones all ran away!

1: Pu...Puerh! Go check on the base!
2: Y-yes sir!
3: It's truuuuue!!
4: They've all been beateeeen!!
5: Wh...what in the?!
6: He's a monster...
7: N-not even the police could do anything against the Red Ribbon Army...
8: Just one puny kid...?
9: I-I can't believe it...
10: I'm way stronger than before!
11: My grandpa climbed it a long time ago, right? Karin Tower!
12: Whaaaat?!
13: Y-you climbed it?! Karin Tower?
14: Yeah! I met Karin-sama too!
15: And drank some weird water!
16: S...so that's it...that's why you've gotten so much stronger...
17: Wh...what a boy...it even took me three years just to drink that Super Holy Water...

1: What are you talking about?
2: Oh yeah, Buruma!!
3: The Dragon Radar broke again! Fix it, please!
4: Whaaaat? You got a whole 6 Dragonballs already and you still haven't found your
5: I got the Suushinchuu,
6: but I promised this guy Upa that I'd ask Shenlong to resurrect his dad, who was killed
by the Red Ribbon guys!
7: Hoh...
8: You're such a good person, Gokuu-san!
9: Well, either way, we can't fix it here. Let's go back to Kamesennin's house for the time
10: Okay!

1: That kid's getting stronger and stronger!
2: He really is something!
3: He might even be stronger than me now...
4: Ehhhhh?! T-that strong?!
5: He destroyed the Red Ribbon Army all by himself...
6: I really doubt I'd have the stamina to take on that large of a force alone...
7: Ho ho ho...his potential really knows no bounds! I'm sure Gokuu will keep growing
stronger and stronger as time goes on.
8: Hieeehh...
9: So if any of us hope to win in the next Tenkaichi Budoukai...there's no way we'll be
able to stand up to him with the mere training we've done up until now.
10: Exactly.
11: Gaaan!
12: Even though only a little bit ago, we were just about equal...
13: Maybe I'll join him on his search for the last Dragonball and do some training...
14: I-I guess I'll go too, then...

1: This is strange...
2: Not one part of it is broken...
3: But the last Dragonball won't show up!
4: Do you think it could've went flying into space?
5: There's no way it would've flown that far!
6: Until some point, it showed all 7, though.
7: ...which means...
8: That something might have swallowed the Dragonball...

1: Swallowed?! A Dragonball?!
2: That's probably what this means.
3: If a Dragonball's unique electromagnetic waves are surrounded by a living being, then
the radar won't catch it.
4: There's no one stupid enough to swallow something like that!
5: A animal might have swallowed it. Like an alligator or a hippo, by accident!
6: Does that mean there's no way to search for it, then?
7: I suppose. There's nothing we can do but give up!
8: O-oh man...
9: What should I do...
10: But it might come out in something's shit!
11: That's a really gross way to put it...
12: I wonder if it'll come out in one piece...
13: Well this stinks...
14: Right when I finally got 6...

1: If you go to Fortuneteller Baba's palace,
2: She'll surely tell you where that Dragonball is.
3: Fortuneteller Baba's palace?
4: What is that...?
5: Whenever I can't find something, I always get Fortuneteller Baba to divine its
whereabouts for me. She's always on the mark.
6: Really?!
7: Where is that place?!
8: According to this map...umm...mmm...here, here!
9: Looking at some paper won't help me at all!
10: Don't worry, I got it! I'll go with you!

1: You guys wanna come too?
2: No way! I'm sick and tired of this!
3: I'm going home now Yamucha, so give me an aircraft capsule.
4: There's no way I'm going either!
5: Well then, I'm off to go train with Gokuu!
6: Now I'll never be in danger again...
7: Be careful, and do your best!
8: At least, with Gokuu's strength, I'm pretty sure they can get her to do a

Next, #98: Fortuneteller Baba

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