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World Embryo 55

Worldend . Neverend

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 8, 2010 00:04 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 55


tl by molokidan

1: Looks like you're her papa, Ricchan!
2(2b): Pff! Stop that, Shizuru-san!
3: awww...Papa Riku is soooo mean!
4: Pa...
5: Pa?
6: Who's the one who said we should look after her?!
7: Well I dunno, she doesn't seem to like ME very much...
8: Papa...
9: Papa!
10: She spoke already?!
11: It was like...all of a sudden, a beam of light had pierced into my grey world...

1: "It" was the compass that pointed me to that bond, which had faded into my memories.
2: That was all.
3: It was no more than a compass.
4: That's what I believed.
5: But
6: can I really say that's all it was to me?

1: What...I killed was...
2: ...Riku...
3: Hang in there! Wake up!
4: Takao...!

1: Aguhh...
2: Aaaaghh
3: My ears are ringing...brother...
4: Clara...guhh!!
5: Master?!
6: Your Jinki Core...is resonating?!
7: What...did you do?!
8(2b): What...are you trying to do?!
9: Kyaah!
10: That girl...
11: help...

1: Neene wasn't #1
2: in Papa's feelings...!
3: Responding to Coffin Princess Neene...materializing.
4: The embryo...
5: The rising of her emotions is increasing her degree of alignment with the Embryo.
6: Stronger...than I...

1: If this continues, there is a possibility that my access to the Embryo will be denied...
2: Ende...let's hurry.
3: The Embryo's access...
4: My master's final command...
5: Neene.
6: You...lost your Master too, didn't you.
7: Ne...?! Lost...
8(2b): We are the incarnations of our Masters' wishes. We should be the most important thing to them. You not being #1 is the same as you being abandoned by yours.
9: Uu...
10: There is no greater sadness.
11: Uuuu...

1: Therefore...
2: Ne...
3: Hiiee
4: Having been thrown away by your Master, I will not hand it over to you.
5: Ahhh
6(2b): Aaaahhhhhh
7: Aaaaaggggh
8: I will not hand over the Embryo...

1: ....y
2: Yo...u....

1: The Embryo...stopped materializing.

1: The Coffin Princess...Julie.
2: Master...
3: Takao...Ryuusei.
4: Ahhh
5: Kuhhhh
6(2b): If the Embryo's been activated, then she can also wake up.
7: Right...old man?
8: Well...Ende?
9: The three sacred pillars are all here.

1: Julie will continue denying your access.
2: Even if you suppress Neene.
3: The "Embryo" won't fall into the palm of your hand.
4: Ende...
5: Let's hurry.
6: The Embryo...
7: Ende...

1: Ah! Welcome home! Dinner's almost ready.
2: After being a bit dumbfounded
3: Hey, hey, is this enough cabbage?
4: Gyaaah! Half is enough! We can't use all that!
5: S-sorrrry!
6: Oh come on, it's no big deal.
7: You better eat it, then! All of it!
8: Ehh?!
9: I realized this was all a dream.

1: And Neene wasn't there.
2: Neene? What are you talking about?
3: Papa.
4(2b): Neene won't be in a place like this
5: She jumped out before I could finish speaking.

1: Yeah...this is all just a dream with a convenient setting, isn't it?
2: Up until now, I've believed that
3: "Once she grows up enough"
4: "Neene will become Amane-nee."
5: "That" is something I've been avoiding...
6: But...if Neene becomes Amane-nee,
7: Where will Neene's heart disappear to?
8: Please don't let her notice now!

1: Neene...
2: Neene...
3: wanted to become an adult...
4: together with Papa.

1: What...is this...
2: !? What's wrong, Arisugawa...?!
3: This pain...my Jinki Core?!
4: What's...hap...

1: Ne...
2: Neene!!
3: Papa...I'm sorry for being selfish!
4: I won't say that I wanted to be #1 anymore...
5: You've been thrown away by your Master. I won't hand it over to you...
6: Thrown away...
7: Thrown away
8: But...just one thing...one thing...
9: I want to be with you, Papa...
10: I want to become an adult with you!

1: Of course you will!!
2: We'll always, always be together!!
3: There's tons I have to teach you!
4: Did Neene...
5: Autumn and winter...you still don't even know about snow and Christmas yet!!
6: already notice...?
7: We still...haven't celebrated your birthday yet, either!!
8: Maybe she just always knew.
9(2b): As she grew up, did she become able to understand what it meant?
10: So come on...

1: Ne...
2: I'm going to raise her...
3: If I do, then Neene
4: will become Amane-nee!!
5: And then...
2: Someday...
3: That means Neene will disappear...

1: Liar...

1: What the hell...?!
2: None of this makes any sense!
3: C'mon...someone tell me what's happening!
4: This is absolute madness!!

1: C'mon...explain it to me!
2: Brother...!
3: Amane-nee-chan...!!

1: I lost my compass.
2: The gguide to my bond.
3: But...
4: Before I even knew it, that compass
5: had become my precious to me.
6: At a loss, I then noticed
7: I was staring at him with lonely eyes.

1: Seems like there's something he wants to say.
2: I didn't even have enough energy left over to refuse his words.
3: This is the end of the lies.

1: Those bitter, gentle lies enveloping the world...
2: This is the beginning of their end.

Next: July 30.

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