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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

World Embryo 56


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 5, 2010 06:12 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 56


tl by molokidan

1: Where...
2: am I...?
3: I think I was fighting with an enemy...
4: that...black Kanshu...

1: And then...he helped me.
2: Amami Riku!
3: Wait, Riku!
4: Can't you hear me?!
5: You can't go that way!!
6: If you see that, then
7: I...

1: The last word they exchanged was "liar," and now Neene has left Riku's side.
2: That which remains from the battle with the Source of the Infection is--

Chapter 56 - [CAGE SKY]

To our customers
Thank you so much for always choosing us to meet your needs, and we regret to
inform you that we will be shutting down our services. We apologize for any

1(2b): Hey, Clara...sorry, sorry, "Clara-senpai!" I'm on my way...what? Ice cream?
Alright, how many?
2: What?! Twelve?!
3: Why so many? I don't have that much cash!
4: Hey, listen to me...hey!!
5: ...this really brings back memories. (Even now I'm the gofer)
6: Well, I'm here, you jerks!!
7: This place is super far away!!

1: Fuyah!!
2: W-what are you doing?!
3: Here's the ice you ordered, ma'am! Now PAY UP!
4: This is for everyone, why do I have to pay for all of it?!
5: Fine then, you don't get any!
6: What were you staring at, anywa...
7: ...we had no autumn this year...
8: That hot summer seems like it was all a lie now.

1: It's already been three months since they disappeared, huh....

1: Tougo-kun!
2: Hey!
3: Yo! Good work, servant boy!
4: Yaay, ice cream!
5: If you had this many people here, why didn't you send someone out yourselves?
6: Don't be so cold!
7: Then don't ask me to bring ice cream!!
8: ...the number doesn't match up with the people, though.
9: I will eat all the remaining ones~
10(2b): ...I see. Will you pay for all of them, then?
11: Sorry to keep you waiting!
12: Everyone here, then?
13: Only Jinki Users today, Hayato-kun?
14: Yes. Shall we begin the briefing, then?
15: About the future of F.L.A.G.

1: Three months have passed.
2: The Source of the Infection Extermination Plan -- Otherwise known as the
"Battle of Rubble Tower" ended with F.L.A.G. causing huge damages to the city.
3: The government announced it as some kind of terrorist attack, and are still
investigating the details.
4: Obviously the story is full of holes and has a lot of unbelievable parts to it.
But three months have now passed, and no public announcement based on the truth
about the infection or "Kanshu" has been made.

1: ...on the internet, a certain rumor has become commonplace.
2(2b): It talks about certain electric waves that can be sent through a cell phone
and tuned to a certain frequency that allows them to affect human brains and cause
group hallucinations. NEFT denied any connection, but more of the media is
starting to say that we had something to do with the overall maintenance of the
broadcast base on that day.
3(bottom): And other sympathizers on the net have exposed a certain ex-employee
who has become their prime candidate--
face: Karasawa Shirou
4(side): They've somewhat hit the core, but yet are so far away...

1: The government's initial public announcement was one clearly put into
consideration by the owner of NEFT, the Tokiji Group.
2: As Tokiji holds deep ties with the country, they must have wanted to keep the
group as far away from the spearhead as possible.
3: But the country knew about F.L.A.G.'s activities, right?
4: Yes, and they originally had plans to create an Anti-Kanshu defense team within
the Ministry of Defense.
5: A good number of the Disposal Unit members were transferred from there, too.
6: Must mean that F.L.A.G. was only created thanks to the Tokiji Group.
7: The reason NEFT, a cell phone company, was entrusted with counterattacking the
Kanshu was most likely so that they could quickly clip off their tail in the event
of a situation like this...
8: Either way, NEFT has currently been tranquilized due to the situation, and so
F.L.A.G. can do nothing for the time being.

1: I guess the annexed office becoming independent was a blessing in disguise,
2: From this point forward, we will have to handle all anti-Kanshu proceedings on
our own.
3: ...The other Jinki Users from the HQ will help out, but...
4: It's going to be tough to keep doing things like we've always had...
5: If only the Chairwoman was here...and the other top officials...
6: ...we lost far too much in that battle.
7: Sacrifices from the Dispoal Unit...
8: Kanzaki-san...
9: Chairwoman Tokiji...

1: Arisugawa-kun...
2: And...Amami-kun...

1: Do we really need to talk about people who aren't here right now?
2: Basically the people on the top are pulling their hands away and we've lost a
lot of human and material resources, right?
3: It's no use pining for what we don't have.
4: Kazama-kun...
5: You should watch how you phrase your...
6: But we haven't forgotten them, have we?
7: Not a single one.
8: Then I stand firm and insist that they haven't died yet.
9: Beyond the scope of memory.

1: And we've got to stand firm and protect this place, right?
2: So they have somewhere to return.
3: Isn't that what it means to "fight outside the scope of memory," a job without
payment or thanks?
4: Why don't we save being said until the "forgetting" happens?
5: Um...right...?

1: Keh! If you're gonna get embarrassed, then don't act so cool!!
2: That's right! You have to finish it with style!!
3: Owwww!!
4: ...the Chairwoman was not a Jinki User.
5: And if she merely died in an accident, she wouldn't be forgotten.
6: But that's pessimistic. It's not an excuse.
7: That's right.
8(2b): Everyone here has had their lives changed by Kanshu. And there isn't anyone
here who wants to step off while we're still on the road.
9: All we have to do here is stand firm.
10: The battle isn't finished.
11: Kanshu are still being born, and the Source of Infection has not been
12: Unless we unravel their mysteries, we will not win.

1: Allowing ourselves to be danced around anymore like this will only end up
causing more stress.
2: How about we finally get to solving this mystery once and for all?
3: Yeah!

1: Seriously...hurry up and come back, Riku...
2: There's something I have, too, you know.
3: That I want to ascertain with you.

1: One more...!
2: Now, brother!!

1: Yeah! Leave it to...
2: kah
3: It missed?!

1: Looks like they're all cleaned up now!
2(2b): Good work! Satomi-san's group is finished too.
3: Hoo...
4: The controls of the "blades" Sakomizu makes are so different each time!
5: We can't do anything for a while, so take good care of it!
6: Sorry, Clara...
7: Brother?
8: You alright, Joe? It's not like you to miss such an easy target!
9: I don't need you worrying about me, kid!!
10: Owwwww!
11: That's right! You're 10,000 years too early to worry about brother, rookie!

1: Enough with the rookie rookie stuff already!
2: A little more and I'll have been a longer Jinki User than Riku!!
3: Wh...what...
4: Nothing...just can't believe it's already been that long.
5: You really know how to ruin things, you know?!
6: I wonder when these clouds are gonna go away...

1: ...funny that they call it a "CAGE."
2: It really is like a birdcage.
3: The world changed after that day.
4: That CAGE...it covered the entire sky.
5: Only Jinki Users can see that, right?
6: Yes...and only at night.
7: It really pisses me off!
8: As long as that's in the sky, we'll never see a happy ending!
9: Just what's happening to this world...?

1: I've always...wanted to break through.
2: ? The sky?
3: I was just too embarrassed to say it.
4: And the one who desired it was the shell of my former self.
5: That day...I thought something was going to change.
6: But in the end, nothing really changed at all.
7(2b): It's blocking me from seeing something bigger beyond it. That's how I feel.
8: I have a premonition...it's probably exactly what I'm suspecting.

1: Break through.
2: and then grab
3: the truth beyond it!!

1: What are you trying to act so cool for?!
2: Guwahh!
3: You were probably all "I'm going to grab the real truth," weren't you?!
4: Wha?! Don't read my thoughts!!
5: Watch out! Kensei signals...
6(2b): Huge Kensei signals over there...! Where Rubble Tower was!!

1: That?!

1: Wh-what is that...
2: A cocoon...of light?!
3: Guh...
4: The light...disappeared...?!
5: H-hey, someone's there!

1: ...we're...
2: back...

1: Boy...!
2: Arisu-san...?!
3: What in the...
4: Rikuuuuuuu!!!
5: I was too late...
6: What have you been doing until now?!
7: It's been three months!!
8: Answer me, Riku!!

1: Idiot! Lay off him!
2: Stop him, brother!
3: Answer me, dammit! Riku!!
4: I wanna talk to the boy too!
5: Are you alright?! Arisu-san!
6: There's something...I want you all to hear.
7: About what we saw
8: and
9: about the beginning of this war.

Next: August 30.

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