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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 396

Muay Boran


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 396

*Reserved for Keishou-Scans.

tl by molokidan

side: The largely-influential Apachai Past Arc!! Agard leaves the gym, and Apachai is left behind...?!
BATTLE 396 Muay Boran

1: Shut up and pay up!
2: Sssh, don't get involved!!
3: Those are underground muay thai fighters.

1: When Mr. Agard from the Romtyphoon gym was here, this stuff never happened...
2: The underground muay thai world is really getting terrible lately.
3: Hey, I never said you could go.
4: G-gwaaaaaah, a-a tigerrrrr!!
5: No, Apapa, that's not a tiger.

1: That's Meo, your average run-of-the-mill cat, Meo.
2(2b): Meo's just a little big, and since everyone always confuses her, we called her Meo. Whenever we go on walks, though, for some reason the police always show up. It's a pain to run away and shake them off, too.
3: Apa.
4: Apachai!
5: Everyone doing alright?

1: I don't really know what's going on here, but punching someone who doesn't practice muay thai is bad manners.
2: Bastard! You know how strong the Bulai gym is?!
3: Gwaaah, gwaaaaaah!
4: Apa.
5: Uuu, he blocked my ti sok with his little finger!!
6: I-it's gonna eat meeee!
7: Ti sok? Apapa? No waaaay!!
8: Here's a real ti sok trong.
9: Uuu!!

1: Apa?
2: Why didn't you dodge? If you don't dodge, it hurts a lot, you know?
3: Wait, could this guy be Apachai?!
4: He became the super unclassified champion, so he couldn't find any other worthy opponents, and pretty much stopped entering matches...
5: The Grim Reaper of the underground muay thai world, Apachai Hopachai!!?
6: Yes, Apachai is me.

1: It's true that since Apachai can't fight in many tournaments, that the people of the gym can't get any more money, and are in trouble.
2: Would one of you fight with me? It'd help out a lot.
3: Hieee!
4: Gggh...
5: Go away!!
6: B-bastard, don't you underestimate us!!
7: Kyaa, a gun, Apachai!!
8: Ehh?!
9: Yabadabadoooooo!!

1: Want some more?
2: If you do, I'd prefer to do it in the ring.
3: Gwaaaah, no thanks! You'd better not forget this!
4: Kyaa! Apachai! Thanks!
5: No one's dead, Apa? Phew.
6: Mmmm.
7: What's wrong, coach?
8: I've watched the underground muay thai world for many years now, but I feel that this man lives in a completely different dimension.
9: The only one who can stand up to him really is Agard Jum Sai, a fighter from the same gym!!
10: But didn't that guy go somewhere?
11: Mmm, according to the rumors, he went on a journey searching for an even grander martial arts world.

1: Ahh, you're repairing stuff again?
2: Let Apachai help.
3: no, no, you'll just break it more!
4: This gym has really gotten out of shape since Mr. Agard left, though...
5: Sorry, Apa and Meo will cut down on our food portions a little.
6: No, we'll make the cash to pay for your portions!
7: Mr. Agard always said to fill your stomach at every meal.
8: Thanks.
9: Hey, did you hear? The gym was attacked!!
10: Again?! I've heard that powerful gyms have been getting attacked lately!
11: Well, every gym's got some kind of problems with the mafia, you know...
12: Maybe one was sucked up into some kind of dispute?
13: No, it seems that this attack was by a single person...
14: And he killed everyone using only muay thai moves.
15: He killed people with m-muay thai?

1: Apa.
2: This isn't normal Muay Thai...it's classic muay thai!!
3: Muay Boran!!
4: Who is it?
5: Kaka.

1: You've gotten stronger,
2: Apachai.
3: Agard!!

1: But you haven't reached the extremity of your abilities...
2: You're purposefully delaying your training, aren't you?
3: I knew it...if you had continued training at that rate, you would have already become a one-hit killer muay thai fighter.
4: Because you don't know how to hold back.
5: So you're afraid, and purposefully delayed your training, right?
6: Apa...
7: What are you doing, Apachai Hopachai?!
8: Hurry up and perfect your techniques, then rise to the heights of the murdering fist!!

1: I actually came back to settle things with you, but it looks like now isn't yet the time.
2: The underground muay thai fighters of today aren't even strong enough to make me break a sweat, though.
3: Apa!
4: Could the one who's been attacking muay thai gyms be...
5: Neither you nor I can turn back any longer. I'm waiting, so hurry up and come.
6: To where, Apa?
7: to Yami!!
8: Wait, Agard!!
9: Agard...

1: Gyaaaah!!
2: A-are you Agard?! To think you'd invade the underground muay thai headquarters!!
3: What is your goal?!

1: I've heard there are three true masters in the underground muay thai world who do not enter matches...
2: who exist in order to pass down the original murderous muay thai moves, "Muay Boran!!"
3: I want to do fight wit hthose three.
4: Why do you use Muay Boran?
5: This kid's from that Romtyphoon gym...
6: I see, so he's a pupil of the late Sombat...it seems.

1: Now then, youngster, who do you want to be killed by?
2: Come all at once.
3: You're the ones who are gonna die.

1: It's impossible to put out these flames now!
2: Get away! It's gonna collapse!!
3: What's happening to the headquarters...

1: Take care of Meo for me.
2: No problem.
3: What are you going on a journey for? Don't tell me you're going to chase after Agard...
4(2b): I don't know. Except...just like Agard found his own path,
5: Apachai wants to find a different one on his own!

1: So?
2: Are you saying that you found the road to the life-saving fist on your journey?
3: That's right. I met the elder, met Miu, Sakaki, Ba, Akisame, and Shigure...
4: And...
5: I met Kenichi!!
6: That's why Apachi is strong now!!

Next, Issue #41...on sale Sept. 8 (Wednesday)

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