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The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 1

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:53 | Go to The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge

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The Great Hell Castle * Bloody Daruma Sumo Wrestler Table of Contents
* The Great Hell Castle
Chapter 1 - 3
Chapter 2 - 53
Chapter 3 - 99
Chapter 4 - 133

The Legend of Great Sumo Soul
* Bloody Daruma Warrior - 149

The Legend of Great Sumo Soul
* The World's Greatest Headbutt - 181

Essay by the Editor - 214

Super Special Period Art Piece

The Great Hell Castle

1: Uwahh! An enemy assault!
2: What?!
3: Tighten the gate and prepare for war!
4: Ohhhh!

1: Get in your positions, artillery squad!
2: There's no time to armor yourselves!
3: Hurry it up!

1: Uuu! They intend to break through the gate with that?!
2: Fortify the gate with wood!
3: Hurry, hurrryyy!

1: Fire the cannons!
sfx: gagaaan

1: Nuu!
2: Fiiire!

1: Unuuu...fire! Fiiire!
2: Has the gate been reinforced?!
3: Hurry!!

1: Ohhh!
2: It won't hold?!

1: Uoryaahh!
2: Sire!
3: Umu! Unfortunately, there is no other route left for us! At the very least, we can
fight valiantly and die as warriors!

1: Let the women and children in the castle escape through the back gate!
2: Uwahh! The back gate's surrounded too!

1: Sire! Please, you must commit suicide now!
2: I am filled with shame...Shuzen! Please, you must protect my children!

1: This way, sire.
2: Uuu! Dear! Matsuhime!
3: Takemaru! Umemaru! Please, live on for me!
4: And get revenge on Shigemori, who broke our peace treaty! Understand?!
5: Farewell!
6: Shuzen, assist me!
7: Yes, sire!

1: My lord!
2: Ryaah
3: Young master! Hang on to me with all your might!

1: Waah
2: Ununuu...sire...I have shamed you...
3: A-at the very least, Prince Umemaru...y-you must survive!

1: Uuu! W-wear this vassal child's clothes and run away!
2: Now, hurry! You must leave this place! If you are with your older brother you will be
3: You come too, gramps, you too..
4: H-hurry, get out of here!
5: Young master!
6: Please, live on!

1: They are a tad burnt, but their identities should be clear.
2: This is, without a doubt, the head of Yoshikatsu...
3: and his wife, and daughter Matsuhime...
4: And these...are the heads of his legitimate sons, Takemaru and Umemaru...
5: And this is the head of his chief retainer, Taki Shuzen.
6: These remaining heads come from the other members of Yoshikatsu's family.

1: The house of Yoshikatsu has now been demolished down to the very last member...
2: Congratulations...sire!
sfx: Wahahahahahaha
3: Feast your eyes! On the pathetic head of Yoshikatsu, who defied our family and pushed
my father to death!
4: And on the heads of his clan! And on the head of Shuzen, who conspired with the dog!
5: The hateful villains!

1: Yoshikatsu! How do you feel now?!
2: Do you know how much I've suffered because of you?!
3: Father, please, look down upon me now! I have exacted revenge for you!
4: And so, fifteen years passed--

1: Yo, Tahei! You've sure gotten faster at cutting trees down!
2: Yes, thanks to you, dad.

1: What, the fruit of my tenacity?
2: How about taking a rest here?
3: Yes.
4: Listen...when we place down our axes, the mountain becomes quiet.
5: Nature truly is marvelous...
6: Look at the blue sky above those treetops...bright, magnificent, and soft.
7: There are no junctures in that sky...no distinctions...that sky envelops both the
mountains and the sea...

1: It softly envelops evil people, good people, and even tiny insects. The sky is truly
2: But if the sky is angered, it shakes the earth, sends the mountains and seas mad...the
sky is truly a great being...
3: Listen, Tahei...you too must be like the great sky. Carry a wide heart with you, and
become a strong man.
4: A man who never gives in!
5: What's wrong, Tahei?
6: Where are you going?!

1: Mother! Father!
2: Tahei...
3: Dad...
4: Are you asking me to refrain from exacting revenge?!
5: ...Tahei...

1: Revenge...
2: is a FRIGHTENING thing.
3: It is most certainly not a pleasant thing...and even if you complete complete and utter
revenge, you will certainly not enjoy it.
4: Especially if your opponent is the master of a castle...even if you finish your deed,
your heart will have already been taken over by the demon of vengeance. You will become a
cold-blooded man, and your world will end...
5: But they were father's dying words! "Get revenge!"
6: Of course.
7: Everyone is a human, and humans have human emotions, which they display regularly.
8: Your father said that out of his rage.
9: But...then he died, and was deified.
10: A god would not order revenge.

1: And a parent...would never order his beloved son to become a revenging monster....
2: Especially a son like you...the only surviving member of your family...if by chance you
were to die, then your bloodline would truly end. Do you think your father, Lord
Yoshikatsu, would be happy about that...?
3: Of course not! Even as a lowly woodcutter, you should find a wife, bear children, and
live in peace and prosperity! That is your father's true wish!
4: N-no! You're wrong!
5: Father's face was desperate then! He embraced my older brother and I and said those
words! I...I!
6: Fool!
7: Do you still not understand?!
8: D-d-dad!
9: Because of whom am I a cripple?!

1: You must hate people sometimes too, dad! Uwaaah!
2: Taiheeei!

3: I ran him over. That much is true...
4: But because of that incident...
5: What, an ally?
6: Is that Kusaba Ittetsu?
7: He's dead? Fabulous!
8: He always stole the top spearman seat from me!
9: The war's over now! Let's all go home!
10: Yeah!
11: Mumu...m-my own allies...left me to die? Uuu...
12: My consciousness gradually grew hazy...

1: The next morning...miraculously, I was surrounded by morning dew and roused back to
2: Uuumu...how could you leave your ally to die like that?! You bastards! I am going to
have my revenge!
3: I woke up to find...something under my stomach--
4: It was Umemaru.
5: At that moment! I realized the ruthlessness of war.
6: And afterwards...I threw away all my anger, became a woodcutter, and raised this
7: Who grew up to become Tahei...
8: But now, Tahei...always goes on and on about my past errors...always opening up old
9: Always...
10: running from my side...
11: Tahei...

1: Two years later, in the town below Shigemori's castle--
2: Someone catch it!
3: Someone, help my son!
4: W-watch out!

1: Nuuu!

1: Are you hurt?
2: No? That's good. Be careful, now.
3: A...ma...zing...amazing! That man is a cripple, and yet he managed to wrestle with that
4: Thank you so much! Thank you so much!
5: Yayah?!
6: W-wait! Why did you kill my cow?!
7: You shouldn't keep wild cattle.
8: That pack cattle was mine...I'll give you some firewood as well, so take it!
9: T-thank you!
10: I'll just make some more money...to send dad...

1: Wait just a moment, you!
2: What is it...?
3: I, Vassal Funaki Ryuuzaemon of Lord Shigemori's castle has just had the pleasure of
seeing your skill...
4: If you by chance desire to work my master, then I will give you a recommendation.
5: Shigemori...
6: My hated enemy...
7: The sworn enemy of my entire family...Shigemori!
8: How about it? Will you come work for us?
9: I would very much like to!
10: How reassuring to hear!
11: Then you will accept to work with us?!

1: Raise your head!
2: I would like you to demonstrate your strength in front of me now.
3: ...in that case.

1: Please watch...
2: crack
3: These ones, too...

1: Ahh
2: What insolence! That's enough!
3: Did I do something rude?
4: Silence! The look on your eyes made it seem like you were going to attempt to
assassinate our lord just now!
5: What a misunderstanding! In order to execute such a sublime assassination technique, it
is rather necessary to hide and restrain one's facial expressions...my forefathers are
said to have killed men while smiling. Since I am still far from mastering this movie,
however, my face ended up changing.
6: But changing my facial expression because I intend to assassinate our lord?! Just what
could you possibly be imagining?!

1: I simply cut up the falling bamboo...
sfx: Ohh!
sfx: Uuu!
2: Muu!
3: Excellent.
4: How about it? Sire...
5: Muu...well, he is a cripple...so he will be of no use in battle.
6: Yes, but sire...since he still has both legs, it is certain that he will be of some
7: Muu...well, if it is your recommendation...then feel free to give him the proper
stipend for a disabled person.

1: Tahei became a disabled samurai with a stipend of 500 kan (*one kan is a little bit
more than one koku, or an increment equal to the amount of rice necessary to feed a man
for one year) two months later.
2: A war with a longtime enemy of Shigemori's in a neighboring castle had been going on
for several years, but neither side could seem to muster up a victory.
3: The one who rode on Shigemori's prized wooden tank, the Hakaimaru, and destroyed the
castle in a single bound was none other than Tahei himself.
4: But the elder Yahagi Nagamasa remembered seeing Tahei somewhere before, and began to
suspect that he wasn't a surviving child of Yoshikatsu...

sfx: clamor clamor
1: Unu! Even now?!
2: Even now?!
3: This man is a foot soldier...laughed at by the entire staff of the castle, who call him
4: To make up for his weakness in battle, he possesses a wealth of cunning knowledge...
5: Out of spite for being teased, he hides people's sandals and then laughs at the
6: And right now...one of his recent tricks was found out, and he is being punished for
7: No matter how much this man is ridiculed, however, he never lets himself be put at a
8: Isn't that enough?!
9: Nu?!
10: What do you want, newbie?!

1: I'm telling you to stop.
2: What?!
3: How dare you speak to Uwatsuchi like that?!
4: Wanna go?!
5: T-t-t-thank you so much!
6: T-t-thank you so much!
7: E-e-e-everyone! P-p-picks on me because I stutter! But you saved me! T-t-t-thank you!
P-p...please make me your servant!
8: Fine. I'll request you be moved to my brigade.

1: T-t-t-thank you so much! N-now I-I-I won't have to be r-r-ridiculed anymore!
2: Afterwards, Skeleton and his stutter entered the battlefield many times--
3: Once on horseback--
4: Once on Hakaimaru...
5: and once, through his plot and stuttering, killed the elder Yahagai Nagamasa!
6: H-hieeeh! M-m-m-my arrow! My arrooooow!

1: I saw you, Skeleton!
2: You're a villain who killed the elder!
3: I-I-I-I-I was mistaken! M-m-m-mistaken! W-w-w-what should I doooo?!
4: If everyone finds out they'll tear me to pieces and burn me alive...
5: Leave this matter to me.
6: U-u-uu...I'm c-c-counting on you! Please...
7: Alright, alright, that's enough. You don't need to worry.
8: Ufufu...
9: Now I've got one man...who will do whatever I say...fufufu.

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