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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:53 | Go to The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge

-> RTS Page for The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 2


1: Super Special Period Piece


1: The death of Yoshikatsu and his clan at Iwaya Castle was due to the surprise attack of
Akagi Shigemori.
2: However, all Akagi Shigemori did was exact revenge on Yoshikatsu for causing the death of
his father, Shigetaka and HIS clan...

1: However, the only remaining son of Yoshikatsu was protected by a vassal and managed to
2: And that was Umemaru.
3: Umemaru changed his name to Hazama Tahei and found employment under Akagi Shigemori,
4: going on to ride on the prized Akagi tank that severed his right leg as a child.
5: Riding on this wooden tank, he achieved many war victories...
6: earning Shigemori's trust.

1: And so, ten years passed--
2: Tahei is now considered a close member of Shigemori's family.
3: Tahei! Taheiiiii! Tell us a story!
4: Nooo, gimme a piggyback ride!

1: Sakaemaru and Minehime were both Shigemori's children.
2: These children have no idea that this man plans to take revenge against their father, and
innocently beg him to pick them up.
3: Tahei does so naturally...
4: Oh, that's right! I hear you two started archery...
5: At this moment, images of his own grandfather...Taki Shuzen...float into his mind...
6: Waaah, young master! Please, surviiive!
7: And tears suddenly drip down his face...

1: Ahahahaha!
2: Tahei, did those two make you cry?
3: Eh?
4: Yes...looking at the innocence they both possess, it moved me right to tears...
5: Ha ha ha! How adorable!
6: Taheiii! Taheiii! Do the horse! Do the horse!
7: Oh, you want to ride on the horse? Sure thing!

1: Make way! Make way! It's Tahei the horse! Make way!
2: Make way! Make way!
3: Ahhh, my grandfather used to carry me just like this...
4: while my older brother and mother watched...ahh...
5: There were a few men within Shigemori's vassals who were not happy about Tahei's
6: Look...that cripple makes himself cry to gain the Lord's affection.
7: Mmm...indeed, he's one hateful bastard...

1: Although, he carries great authority with him now, so we can't do a thing to him...and
most of the others in the castle--
2: The doubling of our fiefdoms is all thanks to the elder!
3: He's defeated our enemies one by one and allowed us to spread out...
4: It's all thanks to Elder Hazama Tahei!
5: ...they all praise and follow him.
6: Now, children, your Uncle Tahei is a busy man, so that's enough for today.
7: Hahaha...looks like you're no match for those two either, Tahei! Hahaha!
8: Then sounded a laugh of complete trust coming from Shigemori...

sign: Hazama
1: Welcome home.
2: Mu! Call Rokurouta in!
3: Skeleton's real name is Egawa Rokurouta--
4: Yes, sir! W-w-what can I do for you?!
5: Come closer!
6: You murderer! Don't think I've forgotten for one moment that you killed Elder Yahagi!
7: Uuuu...w-w-w-what?! What i-i-i-is this a-a-all of a sudden...
8: Quit your stuttering!

1: And listen closely! If I tell everyone that it was Skeleton the Stutterer who killed
Elder Yahagi, you will be beheaded instantly! You'll die! You'll be killed!
2: I-I-I-I-I unders-s-stand, s-s-sir!
3: Well?! Do you want to die? Do you want to die?!
4: I-I-I don't w-w-want to d-die!
5: I thought so...
6: In that case, there's something I want to tell you...
7: The truth is!

1: Ehhhh?!
2: R-r-reeeeveeeeenge?!
3: That's right! And once the Shigemori clan is killed, I will become ruler of the castle,
and you...
4: will become the chamberlain elder with a fief of 10,000 koku!
5: C-c-c-chamberlain elder?! C-chamberlain!?
6: T-t-this isn't a joke, i-is it?!
7: It's the truth! However!

1: If you EVER leave my side, you'll be reduced to everyone's pincushion once again! And
then you'll burn in crucifixion hell for all of eternity! Understand?!
2: So it's finally winter...
3: Looks like all our fine weather will be buried under the snow now...

1: It is times like these when it is best to depart for the front.
2: Hoh...
3: Where do you say we attack?
4: Hmmm...how about Kandara Sadayuki's castle in the south...?
5: Hmm.
6: According to a spy report, Sadayuki is sick with an illness, but due to the good health
of his 14-year old son, is not a bit afraid of what may happen...
7: In that case, we should finish this by the end of the year...
8: That way, sire, you can enjoy Sadayuki's head with your New Year's cup of sake.
9: Mmmm...
10: Finish it by the end of the year, eh...?
11: So be it! Depart at once!!
12: Yes sir!

1: Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

1: Shigemori's surprise attack happened in Genki 4 (1573)--
2: and Kanbara Castle was burned to the ground--
3: Sire! We have retrieved Sadayuki's head!
4: Ohhh!

1: Let's do it!

1: Uuuu

1: Now!
2: Don't slip up!

1: ...I have a truly regrettable announcement to make...
2: Our lord bravely fought against his enemy! Determined at all costs to cut off the head of
3: And so, despite our pleas for him to stop!
4: Our lord ran into the burning sleeping chamber of Sadayuki!
5: Simultaneously, we ran in after him, attempting to stop him! And at that time, as painful
as the truth is...!

1: Our lord...
2: was pinned beneath the flaming rafters of the room.
3: Ahhh, sire!
4: Siiire!
5: Uuuuu
6: Ehhhhh?!

*tl note: This page is all Buddhist chanting. I think leaving it this way would allow it to
retain the most meaning, instead of forcing it into strange English or simply romanizing
everything. This is the funeral service for Shigemori.

1: Anyone here?!
2: Ohhh, yes! Yes, I'm right here!
3: Ohhh T-Tahei! G-good job finding this place!
4: T-that bastard tied me up here! Please, help me, Tahei!

1(black): Fufu...fu fu...fu fu...
2: T-Tahei!
3: LIsten carefully! My abhorred enemy, Shigemori!
4: Ehh?! Abhorred enemy?!

1: That's right!
2: Shigemoriiii! Remember what happened 32 years ago!
3: I am the second son of Yoshikatsu from Iwaya Castle: Umemaru! I have fought over a long
and arduous thirty years all in order to exact revenge on you as thoroughly as possible!
4: Uwah! The dead U-Umemaru was a double?! Mumu!
5: wahahahaha

1: At first, whenever I saw your face bloodlust gushed out from my soul! Uwaha!
2: But Shigemori! Do you know why I have left you alive?!
3: Because killing you in an instant will not clear up the grudge of my family...
4: Nor will it that of my missing leg!
5: Therefore, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and become the ruler of your castle
after heightening your influence and THEN killing you! Uwahahaha!
6: Now it's all a matter...!

1: of how I choose to finish you off!
2: Uwahahahahaha
3: Ununununununu...Tahei!
4: Now then, Chamberlain Elder! Rip off this maggot's ear and nose!
5: Ch-ch-chamberlain elderrrr?! Uufufu! Ch! Ch-ch-chamberlain elder! Ufu!
6: Unu! The stutterer!
7: Wait, Chamberlain!
8: Slice up his ceremonial robe and stuff it into his mouth! His screams are annoying me!

1: uuufu uuuuufufu
2: Nunununununu
3: gyaaaah
4: Bastard!
5: Cut out his teeth!

1: Uooohhhh
2: Stuff it into his mouth! Cut off his nose! Cut off his ear!
3: Uwaaahhhhh
4: Ugaaahhhhh
5: Uwahahahahaha

1: Now cut off his hands and feet!
2: Ugohhhhhhhhhh guoooohhhh uuuuuuhhhh
3: Now do you understand the horror of revenge, Shigemori?!

1: Rokurouta! Here is ten days' worth of food. Stuff it into his stomach so that he doesn't
2: I'll come back five days later.
3: Pus is coming out from the cut on his right arm?! Fine then, cut it all off!
4: Once you cut it off, stop the bleeding!

1: And put it in some alcohol to sterilize it!
2: Giuuuuhhhhhhh
3: Rokurouta...try to bear your life in a hole for now. Your days as a Chamberlain are near!
4: Y-y-y-yes, sir! This i-isn't any trouble!
5: Now then, I'll be back soon. Make sure he doesn't commit suicide!
6: Meanwhile, in the castle--

1: Midst the gloom and chill from the death of Shigemori...
2: Let's have 10-year old Sakaemaru become the new lord and protect us.
3: ...and so it was decided.
4: Lord Hazama, how does that sound?
5: (grey) And Tahei--
6: Yes, a joyous idea...let us do that at once...
7: (grey) ...agreed.
8: Finally, talks about the successor of the castle were decided...
9: Soon, everyone realized that Rokurouta had not returned after the battle of Kanbara
10: (grey) Regarding that--
11: Oh, you don't need to worry about that. Once news of our lord's passing spreads, enemies
will surely come to attack us from every which way, so I sent that idiot out on a spy
mission right after the battle ended...
12: (grey) Tahei made up an excuse.
13: Everyone praised Tahei further, remarking on what an efficient and skilled elder he

1: I suppose I'll let that bastard's wife O-nui know about the succession now...
2: Hey, why won't you say anything, brother...hey!
3: Why won't you talk to me?! I'm bored! Brother!
4: But, father...
5: Ah, it's Tahei!
6: Oh, you're right!
7: Tahei!
8: Do the horse!

1: Hey, Tahei, why did only father die in the war? Why did he die?
2: Let's not talk about that! Do the horse! Please, Tahei!
3: Hey, Tahei, why are you still alive even though my father is dead? Hey, Tahei! Tahei!
4: I don't want to talk! No more!
5: Hey, hey! Tahei!
6: Heeeeeey! Uwaaaan!

1: Taheiiii
2: Uuuu...young master! Young lady!
3: The battlefield is a place where all humans are capable of dying, no matter who they are!
4: You mustn't cry! You mustn't cry! For I, Tahei, am with you!

1: Now, Hime, ride on me like a horse.
2: Shigemori!!
3: You must be worried about your wife and children, huh...?
4: Yes, I bet, I bet...
5: Becoming head of the castle myself would be a simple thing, but allow me to grant one of
your wishes instead!!

1: I will have your son Sakaemaru become the new ruler!!
2: B-b-but then when will I become Ch-Chamberlain...
3: You'll be Chamberlain from tomorrow!!
4: Happy, Shigemori?!
5: Yes, I bet you are, I bet you are...

1: ...but!!
2: Once you die, I will murder your wife and both your children!!
3: If you love your wife, then live in that pathetic form until you're a hundred, or even
two hundred years old!!

1: Uuuuhahahahahahahaha
2: Look!! You're Chamberlain from today forward.
3: Ohhhhh!
4: Your role hasn't been implemented in the castle yet, so just try to wait until then!!
5: Ohhhhhhh!!
6: And so, three months passed--

1: By now, Shigemori had become even more deformed, and his cheek had become mutilated after
being struck with heated-up blades. His carved-out left eye was now nothing more than an
unsettling black pit...
2: The mud on his nose, ears, and wounds had hardened with his blood and flesh, making for a
hellish smile around his toothless mouth.
3: Uwahaha! You sure have changed, Shigemori!
4: But we've still barely begun...thinking of the grudges of my parents and siblings, along
with all the sadness I've had to endure as a cripple, your suffering alone is still far from
5: Tomorrow I'm going to drag you out to a bright open space where a great number of your
vassals will be able to see you. How does that sound, Shigemori?!
6: However! Don't you go trying to tell them anything! For that will be the end of your
family's lives!
7: The next day--
8: I now present Sir Egawa Rokurouta, who has returned with a captured enemy spy!
9: What?! He's back? But it's been three months!
10: Yes, and he's brought a truly strange being with him...

1: Hmph! What a bizarre man!
2: Rokurouta! Good work! I will reward you amply later, but first make this monster into a
prisoner, and then take him to the execution grounds with Sakabe Touzou!
3: Ohhh, look at this!
4: A vassal, escorting a prisoner himself...he must be a truly despicable villain!
5: Mmm...the prison overseer, Shimeno Sakuza, is it? Good work.
6: Just so you know, I am temporarily placing Egawa Rokurouta in charge of this prisoner!

1: S-Sakuza! Sakuzaaa! Don't you recognize my face?! S-Sakuza...
2: You disgust me...
3: Rokurouta! Have this prisoner start digging along with the others!
4: G-go on already!
5: S-Sakuza!
6: Sakuzaaaaaaaa!
7: Goooooooo!

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