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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 3

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:53 | Go to The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge

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1: Super Special Period Piece


1: A newcomer...
2: Boy does he look bad.
3: T-t-that's it! D-d-d-dig!
4: Ununuuu!
5: Go ahead, say something! And say goodbye to your wife and children!
6: Uuuuuuuu
7: uoooohhhhhh uoooohhhhh oohhhhhhhhhhhh

1: And so...Shigemori's days as a prisoner continued--
2: Tools were attached to his fingerless hands, and he was whipped daily, shedding buckets of blood and sweat--
3: Approximately two years later...a large pit about ten meters deep was finished by the prisoners.
4: The vassals looked up on this pit, and...
5: What's the meaning behind that huge pit the prisoners dug?
6: It was the Elder's idea...rumors say he's going to use them to build a watchtower.
7: Finally...just as the rumors said, the prisoners began carrying in massive boulders...

1: This transporting took another year...
2: And during the job...there were many prisoners who died after falling under their cargo.
3: The stones were lined up on the walls of the pit--
4: filled tightly and securely so as not to leave even a millimeter gap open between them--

1: When an official went in at the end to measure everything,
2: he ended up finding a six millimeter hole at one point!
3: As a punishment to the sixteen prisoners who carried that boulder in...
4: they had their fingers stuffed inside it!
5: Flesh and muscle was ripped, revealing white bone...
6: And others were unable to pull their fingers back out, losing everything.

1: Then, finally...a foundation so secure not even water could spill through it was built. One year later, the massive box was complete.
2: They're probably making a water reservoir for fires, not a watchtower.
3: Yes, it must be the work of Elder Hazama Tahei after all.
4: As the vassals surmised, Tahei finally had water put into the basin.
5: Water was transported to an extrusion on the top of a rock wall--
6: up about fifty meters--

1: from the river beneath.
2: Officials were placed at key locations to keep forcing the prisoners to work.
3: Lazy ones were dragged up to the top and then kicked off...
4: There were also others who went build due to acrophobia and simply fell by themselves.

1: After half a year, the pit was filled with water, completing the amazing water reservoir...
2: Having finished their hard work of four-and-a-half years, even the eyes of all the prisoners were filled with a sense of relief and joy--
3: Because it was the result of all their long suffering...
4: However, that evening! A message came from Tahei, ordering that every last drop of water be scooped out at once!

1: Ehhh?! But it took us half a year to get it all in there, and now you want us to take it out?!
2: Listen up! You're going to pour all the water in there down into the river at the bottom of the cliff!
3: The weaker of the prisoners...died of shock just after hearing those words.
4: Including the extra water from the rainy season, it took half a year for all the water to be moved back.
5: Destroy the stone walls!
6: ...came Tahei's next order, right after all the water had been scooped out!

1: For a short while, the minds of the prisoners became so disturbed that they couldn't even process the meaning of the words.
2: Just what are the vassals and Elder Tahei attempting to do? It makes no sense!
3: Eight prisoners committed suicide, but the walls were still destroyed half a year later...
4: Fill the pit with dirt!
5: ...came Tahei's next order, after which the following immediately happened.
6: Just what are you forcing us to do?!
7: Dig, carry rocks, transport water, and then take it all out and fill the hole up again?!
8: Just what is the point of this?!


Your work time is set at nine hours now, but from this day forward will be increased five hours to a total of twelve each day. Those who finish their work without a day of rest will not only be forgiven of their crimes, but become employed as a thousand-kan samurai and be treated with respect. (*Reference note: 1000 kan is twice the amount Tahei was given when he was first employed by Shigemori).
The Castle Elder Hazama Daizen Tahei
1: What?! A thousand kan?!
2: Those who still had energy remaining worked hard, envisioning freedom and their thousand-kan stipend...
3: But those who could go on no longer die disappointing deaths in the mud.
4: That winter...while shivering in the snow-tipped northern wind, the prisoners finally finished filling the pit.
5: The freshly-placed dirt was still soft, so they added stones and hardened up the ground...

1: After the ground was hardened, the prisoners finally caught their breaths and lowered their hips in exhaustion...
2: Upon where they heard these words--
3: Dig a pit!
4: Dig it, fill it with stone, then fill it with water to make a reservoir! And no resting!
5: Ehhhh?!
6: What did you say?!
7: Unununu!!
8: T-T-Taheiiiiii!
9: Those who do not follow orders will be instantly killed!

1: Prisoners began to lose their senses, left and right...
2: Now, the prisoners...
3: thought only of lunch after waking up...and once eating, waited only for sleep at night...
4: I won't give in!
5: Another four and a half years passed, and the water reservoir was built a second time, and also ordered to be destroyed a second time...

1: We're just being forced to torture ourselves! H-how could such a ridiculous thing exist in this world?! This is work without a scrap of purpose or benefit! We're just suffering meaninglessly over and over again! T-this is absurd!!
2: When one went insane, dozens of people would always follow.
3: No matter how long and arduous the work was, if it bore results in the end, at least the prisoners could look back on their accomplishments and be proud...but they were forced to keep living and working on without even being allowed that much...
4: Uuu! Another half a year, and I'll get 1000 kan!

1: Soon, fifteen years had passed since Shigemori first showed his humiliating body in front of the public--
2: During this time, he always stole glances toward the towers of the castle in case his children might be looking out--
3: At night--he thought about what he would do if a miracle happened and he was suddenly free, and how he would go about exacting revenge on Tahei...even thinking up new methods in his dreams.

1: When he--
2: in the puddles of his own urine--
3: saw his own face...
4: an immeasurable amount...
5: of horror and anger burned his heart, igniting the flame of revenge.
6: Ahhh, but! But! But! But!
7: After fifteen years, he no longer possessed the energy to commit revenge even if he did somehow become free!

1: I-I...I-I am going to die like this, silenced...
2: all for the sake of my wife and children...! Uuuuuuu...
uwaaaaaahhh waaaaaahhhh uoooohhhh ooooggggghhh

1: Long time no see, Shigemori!
2: Fu fu fu! Listen up, you monster!
3: Sakaemaru has turned 17, and Minehime 13.
4: Ohhh, my darlings...
5: Do you want to meet them?! Ohh, yes, I bet you do. Well, I'll let you meet them tomorrow...fu fu...

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