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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 4

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:54 | Go to The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge

-> RTS Page for The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 4


1: Super Special Period Piece

1: Ohh, my darlings!
2: Tahei! What is that grotesque thing looking at us?!
3: That is...one of your father's most hated enemies, an evil man who had a part in your father's death itself!
4: Nununu! T-T-Tahei, you bastard!!

1: Did you hear me? He is responsible for your father's death! A vile man!
2: Brother...he keeps staring at us, it's so disgusting!
3: Mmm...truly a rude maggot!
4: Tahei! Why did you leave such a horrible man alive?! Kill him at once!
5: W-what are you saying, my son?! D-don't you understand that I am your father?!
6: You are 17 now, my lord...use him as a way to practice slaying a man!
7: Alright! Bring him out!!

1: I am your father! I am your FATHERRRR!
2: Oh my! How unclean!!
3: Huh?!
4: You slanderous cretin!
5: Tahei! I will not stain my sword with the likes of him! Have that man down there kill him!
6: Shigemori...without teeth, his words bore no meaning.
7: He frantically continued screaming, to no avail--
8: I'm scared!

1: Rokurouta, what are you standing around for?! Punish him!
2: Y-y-you retard!
3: uwahahahahahaha
4: Father! Listen!
5: I have cleared the grudge of our family line, and made successors to carry our name on!
6: To this day, I have bore ten children from ten women!
7: Ha ha ha ha ha ha

1: Sire!
2: Mu?
3: I-I have been working under you for 25 y-years now...
4: ...but y-you are currently Chamberlain...a-and it has been fifteen years since I was o-originally promised the spot, s-still Shigemori's g-guard, as always...
5: I-is your keeping Shigemori alive i-in that hole...because y-your revenge is still not finished...?
6: Rokurouta! What are you trying to say...?
7: W-w-well, sire...
8: Out with it!
9: I-I would l-like to receive Minehime as my reward.
10: What?!

1: Hmmm...
2: So you want Minehime...
3: Yes, sire!
4: Fine! She is yours, Rokurouta!
5: You did a fine job over this fifteen years, without even a single complaint.
6: If you want Minehime as your reward for that service, then I will announce it to the other vassals, and have your ceremony scheduled for tomorrow!
7: Ohh, I never thought it would actually happen! B-b-but you're really going to allow it, sire?!
8: N-now I'll finally be able to look back o-on all the bastards who once ridiculed me!
9: Th-thank you so m-muuuch!
10: Ohhhhh!

sfx: Nyah!
sfx: ugeh!
1: Y-y-you betrayed meeee!
2: Fool!
3: How dare you forget me saving you from death twenty-five years ago, hiding your crime of murdering an elder, and making you a two-thousand koku samurai...
4: And yet you want another reward on top of all that?! Laughable! Now die!!

1: Retard!!
2: Understand, Shigemori?!
3: If you die, then so will your family. And since your keeper has now died, you must protect yourself! Ahahahaha!

1: N-nuuu, i-if...if only a miracle could happen, if only, if only...
2: If only I could get my reveeeenge....uuuuuu...
3: I-I-I won't die...how could I d-die like this?!
4: I-I won't die! I won't diiiiie!
sign: Yahagi
5: What?!
6: The late lord?!
7: And you're saying Hazama Tahei was also responsible for my father's death?
8: Why would I lie?! I-i-it's the t-t-truth!
9: So Hazama Tahei really was as my father suspected!

1: Go, men!
2: Tell the other vassals of this! Go and rescue our lord from his prison! Gather up the troops and capture Tahei at once!
3: What?!
4: Sire!
5: Sire! Your late father is still alive!!
6: What?!
7: Father?!

1: You insolent fools!
2: How dare you attack your own Chamberlain at night, while he was sleeping?! Just what is the meaning of this outrage?!
3: Silence, traitor!
4: We heard about all your crimes from Egawa Rokurouta!
5: Mu?!
6: Ro-Rokurouta! You...!
7: P-please! His right hand...

1: gabuh
2: uuuu....
3: He cut me with this hand...
4: Ohhh, he's dead!
5: Are you bastards saying you'll believe that servant's words and not mine!
6: Lower your heads!
7: Our lord has arrived!

1: Heeheeheeheeheehee
2: Ohhhh
3: Mother, I'm scared!
4: T-this is my father?!
5: Heeheeheeheeheehee
6: Uuu...Tahei! T-Tahei...h-how shall I get my revenge on you?!
7: Nunuuu...damn you, Shigemori...

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