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The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 6

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:54 | Go to The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge

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tl by molokidan

Bloody Daruma Sumo Warrior

1: Once, three sons of daimyos got together and decided to piss inside a sacred
sumo ring.

1: So as not to offend the descendants of the family that committed this act, the
name of the daimyo will not be revealed.
2: It was bullying, plain and simple. In the past, the prosperity of the sumo
industry was greatly influenced by the power of the daimyos.
3: Therefore, if one sumo group decided to favor a certain daimyo, it would mean
favoring them over another -- and that other would soon retort with some kind of
4: Still, though, an act such as this was quite a rarity.
5: With the first day of their tournament season only 24 hours away, the wrestlers
had no choice but to swallow their anger and glare in silence as their arena was

1: ...when suddenly a single man leapt into the arena!!
2: The Ozeki (second-rank champion) Unryuu pulled that man's arm behind and yanked
him back.
3: What are you doing?!
4: Not a single good thing will come from you baring your fangs at a daimyo! Do
not interfere!!

1: Are you telling me to just stand by and watch in silence as our ring is
2: If you use your strength now, what do you think will happen?! The ring will
become even more dirtied with blood! And it won't just end there!!
3: The reason officials have been constantly pining for sumo bans lately is
because of outrages like this! Right now we should suck our guts in and bear this
out. What will become of us if we're not allowed to practice sumo? Do you have any
idea, Musashino?!
4: Bear it! Bear your anger, Yasuke!
5: Sumo wrestling isn't just your sport alone! It's everyone's!
6: Even a single howling dog is proof enough that these mongrels do not possess
the proper gratitude toward their masters! You imbeciles are no more than fighting
cocks to us! Do not forget your place!
7: You should bow down and lick the urine stains on this ring while shedding tears
of joy!

1: Nuuuuuu!
2: I'm a second-ranked Maegashira! (*Maegashira are top tier of sumo ranked from
1st to 17th rank, and are second only to the champions)
3: In that case, shall I make you fourth-rank?
4: Yasuke!
5: Musashino!!
6: I'd like to see you try!

1: Ahhhhhh!

1: Look what you've done!
2: How many times have I told you?!
3: You fool!
4: Now you've gone and made the son of a samurai a cripple, of all things!
5: Save your blabbering until he's a corpse, then you can tell him all you want.
6: Please! Please, do whatever you will, just don't kill him!
7: I will do anything I can to make up for this offense! Just please!
8: Move it. It doesn't matter what you say, I cannot leave here without taking
that little shit's life!

1: Outta the way!
2: Father!
3: How dare you?!
4: Takezou!!
5: Please, my husband's life should be enough to make up for our sin! But this
child, please, you should not have to kill this child! Please forgive him!
6: I shall not!
7: Now move!

1: He was thirteen years old then.
2: All his four siblings could do was cry and cry.
3: The last thing his father said before his breathed his last was "Don't use your
strength," and nothing more.
4: Taking his siblings with him, he ran away from his homeland of Shinshuu and
became a lumber dealer in Edo two years later.

1: Due to the cold treatment his siblings experienced from his boss there,
however, he was forced to move to a tiny hunt under a bridge, where he worked day
and night to feed his family.
2: The man who eventually came to shower mercy on them was Musashikawa Daijirou
the 5th.
3: Moriyama Takezou, at the young age of seventeen, shed tears of joy and clung to
his new boss.
4: In order to fulfill the immeasurable debt he felt he owed his parents and
siblings, Takezou begged for his new master to mold him into a strong sumo
5: Surely, his father would not get angry if Takezou was using his strength in the
sumo world.
6: He continued his training fervently,
7: turning into a god of war turning his matches.

1: It was said that whenever he began a match, the atmosphere within the entire
dojo turned blood red.
2: Moooore!
3: We're not finished yeeet!
4(2b): Enough already! This must be stopped! You aren't treating this as mere
training anymore!
5: Afraid of getting thrown, are you?!
6: What'd you say?!

1: You call that a throw?!

1: I won! I won! I won! I wooooooon!
2: I won against an Ozekiiiiii!

1: Nuooooooh!

1: Takezou made great progress in his training, eventually taking the stage name
of Tanbagawa Yasuke and rising to become a Jonokuchi (the lowest rank of
professional sumo wrestlers).
2: In Kouka 5 (1848), he changed his name to Takeshinokawa Yasuke after being a
Sandanme (the fourth highest rank).
3: In Kaei 3 (1851), he became a makushita (third highest) and in Kaei 6 (1854)
became a Juuryou (second highest) with an undefeated record.
4: When he was sumo wrestling, his appearance could only be described as that of a
mad god or a pure demon.
5: When he was not wrestling, however, he was as gentle and soft as jelly...
6: Taking his siblings out always put him in a good mood.
7: Yaaaay, yay! Let's buy some of those!

1: He really knew how to treat his little brothers and sisters, as shown in the
fine way he treated his lower-ranked fellows.
2: Watching him in the ring, it was hard for anyone to believe he was skilled at
honoring his senior apprentices and masters...
3(small): Placing out a warmed-up pair of zouri during the winter.
4: He was also so devoted to his parents that he would end up balling his eyes out
each time he went back to home to visit their graves...
5(crying noise): yoh yoh yoh yoh yoh...
6: The minute a competition began, however, he seemed to lose all common sense.
7: The most problematic aspect was that he was entirely serious about his violent

1: However, once when he was going up against the East Maegashira (the strongest
of the maegashira in one of the ranks from 1-17, the next strongest being
designated "West") he got caught up in a last-minute reversal and suffered his
first loss.
2: I'm not finished yet!
3: The spectators shouted out in perplexed wonder at what was happening.
4(shouts): What the?!
5: He lost, why is he getting back up? What's going on here??
6: Kukuhhh!
7: What are you doing?!

2: Ugihh
3: It was more like karate than wrestling.
4: In the end, four of the East Maegashira's ribs ending up splintering within his

1: Yooooohhhhh
2: Haaahhh
3: Uoooohhhhh
4: Doooooosukoiiii!!
5: Before they knew it, the spectators were gripping their sweaty hands in
6: and rejoicing over this unusual sumo wrestler's victory.
7: Attaboy, Takeshinokawaaaaaaaa!

1: The sumo officials watching were too shocked to be angry at first,
2: but were soon roused into an uproar.
3: Once they were back in the stable, they began to scold him in great numbers.
5(2b): Just what kind of an arena do you think that is out there?! Sumo matches
are decided by single attacks! This is an honest competition, where if you lose
once, it's the same as being killed! How could a dead person keep fighting?!
6: Did you hit your head too hard and think you were still in the training ring or
7: How dare you soil our sacred ring, you insolent fool?!
8: You have no right to keep practicing the art of sumo! Go and rot with all that
useless fat of yours!!
9: What did you say?!

1: Say that again to my face, why don't you?!
2: Brother!
3: Ah...
4: Hm?
5: We'd rather have you just lose fair and square, you know. Getting back up after
you're beaten isn't what a real man would do.
6: Mmm...
7: He's right.
8: Kuku...
9: So it was wrong of me after all?!
10: I know it must be painful to lose, but...
11: Kuhhh...
12: Your little brother has to teach you about the rules of the ring?!
13: Just how retarded are you?!

1: Would you mind leaving me alone for a bit...
2: Sir!
3: Huh?
4: Our boss is really getting chewed out by everyone...
5(small): What?
6: Uaaaaaaaahhhhh

1: Please, accept this and forgive him. If you take sumo from that man, he'll have
nothing left. Please let him continue wrestling.
2: He and I will taken care of the injured wrestler for the rest of our lives, so
3(scream): He ripped out his ribs!
4: Booosssssss!

1: Matches are one-time things...
2: alright...?
3: Yessss, I understand! I understand! I understand!
4: I completely understand!
5: Uaaaaahhh
6: Would you stop crying and take me to a doctor already?
7: He had never thought of the ring as such a sacred place like everyone else, but
this event changed Takezou.
8: After finally understanding the heart of his master, who had led him into sumo
and beaten Takezou into a fine sumo wrestler, the arena ceased to be a mere ring
of dirt and straw.

1: It was now a place painted deep with the heart of his master--
2: After that day, Takezou always woke up earlier than everyone and cleaned the
ring in the morning.
3: Whether it was a ring in Edo, a ring in Osaka, a training ring, it didn't
4: So to see someone piss on that ring!
5: No matter the reason, Takezou was incapable of forgiving such a deed.

1: You scum!
2: I'm going to rip you all limb from limb!

1: After killing eleven daimyo samurai, the man now known as Yasuke fell back onto
a pillar in the arena he had at last changed his name to Musashino within, and
soon died.

1: Since this incident originally arose from a problem between daimyos, it was
handled behind closed doors and not revealed to the public.
2: Feeling that if only he had kept Yasuke from going out that day, then the whole
affair could have been avoided, his master lived the rest of his days in sorrow
and reflection.
3: Kasugano the 3rd, a surviving member of Yasuke's boss's family, erected a
monument for Yasuke in his hometown Iiyama, in the beginning of the Showa Era.
4: It reads:
In the eleventh month of Ansei 6 (1859),
Musashino Yasuke
passed on fulfilling his duties
at the age of 36,
as a sekitori-- (a top-ranked sumo)


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