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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge 7

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 5, 2010 22:55 | Go to The Perpetual Cycle of Revenge

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tl by molokidan

The World's Greatest Headbutter

1: Whether it truly was his god-given disposition or not, the man possessed the
optimal head for "headbutting"--
2: Hmmm...
3: So you want to quit your Buddhist training and enter the world of sumo
wrestling...just what could be your cause for such a radical change of goals...?
4: During my days deeply invested in Buddhist prayer, working hard to live the
life of an enlightened one, begging, and studying...engaged in so-called spiritual
growth...I have found it all to be rather trite and pointless. Not to mention that
it is naturally acknowledged among many of my peers that men of the cloth are
mostly liars.
5: And so, being that I am a human who has been granted life just like all others,
I desire to live this life to the fullest, no longer doting over the intricacies
of good and evil, and it is thus why I request to participate in your sport.

1: So, anyway...during my last provincial tour, I happened to stay a temple and
met this one man...
2: Well? And? Does he have potential?
3: Yes, about that...
4: He hasn't improved a bit!
5(2b): Oh boy...so you're saying you just picked up some more dead weight you're
going to have to pay for...?

1: Don't you think it'd be better if you went back to your temple, Mr. Priest?
2: Even on a tiny pebble, one must patiently sit for three years...
3: There he goes with the sermon again...
4: Even if you're doing nothing but sitting on that rock for three years, if you
manage to do it, they say Heaven will give you its providence...kuhahaha!
5: And so, three years passed...
6: You know...I really think you'd better give up sumo once and for all...
7: I know I have not gotten the least bit stronger in the past three years here.
8: However, I have learned a vast amount, and my body has become far more

1: The path as a sumo warrior I will take will be in that of "headbutting."
2: I have realized that this is my only choice.
3: Huh?
4: Then...
5: Yes, I will not give up. From tomorrow on, I will be charging forward with this
and nothing more...

1: Please let me ring this bell starting from tomorrow.

1: It seems like you've gotten a bit taller recently...
2: Yes, I have.
3: Yes...it's surprising, that's for sure, but it eludes me as to why in the world
you would do such a thing..
4: Everything in life can be simplified down to a sort of competition.
5: If I resort to crafty tactics in battle, then my enemy will eventually be
forced to do the same, only complicating and dragging out the matter...battles are
things to be won in single strikes...that is why I am doing this...
6: Hmmmmm.
7: Sounds like that guy knows what he's talking about...

A: "Yes, odd jobs is fine with me. I would love nothing more than to be your
handyman, as I owe you so much already. Thank you."
B: "Doing jobs like this for hours on end isn't going to help you get any better,
though...maybe you should seriously think about choosing a different path..."
A: "Yes, sir..."
B: "I mean, even if you still may want to be a sumo wrestler, you've barely shown
your face around the training ring as of late..."
2: "No...you see, I have a belief that battle should be won in a single
strike...you can either win or you can lose, after all. If there is only one
option, then all tricks and strategies should be done away with..."
3: Are you saying you have some way of winning, then?
4: Yes...it has taken me three years, but I have finally discovered it, sir...
5: Oooh.
6: How about it, boss?

1: Make me a banzuke for the spring tournament. (*A banzuke is a sumo who will be
either demoted or promoted during their results in a scheduled period of time) You
can make me a Kanban Ozeki or a Misemono Ozeki, it doesn't matter...(*strange or
unusual sumo wrestlers only brought in to draw crowds)
2: Huh?
3: W-what?
4: Please watch.

1: Did you catch that...?
2: You knocked down a pine tree! But your enemy isn't going to be standing still
like that!!
3: Of course, this single attack is a finishing move. Until I use it I will have
to first activate all my mental energies and empty out the enemy's soul. For
emptiness equals opening, and that is when I will strike!
4: This is what I have been training myself in over these past three years, sir...
5: Muuuu...

1: After he was given approval, the headbutter was soon registered for the first
round of a tournament in Meiwa 8 (1771).
2: One after another,
3: he headbutted his opponents right out of the ring.
4: Nuuu!
5: Through flexing and glaring at his opponents, it seemed that he could cause
them to lose their wits for a moment.
6: Or so said all the sumo wrestlers who lost to him...

1: Enough with that stupid pose!
2: said one sumo wrestler, only to get his ribs knocked straight through his back
in the end.
3: What kind of a sumo wrestler is that?!
4: I think his name is Oninenyama (*Demonic Prayer Mountain)
5: Haaaah, boy he is something!
6: Haha...if only they knew what happens when I really get angry -- the bodies of
men are like leaves to me!
7: I'm just holding myself back.

1: Those who stood up bravely to knock the conceited newbie back into his place
2: all fell like flies.
3: As soon as he made contact with his opponent, Oninenyama's head would dig deep
into their chest, breaking the ribs of those without much fat...
4: Those who had more padding would simply end up flying out of the ring...

1: At a tournament in Osaka during the next decade, he finally burst right through
an opponent's body, killing the man on the spot.
2: Yeah right...that can't be possible...say what you want, believing this
nonfiction story is up to you, readers.
3: But the author of this tale will by no means deny its factuality.
4: Watching the violent spectacle, some audience members paled in shock, while
other shook with excitement...
5: Headbutting over and over like some moron is not true sumo wrestling! He should
not be allowed to use any techniques other than traditional sumo moves!
6: No! He is a fine sumo wrestler! His victories are legal!
7: He's absolutely insane! He can never be allowed to become an Oozeki!
8: Oninenyama's reputation among the Sumo federation was extremely bad.
9: When voices asking for his resignation began to grow louder, he said:

1: The sumo wrestling of my seniors is full of trickery and cowardly tactics,
where they feel like they have to complicate things in order to get recognized.
2: To put it plainly, they're exactly like children playing around pretending to
be sumo wrestlers, except they happen to be a bit hairier...
3: Wha!
4: What'd you say?!
5: Now, now, now...
6: If the world of sumo wrestling is truly nothing more than a place for children
to play, then I am no longer attracted to it. Please allow me to step down, boss.
7: Y-Yama-san.
8: There's no reason to decide things so quickly. You should calm down, take your
time, and think this over.
9: Oh really?
10: And so, he decided to immerse himself in women...

1: Day and night, he was adamant about keeping the smaller of his heads constantly
submerged in female juices, never taking a break.
2: And the public went mad!
3: What's going on here!? Bring out Oninenyamaaaaa! Why isn't he out here?!
4: He was good for entertainment purposes, but the sumo federation feared his
violent tendencies would ruin the sport. So they brought out Onimenyama instead.
5: And just when Onimenyama Tanigorou's popularity reached its heights,
6: the people had already forgotten about Oninenyama.

1: Haven't you had enough already? Constantly going at it like this day and night
is going to kill me!
2: It's really annoying, you know that...
3: flinch!
4: Whose the one who was complaining about having a light orgasm when I came too
5: That was then, and this is now! I'm sick and tired of it!
6: Keep your wantonness in check.
7: Wantonness?! I've been working hard and night, hoping and praying that you'll
rise back up to become a famous sumo wrestler again!
8: But you don't even go to look for a new job, you just sit around here all day!
I've had it!
9: Oh really...so this was out of self-interest, huh?
10: I suppose then, that the bit about you needing nothing else as long as you had
true love was all a lie too?
11: Hah. You actually believed all that for so long?

1: Hmmm...I guess love between a man and a woman truly is made-up garbage after
2: If you're going to talk to yourself, then would you mind waiting until I leave?
3: I found a nice young man in Ogawamachi.
4: Before you leave, lemme give you something.
5: Oh? And what would that be?
6: This!
7: Gyaaaaaaahhhh
8: Now I'm leaving. Go live the rest of your life with that young man of yours and
bear his child out of that huge hole!

1: He's still in! He's still in! That's it, hang in there! He's still in!
2: That summer, Oninenyama accompanied his stable to Saga.
3: Local men who had pride in their strength even came to join in, and the sumo
matches were intense.
4: That was my win just now! He put his leg out before I did!
5: No, that was clearly...
6: Silence!

1: You, a samurai, has come here rather to test his own strength instead of trying
to defeat we professionals, who do this as a living...it is a laudable thing...but
even so, it will earn you no merits to go against the judge.
2: What?!
3: Are you ridiculing a samurai?!
4: Hardly. I was just explaining the truth. To bow one's head in modesty is what
it means to be a true warrior.
5: Bastard!
6: Unsheathed your metal toy, have you...?
7: Bastaaard!

1: Repent!
2: In the next instant, his headbutt connected.

1: How was I possibly at fault? All I did was honestly speak the truth to him, and
if I had not killed him there, then I would have been killed instead.
2: Or would you all rather I have humored him and patronized him like one would a
child? That seems the ruder option to me.
3: In that case, it will only be a matter of time before Saga's barbaric customs
are mocked as archaic and obsolete by the people...
4: The official left...
5: It was suspected that this was most likely due to the fact that the dead
samurai was already considered dissolute by his peers...
6: Even peasants from the same area cheered over the death of the samurai.
7: Wow! So that's the sumo wrestler Oninenyama, huh?!
8: However, samurai from Saga, no matter how slight a matter it may be by which
their pride is soiled, cannot go without cutting down their enemies--
9: And so the father of the dead samurai visited the sumo wrestlers' lodging and
brought a document with him.

1: Despite this all coming about due to my stupid son's foolish actions, I cannot
let it go.
2: Therefore, I would like to challenge you to a due at the time and place written
in that document.
3: Yohhh! Yohhhh! Did you hear?! Old man Takamatsu Yazaemon is going to fight with
Oninenyama! Ehhh?!
4: The rumor spread around the town below Saga Castle.
5: Sir Takamatsu is a master of bare-handed fighting...when he was young, he once
punched through the forehead of a cow...
6: I see...he may be old, but the fact that he is challenging me nonetheless is
rather exciting.

1: There was a bamboo enclosure set around the area so no other people would be
able to run in.
2: Once the scheduled time came, however, the old man still had yet to show
3: There he is!!

1: This is what it means to fight with a samurai! Let's goooo!

1: Surprised! Yes, he was certainly surprised!
2: But it was indeed his perfect image of a battle!
3: Fighting under the same conditions was not a true battle to Oninenyama -- it
was pitting one's own specialty up against another's!
4: For the first time in a long while, his blood boiled, his flesh danced, and he
kicked off the earth like a beast!!

1: And then charged into the horse's side!

1: Nuooohhh

1: Hieehhhhhhh
2; Dokah

1: He truly was the world's greatest headbutter. He used no tricks or strategies,
and decided his battles with single strikes. This man's name was not recorded in
sumo history, but let us say that his life ended just how the man would have
wanted it to.

* Hell Castle is a remake of "Revenge: Piled Up Only to Fall," published in 1961. The original manuscript was destroyed and lost, so it had to be completely redrawn.
* The war scenes were inspired by Ben-Hur.
* The series was originally scheduled to only be 100 pages, but was elongated once the author began writing and realized 100 pages wouldn't be enough. This is why the later chapters are shorter and the ending is abrupt, since he was rushed to finish it as quickly as possible.

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