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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

World Embryo 57

Hatsumi Island [1]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 7, 2010 23:16 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

1: The beginning...of this war?
2: ...yeah...we saw it.
3: Why they were born.
4: The Kanshu.
5: Ende.
6: The source of the infection...

1: This is...
2: If I remember...Neene jumpd out...
3: We finished off Karasawa...and then...
4: And then...what happened?!
5: To Takao? Arisugawa? Neene?!

1: Where am I?!
2: ...I feel like...I'll understand if I keep moving.
3: The answer is over there.
4: The answer...

1: Hey, can you hear us?! "Ryuu-chan!"
2: Just to let you know, this is self-defense! You started this
3: So don't go blabbin' to your mommy, okay, "Ryuu-chan?!"
4: ...man, that's horrible. Three middle schoolers, is it? How
5(2b): Yeah, and it doesn't look like anyone's coming for him.
Well, good luck, kid. We're cheering for you in our hearts.
6: Huh? You still wanna go?
7: Give it up already! We're going easy on you, so don't push it!
8: T...this is all because...you guys...are spreading rumors...!
9: Huh?! It's the truth! You know what your mother is!!

1: Everyone knows it! It's disgusting!
2: If that was my mom, I'd wanna kill myself!
3(2b): Wanna do his face? Maybe we'd better not.
4: Let's do his stomach to make sure he doesn't mess with us
5: Ghiihh?!
6: Ghiiiiiiihhh!!?
7: Come on now, that's not fair.
8: I'm not talking about this being 3 vs 1, or you being older
than him.
9: But attacks shouldn't be aimed at anyone other than your
target...and if they are,

1: you shouldn't complain no matter what happens to you as a
2: L-let's go, this guy is creepy!
3: Y-yeah!
4: Don't go gettin' cocky, Ryuusei!!
5: You alright?
6: ...I'm fine.
7: I can stand on my own...
8: Hey, you! How do you get to the town hall?
9: The person who was supposed to come pick me up bailed, can you
guide me there?
10: ...you shouldn't get involved with me...

1: Sorry, but I just got here, so no matter what anyone thinks, I
can just say I "didn't know."
2: I'm Karasawa Shirou!
3: ...Takao Ryuusei.
4: I can feel it...these are Karasawa's memories!
5: And this is...what Arisugawa was searching for...what was
6: Before it disappeared--

1: --Hatsumi Island!!--

Chapter 57 - Hatsumi Island [1]

2: Great work!
3: I am Karasawa from "Eidenki Communications," fresh from the
4(2b): I am here to oversee the inspection and preservation of
the radio tower facilities! I'm looking forward to working with
you all!

1: Ohhh, you sure have a lot of energy.
2: And you're so young!
3: We're looking forward to working with you too!
4: It's a young maaan <3
5: Nice to meet you.
6: Sorry you got lost at the ferry port.
7: Since cell phones can't be used here, there's really no
helping it.
8: Good job making it here for your first time!
9: Haha, well I did find a guide.

1: I've been really excited to come here, you know!
2(2b): The ocean is beautiful, and the town streets really have
character! And the best part is that there aren't any tacky
3: And all the villagers here are so nice!
4: Ahh! Hellooo! <3
5: ...huh?
6: ...Let's take a shortcut.

1: This is...
2: What you said just now...about the resort...there was actually
a plan to build one...
3: By the Tokiji Group...
4: A huge company from the mainland came charging in here
planning to buy up all the land.
5: What?! That's crazy!
6: ...it was a long time ago. As you can see now, all the plans
fell through because of some things...
7: Some things?
8: ...some...things.
9: ...someone's there.
10: What if it's a ghost?!
11: H-hey!
12: Kya...

1: Umm...
2: A fox...
3: er..
4: mask...?
5: "Mitama!"
6: What are yu doing here? I'll get in trouble!
7: R...Ryuu-kun?
8(2b): Ahh, dammit, now I went and talked to you! And in a place
like this! This has got to stay a secret!
9: ...yes, a secret...
10: But...it's truly been a while...since we've spoken...
11: Ohhhh?! What's this feeling?
12: Probably not what you're imagining.
13: ...are you here alone?

1: No...sensei said we should go out to get some air...
2(2b): Ootori-saaaan! So this is where you are. You disappeared
all of a sudden, I was worried...

1: That scar...
2: Tokiji...
3: Sawako?
4: O-Ootori-san, this person is...
5: Takao-kun?! What are those bruises from?!
6: No..it isn't...
7: Were you...bullied again?
8: "No"...
9: Liar! Come to the school, I'll fix you up.
10: I'm fine...
11: ...I'm sorry...Ryuu-kun...
12: It's my fault...
13(2b): No it isn't, stupid! It's got nothing to do with you!
This is just between me and them!
14: ...Takao-kun...then I guess I don't have to worry...
15(2b): But don't...squeeze it all in on your own. Promise sensei

1: And...this person is?
2: A guy who works for a communications company on the mainland.
I'm his guide...
3: O-oh really? I'm Mishima Sayoko, a branch school handicapped
4: Welcome to Hatsumi Island...
5: I've fallen in love at first sight.
6: Please marry me!
7: H-huh?! U-um...
8: Karasawa Shirou! Your husband is now Karasawa Shirou.
9: I-is this some kind of joke?! Grabbing a woman with a face
like mine...
10: What's the problem? It has no effect on our love.
11: E-enough already!!!

1: What is this guy...?
2: Don't tell me he's gonna drool over her the entire time?!
3: H...hmm, this has to be something important!
4: The puzzle pieces are gradually coming together.
5: Karasawa...
6: Takao...
7: Sayoko...a woman who looks exactly like the Chairwoman...
8: And...that fox mask...
9: What are you trying to show me...?
10: Karasawa...
11: In this village we have a chief.

1: There are two old families who have controlled this island
since long ago: the Takao family in the east, and the Ootori
family in the west, split up by the branch school.
2: Right now, these two families detest each other...and the
village has been split in two.
3(2b): The festival is coming soon, too...you never know when
they're going to collide. Please be careful.
4: Tomorrow, I'll have to go introduce yourself to both families,
so try not to do anything careless.
5: ...yes, sir.
6: Um...have we pledged ourselves to either side?
7(2b): Yes, if I had to say, we'd be on the Ootori side...since
the radio tower facilities and the wind power station are next to
their area. Officially, however, the town hall has to act like a
sort of mediary, though...
8: That's why it's a better idea not to get too intimate with
either entity, okay?

1: Or with Ryuusei-kun.
2: ..."we're always watching you"...huh?
3: I will...imprint it in my heart.
4: What's this oppressive feeling?
5: I see...
6: Ryuusei-kun...
7: He belongs to the Takao house.

1: So you lost to some Ootoris and ran home...how shameful.
2: Just how much mud will you sling on our family name before
you're satisfied...?
3: It was me versus 3 middle-schoolers...so...
4: Stop acting spoiled!!
5: You are all unaggressive, and so the balance of the village
manages to remain.
6(2b): But since you deal with "power," you must become strong
yourself. Stronger than anyone...
7: ...it's dinner time. Bring it in.
8: ...yes...Master...

1: Julie!
2: Ryuu-chan?
3-4: Ryuu-chan!
5: S-stop it, I'm gonna spill!!

1: You're...hurt...
2: Who...did this?
3: Whoever it was...Julie will ki
4: Stop!!
5(3b): You can't do that! You can't!! If you do, then I'll never
come back again! Never!! Got it?!
6: Fueh...ehh
7: I'm sorry
8: I'm sorrryyy
9: Fueeehhh

1: --I've snuck into Hatsumi Island.
2: just like the reports said, the air is tense here.
3: I'm going to have to be very careful with my actions.
4: And for now, I wait
5: for further instructions whoever acts as my superior here.
6: beep

1: If this is the meeting spot...
2: ...they're here.
3: One on the left, and two down the hall...why don't they come
4: Are they testing me...?
5: Fine!

1: Kyaaa!!
2: S-Sayoko-sensei?!
3: Why are you here...
4: Kyaa...behind you!!
5: Nah...there's no more need for any of that.
6: Eh...

1: Ugggh...
2: Okay! Don't move now, any of you.
3: W...what are you doing?!
4: Sayoko-sensei...you gripped my hand this afternoon, didn't
5: When I take someone's hand, you know...I can pretty much tell
what kind of person they are.
6: These...
7: aren't the gentle hands of a teacher...

1: ...sorry for testing you.
2: That's enough.
3: Your split-second judgments are really something. As expected
from the Tokiji Group's RMC (Ruck Military Company).
4: You were just a little too naive, that's all.
5: It's a pleasure to meet you for real, Karasawa Shirou.
6: I am your new area commander, Tokiji Sayoko.

1: Tokiji Sayoko...
2: Tokiji...
3: So you ARE a direct descendant.
4: ...so you've met my older sister...
5(2b): Older sister...? (I get it now). Sawako-san helped me out
a little right when I joined the company...but that was it.
6: Now then...will you be so kind as to tell me my mission?
7: Who's involved, the details of the plan, how the chain of
command works, all the secrets I need to know until we go into
8: This is a direct command from the upper echelons of the Tokiji
house, correct?
9: What's on this island?
10: What is the Tokiji family working on in the shadows...

1: There is a hidden treasure on this island that exceeds human
2: We're planning to steal it without anyone noticing.
3: That is the plan.
4: It's not an overexaggeration...just people who live in the
shadows doing bad things in the shadows...
5: Just like you...and I...therefore,
6: will you help us?

1: Help this master thief out with another little trick.
2: ...this is a chance.
3: I can get very close to the core of Tokiji with a single bound
4: ...but more importantly

1: boy do you make my heart pitter-patter!
2: Tokiji Sayoko!
3: Now the puzzle pieces have started to gain meaning.
4: I'll just have to keep watching Karasawa's memory like this.
5: Believing that there will be an "answer" to this mystery at
the end.

Next: Sept. 30

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#1. by flarezard ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2010
Thank you so much!!

About the teacher's name, I think 佐夜子 should be read "Sayoko", not "Sayako" (like how you translated it in chapter 53)
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Sep 9, 2010
Whoops, yeah, I forgot about that. Good call.
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