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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 29

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 14, 2010 07:00 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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tl by molokidan

1(2b): Let's drink up, everyone!! Tonight everything's on us!!
2: The people who bet on Dao are pissed, though!!
3: There are even some people saying they're gonna kill him. What a nice sound!!

1: Having fun?
2: Affirmative.
3: That's some weird English.
4: Where'd you learn to be a pilot?
5(2b): Afghan. It was 6-7 years ago when I first stepped into one of these first generation ASes, the Savage.
6: Then came the middle-generation Savage, Mistral, Cyclone, Bushnel, Gernsback...
7: Gernsback? Are you talking about the M9?
8: ...that was a lie. Forget it.

1(2b): How did you get that AS? Doesn't seem like it'd be easy to find something like that in a town like this...
2: I found it. Two years ago.
3: Outside my hometown.
4: The people who burned down half of my village left that <Savage> behind.
5: A single machine was left over an irrigation channel.
6: A war?
7(2b): Yes. Government and anti-government troops kept coming in and out of the village, trampling everything.

1: I want to rebuild that village.
2: But for that, I need money, and lots of it.
3: You probably understood in today's fight, but one can make a lot of money in the <Arena>.
4: The survivors of the village were against it, but isn't this the only way?
5: I see.
6: If we restore the ruined fields and roads with the money, people are sure to return.
7: My goal now is to rebuild the only school in the entire village, the one I went to.
8: The nice people who taught there are all dead now...but it was a good school.

1: A good school, huh...?
2: Nami-saaan! How come you have that robot?!
3: Oh, by the way, this is an interview! For my job!
4(2b): Oh, well I just told Sagara the whole story now. Ask him.
5: Okie-dokieee!
6(2b): Ah! Before that, I gotta ask about your three sizes!
7: smirk!
8(2b): Alright, monsieur!! Go ahead and ask!! Or even better, measure them yourself!!
9: Hey, watch it! Where are you putting your hands!!
10: Uhyaaah!!

1: OK, I'll see monsieur back to his hotel.
2(2b): Thanks, Ashe. How about you, Sousuke?
3: My place is over there.
4(2b): I'm going in the same direction. Wanna go back together?
5: No problem.
6(2b): We have no more matches this week, but we'll be busy with maintenance and buying parts tomorrow, so be prepared.
7: Understood.
8: bsh
9: Alright, goodnight then.
10: Sagara Sousuke...
11: What a weirdo.

1: It's dangerous to walk alone at night, you know?
2: Dao...
3: Kyaah!!
sfx: grip
sfx: slump
4: Woah there.

1: You took good care of me today,
2: so I came to thank you. Get it?
3: Oooh, that's right, you carry a gun.
4: Where are you hiding it?
5(2b): Here? Mmm...or maybe here...
6-7: fondle
8(2b): There it is. I'll be confiscating this, if you don't mind.
9(2b): What, so you're going to be pay me back because you're a sore loser? You really are rotten to the very core, you bastard!!
sfx: slap

1: scrunch
2: Let me say something.
3(2b): Every time you use a dirty word like "sore loser" or "bastard," I'm gonna hit you. And even if you decide to use different vocabulary, I'll still slap you whenever I feel like it.
4: These are the rules. Got it?
5: Hie...
6: I'm gonna make you my woman. Use drugs or whatever you want.
7: The hell you will!! I'd rather die...
sfx: slap

1: Didn't I just tell you the rules?
2(2b): Our ride's here. Get in.
3: Oh, by the way, I sent another guy after that kid on your team who piloted the AS.
4: I didn't tell him anything, but...
5: These days, it's no surprised to find stupid men dead in the toilets of the cheap inns around here.
6: Bastard!! All he did was enter the competition...
7(2b): And that's just it. You see what he did to me? He should be kissing the bathroom floor about now.
8: Are you talking about me?

1: Your name is Dao, isn't it?
2: Your friend is sleeping on the bathroom floor giving it a kiss right now.

1: Sousuke...!!
2: You came here to negotiate? You should have run away.
3: I'm afraid I can't do that, since Nami is my boss.
4: Let's get him.
5: Geez...my first day, and I'm already extremely busy.
sfx: dash
6: Go to Hell!!

1: slash
2: gsh
sfx: thwomp

1(2b): I wouldn't move if I were you. I avoided your respiratory tract, nerves, and cartoid arteries when I stabbed you.
2: Move even a little, and...
3: Hie...
4(2b): Forget about her. And never lay another hand on my team.
5: Fine...we won't do anything else...
6: You win.
7: Just let Dao go.

1: ssh...
2: Go.
3: Kuh...
4: Wh...who the hell are you...
5: What a creepy guy...
sfx: vroooom
6: Why did you...
7: I guess I should have killed him after all.
8: It doesn't seem like they're going to withdraw with just that.

1(2b): Who knows. They're stupid, but they well understood your strength, right?
2: Still, I'm only one person.
3: And a solitary soldier can't do much.
4: Are you being humble...? Don't you think you're acting a little too weak?
5: You think so?
6: Either way, you saved me.
7: Thank you.
8: You're my boss.
9: I protect my master.

1: And, you're a good woman.
2: Uh...what do you mean...
3: You're a good person. I felt that when we talked at the bar.
4: Oh...
5(2b): I really don't get you. You're kinda...weird.
6: Weird...I was told that before, too.
7(2b): Yeah, I bet...hahahaha!!

1: My apartment's here.
2: Well then, see you tomorrow.
3: Yeah, okay.
4: He's going right home after coming all the way here? Well that's no fun...
5: He really is a weirdo.
6: slam
7: sssssh
8: squee

sfx: shaaaaa
1: beeep
2: Hm...?
3: beeep

1: ...no way...
2: Dao wouldn't come all the way here, would he...?
sfx: slip...
3: ka-chak
4: I was kicked out of my hotel.
5: Please let me stay.

1: W-what happened?
2: They found out that I left one of Dao's men half-dead in the bathroom.
3: But I'm a girl who's living alone...
4: I thought about that.
5: And came up with a good solution.
6: The next morning
sfx: pound pound
7: Uuuu...my head hurts...
8: Uuuuuuuuunnn...
sfx: roll
9: munyu
10: Munyu?

1(2b): zzzzzzz
2: Ehhhhhhh?!
sfx: fwump
3: H-how could this...
sfx: bong
4: I got drunk and violated a minor...?
5-6(2b): zzzzzz

1: krak
2: Hiee...
3(3b): zzzzzzzzzz
4: Gyaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
5: gleam
6: A few days later
7: You look more exhausted with each day, Mr. Lemon.
sfx: teeter totter
8: I heard Nami and Sousuke have been barging into his room.
9: Uwahh...that sounds bad.
10: Alright, that looks good for now...

1: Heheheh...no one's going to call this thing a hunk of junk anymore!
2: Now for the coloring.
3: A strong-looking one would be good.
4: Huh? Sousuke, did you buy something?
5: Paint.
6: Eh?
7: Three hours later
8: Mmm...not bad.

1: This is the color of the one I used to ride.
2: Doesn't it look kinda weak?
3: It doesn't look weak, and it augurs well.

1: Sorry if this seems selfish, but I'm going to call this machine [Al II].
2: Okaay...well, um, just do whatever you like, alright, Sousuke?
3: One month later...
4: Tonight, will the new stunner <Crossbow> be able to lengthen its winning streak?!
sfx: boom boom boom

sfx: boooom
1: clang
sfx: bam
sfx: buohhh

sfx: smash
1: The winner is!! <Crossbow>!!
sfx: waaaaah
2: In a mere month, the <Crossbow> has gotten dangerously close to a rank-up to A-Class!!
3: We did iiiiit!!!

1: Great work!!
2: You're the real thing!!
3: No problem.
4: ...what am I doing?
5(2b): Now isn't the time to be fighting like this. I need to hurry up and find Chidori as quickly as possible.
6: But without a clue as to where to find the enemy, I have no choice but to sit here and spread out bait.
7: ...is that really the only reason why I'm here?
8: Here, I won't have to do any dangerous missions like when I was at <Mithril>.

1: I won't have to work hard like I did when I was pretending to be a high school student in Tokyo.
2: Sousuke, great work out there.
3: You were, well...cool.
4: It's hardly been even two months since then...
5: But to be honest, I've come to think that living like this wouldn't be such a bad thing...
6: The next day--...
7: Look how lovestruck Nami is! How can you mistake it?

1(2b): I guess. I do have a high level of piloting skill for this town.
2: I suppose it's natural for she, as the owner, to value me.
3: That's not what I mean...
4: Then what?
5: She's starting to like you, as a woman.
6: I don't think so. She talks for longer amounts of times with Lemon.
7: That just means she can talk relaxedly with Mr. Lemon.
8: What do you think of Nami?
9: I...

1: Nami...is a lot like Chidori.
2(2b): It's been two months since I lost Chidori--where could she be now--...
3: I can't remember the color of those shoes she always wore.
4: Or which wrist she wore her watch on...
5: Not even the color of the ribbon she always tied her hair with.
6: I've forgotten it all...

1: And not only that--...
2: splash
3: It's becoming hard for me to even remember her smile.

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