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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 30

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 20, 2010 04:01 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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tl by molokidan

1: In the marketplace
2: Do they sell what Nami wants here?
3: Wow...are these all AS parts?
4: Yeah.
5: How surprising...
6: When I was a mercenary 2~3 years ago, there was no place with such a selection of AS parts, and certainly not at such low prices.

1: This world is a strange place.
2: True, compared to the history of other weaponry, the speed of AS evolution is abnormal.
3: Why do they need to hurry so much?
4: It's like...some <invisible will> exists.
5: click
6: ...I won't ask you to stop, but don't you think you're being a bit too rude?
7: Sorry, that expression on your face just now summoned up the artist within me.

1: The truth is...
2: I'm interested in your <art> as well.
3: As a photographer, your fighting seems more to me like <art> than it does <skill>.
4: You're different from the other challengers in the <Arena>.
5: It's like...you're always fighting for some far-off goal you have your eyes focused on. That's why your fighting looks so masterful.
6: ...I see.

1: I thought he was just some laid-back writer, but it looks like that's not the whole of it.
2: ...you may be right.
3: This is the only form of self-expression that I'm good at.
4: That's right. I'm a human who can only express himself in battle.
5: That's why she...
6: At that moment...

1: Ah...sorry, I didn't mean anything that deep by it...
sfx: screeech
2: ...did something happen nearby?
3: Freeze, you two!!
sfx: slam slam

sfx: klikklikklik
1: Slowly raise both hands and put them behind your heads!!
2: H...hold on a minute!! This has to be some mistake...
3: It doesn't seem so.
4: We should do what they tell us, Lemon.
5-6: stomp
7: We received a report that two foreigners have been committing thefts around her.
8: stomp

1: According to a certain source...
2: Sagara Sousuke.
3: The next day, at the Namsac Police Dept.
4(2b): This is horrible...I think something's going to happen to my head...
5(2b): Being shut up in this dirty, damp cell. And this smell...I can't stand it any longer...
6: Hey, foreigners!
7: Haaah! Finally...
8: screech
9: Get out.

1: Only Sagara Sousuke.
2: S-Sousuke...
3: Don't worry, Lemon. I'll get you out of here.
4: Interrogation Room
5: Sit!!
sfx: gashan

1: Tooths and nails from the previous guests, huh?
2(2b): The wall is painted with blood...looks like this is how the locals "interrogate" their criminals around here.
3: But that's OK.
4: That's the kind of place this is. I shouldn't even be here in the first place.
5: My life in Tokyo, as well as my life here with Nami has dulled me.
6: What's wrong?
7: Cat got your tongue?
8: For the sake of my goal, I must revert to a weapon.

sfx: flinch
1: Sharper, colder...
2: I must hone my nerves.
3: ka-chak
4: Chief!
5: So this man is the chief...
6: You are currently wanted for--...
7(2b): Robbery, assault, attempted murder, extortion, perjury, and illegal immigration, which should end you up with a sentence of about 50 years. Any requests?

1: How about "violence toward a police officer?"
2: I can take care of that right now if you'd like.
3: Hmph!
sfx: nod
sfx: wham!!
4: Seems like you don't understand.
5: gh...
6(2b): This is no mere interrogation room. It is both a courtroom, and an execution chamber.
7: I am the inspector, the judge, and the executor.

1: So, what do you want?
2: Sharp boy.
3: It's about the <Arena>.
4: Your little team is winning too much.
5: And to <us>, that is a problem.
6: The star teams in the <Arena?> must win a balanced manner, so that the realm of the champion can be properly managed.
7: With that, the spectators will not grow tired of their sport, and <we> will continue to receive our great profits.
8: <We>?
9: A group of faces flocking to money comes to mind.
10: That makes things quicker.

1(2b): Just like with Dao's team, it is necessary to strike up a mutual understanding and <tune> things.
2: <Tune>...he means fix the matches.
3: And if I refuse, I get 50 years?
4(2b): Yes, and that French man, too. Oh, and that woman who owns the AS, as well.
5: Killing these guys with my handcuffs on, rescuing Lemon, and letting Nami get away is possible.
6: jingle...
7: It'll be absolutely no problem.

1: If it's <tuning> you want, then I'll assist you.
2: But there will be no point in running.
3: However, I have a request.
4: Hoh...?
5: A <dark battle>.
6: smirk
7: ...you're an interesting man, Sagara Sousuke.

1: Lemon's hotel
2: ...--so they want you to fix the match?
3(2b): Yeah. They only let me go, and kept Lemon as a hostage. The chief isn't concerned just with Lemon, but you as well...
4: That's alright.
5: ...aren't you angry?
6: Nah. I never thought the gambling in this town was clean.
7: That's all? Is there anything else?
8: ...no, there is one more thing.

1: I'm going to enter in a <dark battle>.
2: ...huh?
3: Do...you know what that really means?
4(2b): Yeah. I've heard enough from the rumors.
5(2b): Those are secret battles for VIPs who want to see real deathmatches. No pilots ever want to enter something like that. It doesn't matter how many lives you think you have!
6: I mean...
7: You're allowed to use real bullets and fight seriously.

1: The firepower control system in that machine has been dead since the moment I picked it up! Entering a dark battle with that is like walking right into death!!
2: But the reward money is unbelievable.
3: But half of the entrants due in a few months.
4: If you want to die, fine, but I don't want my AS crushed to pieces!
5: Should I tell her the truth...?
6: That I was the one who asked to enter the <Dark Battle>...
7: No, I have no choice but to make it seem like this is in order to save Lemon, just like the match fixing..that'll be more convincing...

1: I don't want to die...
2: without knowing anything!!
3(2b): Pathetic...I was so close to becoming a desensitized weapon only half a day ago. Is this going to help me complete my mission?
4: Is this simply about money?
5: Are we of the kind of relationship where we have to choose our words?

1: I at least thought we were friends by now.
2: Th...
3: Ridiculous. A "weapon?" "Mission complete?" It's all bullshit.
4: That's...
5: I was proven to be a human full of contradictions in that town, wasn't I?

1(2b): I'll have to tell her everything, and then try to get her to agree. And if she doesn't, then I'll have to deal with it somehow.
2: ...alright.
3: Please listen.
4: I volunteered to enter the <Dark Battle>.
5(2b): Entering your team is a way for me to get closer to the shadowy figures controlling the <Arena>.
6: You're...using us...?

1: Yeah...
2: But for what purpose?
3: A certain organization is involved with that <Dark Battle>.
4: grip...
5: They've been orchestrating disputes all over the world and selling weapons to military-industrial complexes and terrorist organizations.
6: I'm pursuing that organization: <Amalgam>.
7: I was a member of a secret mercenary squad known as <Mithril>, which was intent on putting out the coals that <Amalgam> planned to use to incite war.
8: That's where you piloted an AS?
9: Yes, I rode in a 3rd-generation, state-of-the-art AS.

1: Then...you came here on a mission from <Mithril>?
2: No...
3: <Mithril> was obliterated by <Amalgam>.
4: This is a personal mission of mine.
5: S...seriously?

1: I understand that it's dangerous, but I need your hel...
sfx: splash
2: Get out.
3(2b): I'm not kidding!! You think I'm gonna let you destroy my precious AS?!
4: If you want to war, then go and do it by yourself!!
5-8: haa
9: ...thank you for everything.
10: ka-chak

1: slam
2: ...I shouldn't have told her.
3(2b): Getting an AS together without any help...will be impossible. With Rick dead, I have no other acquaintances in this town.
4: If I miss this chance, then I'll be left without any other leads to <Amalgam>...
sfx: ga-chak
5: ...you really need my help, no matter what?

1: Affirmative.
2(2b): Fine. I'll help you a little then.
3: Really?
4(2b): I can't leave Master Lemon alone like that. But unless my entire team agrees, then the answer is still no.
5: Thank you.

1: the next day
2: Phew, looks like I managed to talk them into it.
sfx: gohhn
3: Of course, I couldn't tell them about that <Amalgam> stuff.
4: Thinking of their safety, it's better that they don't know.
sfx: knock knock
5: Is the team owner here?
6: That would be me.
7: You have a telegram from the chief of police.
8: Bring the AS to the church ruins in North Munamera at 9 PM on Saturday.
9: Munamera?
10: It's a small farm town in the mountains 20km north of Namsac.

1: So we have until Saturday night...
2: I wonder if that firepower control system will make it in time...
3: Oh, I rewrote that with some homemade software this morning.
4: ...what?
5(2b): It only took you the morning? Work like that takes even the most skilled of technicians days to complete.
6(2b): Eh, it was nothing. As long as I fiddle around with it, I pretty much get it.
7: Speaking of which, who did you learn AS mechanics from?
8(2b): Eh? No one.
9: ...there is no way a girl like this without any engineering experience could possibly understand the system this much.
10: Could it be...

1: She's...also one?
2(2b): No, a coincidence like that could never happen. We're talking one in a million here. There's no way I would just randomly meet up with one in a place like this...
3: What are you standing around for?!
4: U-uhh...
5: I need to worry about fixing up the AS now.
6: Hurry up and take off that plug.
7: I'll have a long talk with her after all this is over.

1: 9 PM, Saturday -- Munamera Church Ruins
2: Sagara Sousuke. You will get in your machine here and then move 2km northwest to the site.
3: That will be the <Arena> this time around.
4: All others will wait here.
5: Huh?!
6(2b): If we're this far away, then we won't even be able to hear the wireless!! Just what...
7: Er, I mean, wonderful orders, sir...
8: chak
9: That's more like it, girl.
10: Will you be watching from somewhere?
11: Yes, there is a place set up, but it's not for you to know about.
12: Oh. Well, be careful of stray bullets, then.

1: I'm off now.
2: Be careful!!
3: Yeah, don't worry.
4: I'm actually worried about the machine, though.
5: Oh.
6: But...
7: don't overdo it, okay?
8: Come back sound in wind and limb!!

1: Would it be bad to get out right now and go embrace her?
2: Maybe I should just throw it all away and live happily with Nami in Namsac?
3: ...ridiculous...
4: I will bring Chidori back.
sfx: gashun
5: That's all I need to think about.

sfx: gashun
1: Sousuke...
2: Temple Ruins
3: Welcome to the true <Arena>, <Crossbow>.
4: Those items sitting there will be your weapons.

1: A BK-540 with two magazines, and two HEAT Hammers.
2: So where's my opponent tonight?
3: gsh
4: What are you talking about? Right in front of you.
5: jjjj...

sfx: kweeeen
1: boom
2: Impossible...I thought I'd be facing a tough enemy, but

1: to think it'd be an M9...they really have no mercy.

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