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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 31

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 5, 2010 09:11 | Go to Full Metal Panic! Sigma

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*Only for use by I-M.

tl by molokidan

sfx: rumble
1: Surprised?
2(2b): Looks like you have experience riding that thing from your time in <Mithril>, Sagara Sousuke.
3: ...so you know...
4: grip

1: ...I've got it!!
2: <Amalgam> is behind these guys!!
3: Of course, considering you put on such a flashy show without even using a fake name.
4: We could have taken you out in the city, but we thought we might as well have you fight with an M9 instead.
sfx: rumble
5: There's absolutely no hope for you to win, though.
6: in the city...?
7: That means the chief didn't know about my identity when he had me behind bars...in that case...

1: Within <Amalgam>, this chief is a
2: small fry.
3: But after he released me, he must have got in touch with someone close to the organization.
4: There is a possibility that they may still be close to the chief...
5: ...I bet your guests tonight must be happy...
6: Oh yes. They want you to give it your all.
7: However...if you'd like to tell us about your background connections here, then I wouldn't mind telling the M9 pilot to use some discretion?

1: Unfortunately for you, I'm here alone.
2: Then die.
3: bzzz...
4: boom
5: blamblamblam

sfx: blamblamblam
1: Left evasion!!
sfx: gyun
2-4: blam
5: gh...
6: Late M9 mechanics theory talks about perserving the best possible position for firing...

sfx: ssh
1: You think I'll let you do that...?!
2: gssh
3: blamblamblam

1-3: blam
4: A gunfight will be too hard...
5: ga-chak
6: But if I keep putting pressure on him like this...
7: blamblamblam
8: pow
9: blamblam

1-3: beeeeep
4(2b): Hydraulics dropping in left arm. No inflammation. Restraining hydraulics...was I wounded anywhere else?
5-8: beep
sfx: zsh
9: How much more can I move...?
10(2b): 120 seconds before movement becomes impossible...that's a horrible number.
11: At the longest, 15 minutes...and at the shortest, 8, but that will probably be impossible.
12: I'll have to search out that M9's weak point during that timeframe...

1: 2km south from the site
sfx: boom
2: It's begun.
3: Dammit! We can't tell anything about what's going on!
4: Not unless we get closer.
5: I don't wanna get hit by a stray bullet and die, though!
6(2b): ...I have a bad feeling about this. This mood is kinda...dangerous.

1(2b): Sousuke will be fine. You know how skilled he is, right?
2: No, I'm talking about...
3: Yes, chief.
4: The woman?
5(2b): Understood. We'll take care of it.
6: ...this is...
7: Right? This feeling...
8: We're moving. The woman will follow.
sfx: chak!
9: All others will head over there.

1: Hurry it up!!
2: Ehh?! Hey, hold on a...
3: Nami...!!
4(2b): Don't worry, everyone!! I'll contact you later--...
5: Move on already!!
6: chak
sffx: slam

sfx: vrooooom
1(2b): Northweast from the ruins, 2km into the mountains: The "Grandstand"
2(2b): That's right, take out the men ASAP. Then bring the woman to the usual place.
3: I don't intend to tell you how to do your job...but I don't like this.
sfx: pop...
4: flick
5: I find it rather amusing myself.
6: Well, whatever. More importantly, about Sagara...
7: Do you know him personally?
8: Not exactly. I've only met him for a few minutes.
9: He just looked like a normal boy soldier to me...

1: Mr. Kurama.
2: Kids like him usually work for elite teams at <Mithril>,
3: and moreover, have apparently dealt with <Gaurun> many times.
4: ...Gaurun?
5: Who is that?
6: You don't know him?
7: No, sir.

1: I see...
2: The country sure is peaceful...
3: He really is good.
4: Riding in that white thing with his ability really does make him rather unmanageable.
5: Hahaha! He may be white, but a <Savage> is still a <Savage>.
6(2b): It's not about the white paint...bah, nevermind. More importantly, does the pilot of that M9 know about Sagara?
7: No, I haven't told him anything special...

1: Then that M9 might get sacked.
2: ...impossible.
3: But he's up against an old model <Savage>!
4: And it's not like telling him would change anything.
5: ...I wonder.
6: I don't blame the chief for his confidence. No matter how well it fights, a <Savage> could never beat out an M9.
7(2b): How unfortunate for you, Sagara Sousuke. You came rather far...but you should still feel accomplished.

1: A farm in the Munamera area
2: Get out.
3: screech
sfx: vrooom...
4: Eh...already?
5: Aren't we going back to Namsac?
6: Uwahh! Is this a pig sty?!
7: Shut up and get inside!!
8: Line up in front of that machine.
9: Isn't that a meat grinder to make the pigs' feed?
10: splurt
sfx: rattle rattle
11: Yeah...
12: It can't be...

1: Shut up and turn into pig food, nice and easy.
2: Hiiee...
3: No way...
4: Please, sto...
5: Line up!
6: rattle
7: Don't waste anymore of our time.
8: P-please, save us!!
9: I feel bad for you, but you just happened to have bad luck.
10: Now give up and line up.

1: Wait a moment.
2: There's no need for that.

1: Master Lemon...?
2: Weren't you in prison...?
3: I don't know what you think you're up to, but don't try anything funny!!
4: chak
5: You wanna turn into pig food too?!
6: No thanks.

sfx: craaash

1: Wha...
2(2b): What are these...guy
sfx: bambambambam
3: Hiiee...
sfx: splat

1: H...heelp...
2(2b): It's alright, everyone, it's alright.
3: That was a close one, Monsieur.
4: Yeah...
5: What is all this, Master Lemon?
6: Well, I'll put it simply.
7: I lied about being a journalist.

1(2b): These are my teammates. I can't tell you the details, though.
2: More importantly--...
3(2b): It looks like Sousuke's drawing closer to his goal. Probably the same goal as mine.
sfx: boom

sfx: boom
sfx: blamblamblam
1: klik
2: ECS...
3: Tch...
4: He's going to turn it off?!

1: I'm dead meat here!!
sfx: blamblamblam ga-chak
1: bam
sfx: gashun
2: ga-chak

1: This is the last magazine. All I have left are the two HEAT Hammers now.
2: The hydraulics in my left arm will probably last another minute...
3: ...should I risk it?
4: chak
sfx: blamblamblam

sfx: rumble
1: One bullet left...
2: The effectiveness of ECS should be lowered in this desert.
3: ...bring it on!!

sfx: boom
sfx: bang
1: Shutting off his ECS was a good decision.
sfx: boom
2: But...
3: ga-chink

sfx: gah!
sfx: bnnn...
1: This plan should be beyond his expectations!!

sfx: booooong
sfx: rumble

sfx: rumble
1: Wh-what's happening?!
2: Hmph...

1(2b): ...not bad, Sagara. He invited in the M9 and then destroyed the temple.
2: But that's suicidal...
3: No...Sagara knows well about the special characteristics of the <Salvage>.
4: It will be difficult for an M9 to support several tons of rubble with its electrical drive.
sfx: clutter...
5: However...

sfx: rumble
1: The <Salvage>'s simple hydraulics drive gives it the greatest advantage in these kind of situations.
2: ...no problem.

sfx: gashun
sfx: boom!

1: ...damn. He beat us.
sfx: slump
2(2b): ...well? Now what are you going to do?
3: He knows about us now.
4: And he's fully ready to come up and put the screws on you.

Sorry to keep you waiting! Vol. 7 of FMPS is finally here. We're starting on a new series no with a bit of a special construction. The normal Mithril members such as Tessa, Mao, and Kurtz are not here, and instead the stage is set in the town of Namsac in Southeast Asia, which makes for a miniature garden-like image. Will the character popularity contest be OK without Tessa?! I was a bit worried, but it looks like Nami, our heroine this time around, is going to work hard for us (LOL).

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#1. by qwerty9876 ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2010
Thanks, too bad that it looks like this will be the last translation until quite some time.
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Oct 6, 2010
You're welcome. Yes, unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the series, and no fans seem to be willing to step up to take over the project...
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