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World Embryo 58

Hatsumi Island [2]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 8, 2010 00:47 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

1: Right now, I'm viewing Karasawa Shirou's memories.
2(2b): Where am I? Where's Takao? Neene? I can't remember why things are
like this.
3: I have no memories from after I defeated him.
4: And now I'm following it...the incident that happened 7 years ago at
Hatsumi Island--
5: I will now explain the details of our mission.
6: We're after the treasure hidden on Hatsumi Island...the object of
worship kept within the Ootori family's shrine.
7: Our mission is to sneak in and steal it...

1(2b): Normally, the object is kept extremely secure, beneath 13 locks
and 7 separate security systems...it will be difficult to break through
something like that...however, in one month, it will be removed and
transferred to the main shrine hall to be worshiped during the "Coffin
Princess Ceremony."
2: We're going to aim for this interval, and switch out the object with a
3: This object...is it a work of art? They're sure making a big deal
about it...
4: The Tokiji Intelligence Agency, going after some antique...? C'mon
5: ...don't underestimate this. You won't be able to regret doing so
after you become a corpse.
6: Eh...
7: We lost a whole three lives last time, when we did things the PEACEFUL
8: On this island, there is implicit recognition that anyone who attempts
to intrude on the holy object will be erased, regardless of who they are.

1(2b): OK, okaaay! So what is the object, then? I kinda wanna see what it
looks like.
small: You're not nervous at all...
2: ...here's the dummy we'll use to replace it.
3: This is...
Chapter 58 - Hatsumi Island[2]
4: the Coffin Princess's cocoon.

1: Haaaah! So this is the Ootori Shrine!
2: ...the past is connected to the future.
3: This should be clearly connected to what will happen to Neene and I
from now on.
4(2b): That's why I have to watch it...but!
5(3b): Why can't I fast-forward through the useless parts?! Why do I have
to experience some guy's daily life bit by bit?! IN REAL TIME?!
small 1: fuaaaahhh
small 2: Ah, he's awake.
small 3: Where did he go?!
6: This is worse than watching a marathon of someone else's home videos!!

1: Hoooh, this is quite a place.
2: The shrine depository...! This is where the cocoon's supposed to be...
3: Hey, you!
4: What do you think you're doing here?
5: You know this place is off limits, right?
6: Don't tell me you're that blind, pal!
7: Ahhh, sorry.
8: Huh? Haven't I seen you before?
9: Wasn't he the one with Takao?
10: Umm
11: Huh? C'mon, hang out with us for a minute.
12: What are you doing?

1(2b): That man just came recently to the communications company. He's
our guest.
2: Uncle...!
3: Keh! Well he sure looked suspicious. Don't go poking your nose around
here so much.
4: C'mon, guys!
5: 'kay.
6: ...it looks like the young ones were rude to you. I am the priest of
this shrine, Ootori Keishin.
7(2b): Ah...hello there. I'm Karasawa from the Eiden Company! ...who were
8(2b): ...young men from the village. That's the leader of their group,
my nephew Yasunobu. There have been many arguments happening around here
lately...so they're a bit more cautious than usual...
9(2b): Haa...so they weren't thugs...
10: Please, follow me.
11: Um...okay?

1: Oh...so that's the Mitama-sama!
2: Something wrong?
3(2b): Is it supposed to be a secret that I met her outside...? N-no,
what is that?
4: Ah...that is my daughter dancing there. She's practicing for the
Coffin Princess Ceremony.
5: Coffin Princess?
6: A princess deity who has been enshrined here for many ages.
7(2b): I...see. That's a strange dance, though.
8: There's a flag attached to her spear.
9: Yes, that's an exclusive tradition of ours.
10: It's a ceremonial tool called a Jinki, used to ward off demons.

1: It seems like your daughter is still young, this must be quite the job
for her...
2: ...well, it is her duty...
3: ...this girl...

1: Huh? Overtime again, Karasawa-kun?
2: Yeah, I wasn't able to get all this paperwork settled.
3: Guess you've got no choice then...be sure and lock the building.
4: Sorry about this! Thanks for your hard work today.

1: As I sifted through the files, I slowly began to understand some
2: At first, the development plans this new, unrelated company was
proposing were greeted with comparatively welcoming responses.
3(2b): However, once the project was secretly taken over by the Tokiji
Group, the citizens' attitudes completely changed. But the Tokiji Group,
who had begun by moving their plans forward quite peacefully, could not
just suddenly change their policies just because of the island's abrupt
mood swing.
4: The conflicts between construction workers and protesters grew more
and more extreme with each day.
5: And during this period -- the location director, development overseer,
and officer of judicial affairs from the HQ all, in the exact same place
in the exact same building...
6: committed suicide one after another.

1: Something this conspicuous had to be the work of the protesters, no
matter how you look at it...
2: This doubt came up, and the incident was inspected, but that
possibility was negated by a witness on the construction workers' side.
3: According to his testimony, the three victims, having lost all of
their spirit and energy, simply jumped off the edge in front of everyone.
4: After this, more mentally unstable people kept appearing, and the
Tokiji Group was faced with slow progression and pressure to re-think
their planning.
5: So then the project went on indefinite postponement...?
6: It's like a curse...haha!
7: Takao...Ryuusei.

1: I see...so the Takao family lies in the center of the protest
2: I guess that means he was involved somehow, then...
3: ...lease stop, I'll call someone!
4(2b): Alright, go ahead! You trying to just take the Mitama-sama out of
here with you is the bigger problem!
5(2b): Do you know what'll happen to you if this reaches the ears of
Grandma Ootori? It'll be really hard for you to go on doing what you've
been doing here.
6: ...heheh. So just...

1: Hey, what are you looking at?!
2: Darahhhh!!
3: B-bastard!
4: Hey, get him...

1: Waaaait!
2: Heeey!
3: Don't you fuckin' run away!
4: H-hey, he's going to the Takao...
5: Who cares?! That doesn't matter!!!
6: ...what a pain...should we "dispose" of them?
7: Motherfuckerrrrs!
8(2b): ...no, they're young men from the "Ootori" side...they're
technically our targets. If this escalates, it could end up ruining the
plan...their leader's here too, I can't go and beat him up...
9: But why did she act so helpless against them in the first place...?

1: Sen...sei?
2: Takao-kun!!
3: Sensei...why are you dressed like that?!
4: What...is on that girl's neck...a chain?
5: Ryuusei...
6: ...Julie?
7: Julie...is
8: outside...
9(2b): I-if Grandma Ootori knew about this, you'd be in big trouble!!
You're breaking the law! You know what that means, Ryuusei?!

1(2b): Well...well what were you guys doing to sensei?!
2: Ryuu-chan!
3: Can I go?
4: N...
5: I can, can't I?
6: No, stupid...
7: In the next moment
8: something
9: happened.

1: The thugs fainted,
2: and it was like our consciousnesses had been derailed.
3: And then
4: ...this slightly-mature looking girl was standing in front of us
5: ...with ears?
6: Ryuusei-kun...
7: Thank you...
8: Sensei...you look horrible.
9: ...fufu. I know, really...
10(2b): ...let's change your clothes...come this way...
11: Eh?

1: ...what is this place?
2: Waaah <3
3: My...secret base...
4: Sensei...put this on.
5: Th-thank you.
6: A stove, a refrigerator...all the necessities! This is amazing,
7: It's nothing...my grandpa is just really annoying, so...
8: ...myu...
9: I brought everything little by little...so I could live on my
own...that was my original intent.
10(2b): Ryuu-chan, ummm...
11: Ryuu-chan
12(2b): Original intent? Oh...but is it OK to leave those guys like that?
13: Ryuu-chan!
small: This house is pretty close to the site
14: They won't come here..
15(2b): And they should have forgotten that they even met us by now.
Since Julie sucked up their memories.

1(2b): Julie...you mean that girl? ...why is she chained up?
2: Uuuuu
3(2b): ...normally I keep her locked inside here. And then I take her out
when no one can see her so that she doesn't get stressed out...
4: ...so no one can see her?
5: Everyone's...afraid of her.
6: Afraid...?
7: Byaaaaaaaa
8(2b): What's wrong Julie...you?!

1: What are you doing?! Why didn't you tell me?!
2: O-oh no...
3: I did! But Ryuu-chan ignored me!
4: Enough already!!
5: Why do you always have to be like this?!
6: Because you're this way...I'm always going to be tied to this place...
7: I won't be able to go anywhere...
8: Ryuu-cha...
9: From now on...I'll be forever tied...to you...and this island...
10: Ryuu-cha...Ryuu...buehh...
11: Buehhh
12: ehhhhhh

1: ...Ryuusei-kun, where are Julie-chan's clothes?
2: Well, she has some, but...
3: Sayoko-sensei, go wipe her off. There's a faucet outside.
4: O-okay.
5: Now then! Ryuusei-kun, you and I
6: are gonna game it up!
7: ...huh?

1: ...you've never played a game before?! Guess I gonna do some
missionary work, then!
2: Grandpa says I'm not allowed...
3: O is your blade, square is dodge, and your CAGE will protect you from
the enemy's bullets.
4: CAGE?
5(2b): It's that ring shield that floats around your character. OK,
6: Wahh?!
7: Wah...wawahhh! What is this...wow!!
8: Woah!
9: This is "Absolute Zero," a 3-D fighting ga...
10: Wahh! I'm gonna die!
11: ...he's not listening.
12: Kuh...
13(2b): It's not fun unless you concentrate. Don't worry about what's
happening outside right now.
14: Right now...Sayoko-sensei is taking care of things.
15: And I'm at your side.
16: Today...is different from your yesterday.

1: You don't have to bear this all by yourself.
2: There is a future beyond this point,
3: but no one knows if it's heading in a straight line...
4(2b): Ohh! I did a combo! Alright, now release your gauge!
5: Eh...
6: Ahh
7: Yeaaahhh!! You're a natural!!
8: Wahhh...
9: Ryuu-chan!

1: That looks fun

1: That's a Coffin Princess...a cocoon in its emerged state.
2: ...eh?
3(2b): The cocoons...take in dead humans and is reborn...At first they
are like babies...but as they mature, their memories come back, and
eventually turn back into that person...
4: Julie-chan is...someone that was placed into the Takao house's cocoon,
one of the three pillars...
5: ...all of a sudden, she began talking about something fantastic.
6: But I knew it wasn't all a product of her imagination.
7: Because
8: My grandfather taught me about this...
9: her eyes were too deeply...

1: closed.
2(3b): What I told you just now...is a way of thanking you for saving me
earlier...you were supposed to have cleared away your own personal
background, remember? And I told you that you were not to get too close
to our target...so this is a special service...anyway, just let it pass
through your ears, treat it like an urban legend surrounding the cocoon.
3: Closed eyes are a symbol of absolute loyalty.
4: If...we are able to get the cocoon...what does the person who created
this mission...intend to do with it...?
5: ...good question...
6: I imagine...he intends to revive someone important to him...
7: Who? Who made her eyes like that?

1: It had to be
2: him!!
3: President of the Tokiji Group, Master of the Tokiji family, Tokiji
4: Sayoko-sensei.

sfx: slap

1: What are you doing...?
2: ...sorry.
3: I was just jealous.
4: Making her turn around
5: was the first step in my revenge toward "Tokiji."

1: W-woah, things are really getting crazy now!!
2: Why did they suddenly kiss like that?!
3: scrunch
4(2b): Err...is it alright for me to keep watching this?! Huh? My stomach
5: I still can't see the full scope of the puzzle.
6: What's going to happen next...?!
7: But then...the number of players increased.
8: Uuu...

Next: Oct. 30

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