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+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 11, 2010 00:18 | Go to BENCH

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tl by molokidan

side: If there's one thing we aren't gonna give up, it's baseball. The BENCH is always right here...!!
red text over orange name: I did my best, just like a new player!
bottom red part: Our autumn super-extravagant famous artists' one-shot series!! Top of the Super Legends! #1

1: A Team, stay as you are.
2: B Team and C Team, move to the temporary soccer field...B takes the north side, and C takes the south.
3: Coach! What should the "D Team" do?!
white: Packed full of enthusiasm, an man with an anti-athlete's body!!
4: 8th Grader
D Team Member
Yamaguchi Tsutomu
5: Just watch from here...
6: There're some things I wantcha to do later, anyways...
7: Yes sir!!
8: ...now move.
9: Who is that guy?
10(2b): He's the newbie who moved here from the city...I think his name's Yamaguchi. He did especially bad on the running and batting section in the team breakup test...I think he got the lowest score, so I remember him...and this is his first day.
11: He sure looks slow...what a fatty!
12: Kyaaaaa! Onodera-senpaaaaaaai!!

1: 9th Grader
A Team Catcher
Ashida Junichi
2: Jin's sure making some good sounds come from the mitt!
3: 9th Grader
A Team Pitcher
Onodera Jin
4: Jin...now throw 20 curves, then you can take your break.
5: Ossu...
6: pssh
7: Hey, Manager Hibari! Take the newbies and D Team out to go do the shopping!
8: Yeeees siiiir.
9: How many times have I told you, I'M NOT YOUR MANAGER?! ...jerks!

1: 8th Grader
D Team Member
Ishii Kenji
2: 9th Grader
D Team Member
Ou Masayuki
3: OK, after Shichiki's pitching comes Shitou's sliders!
4(2b): But Shitou's left handed! More importantly...I kinda wanna go take a crap!
5(sign): TENNIS COURTS Unauthorized Use Prohibited
6: Woah! Senpai...that...
7: What is it, Ishii?
8: thunk
9: psh
10: Ou! Shopping!
11: Yo, Hibari!
12: Eh? What...is with that hairdo...it's horrible.
13(2b): The lines make him look like a Tigers fan, even though he has such a Giants-ish name...by the way, is that actually even his real name...?
14(2b): Yeah..."Ou" is his real name, but he's a Tigers fan...the very fact that he exists is rude to the "World's Ou!"

1: Why do I have to be together with fatty and that stupid tiger-striped head...?!
2: 7th Grader
Baseball Club Manager
Takatori Yuri
3: The only reason I became the manager was to get close to Onodera-senpai!
4(2b): Look at her staaaaaring at me!! So this club actually does have a cute girl in it! Alright! Now...to grab her heart!!
5: 9th Grader
D Team Member
Morimoto Hibari
5: Sit down, Ishii!
6: OK, but...! The poop...
7: Just siddown!
8: rustle
9: Ummmmm
10: Disappearing Miracle Ball!!!

1: flump
2: siiiiilence
3: Woooooow!! It really disappeared!!
4: Gahahahaha!! Howzat?!
5: That was a balk.
6: Ahh?! What did you just say, fatty?! Who the hell are you, anyway!!?
7: My name is Yamaguchi Tsutomu, I joined D Team today...nice to meet you.
8: Yamaguchi...Tsutomu...!?
9: His hiding timing sure was good...
10: and his form was beautiful...

1: You mind...if I stand at the side for a second?
2: Yeah right! Move it, fatty!
3(2b): You're the pitcher for D Team, aren't you...?! Please try throwing it properly this time.
4: Ummm...I...really gotta poop...
5: As a member of the same D Team, I would like to watch my pitcher's throw properly...
6: Please answer my request!!
7(no bubble): Are you even listening to me?!
8: scrub
9(2b): Fine...then stand...I'll show you my pitch, alright!
10: puff
11: Thank you very much!
12: Ehh!?
13: Better stay concentrated!! Here I come!!

1: Special Clone Miracle Ball!!!
2: Ehhhh?! The ball really did get cloned!!!
3: Owww!!
4: bonk
5: clang
6: thunk
7: slip!
8: Waaaaahh!!
small sfx: roll...

1(2b): Woooow!! It really did clone itself! There were actually three separate balls!
2(small): idiot...
3: Gahahahaha!!
4(2b): What are you thinking?! Please don't throw 3 balls all at the same time!! You surprised me so much it came out, dammit!!!
5: Bean ball...that would result in ejection.
6(2b): What are you acting so cool-headed for?! I just crapped my pants!! This is your fault too!!
7: Then get off the damn field, you idiot!
8: Ehhhh! How could he hold three balls all with one hand?! That's amazing!!
9: The D Team...is full of idiots...

1: To stand in the box as a clean-up hitter at Koushien! (* the arena where the final game of the baseball playoffs are held)
2: You could say that's my dream! Ufufu...
3: What was your batting average where you were before?
4(3b): I didn't really understand what a batting average was when I was in elementary school...but until my fifth year, I was hitting a lot...that ended when I became a sixth grader, though...for the most part...
5: Er...nah, nevermind...I think I can figure it out just from looking at you...
6: ...you're, Yamaguchi-kun, is it...? There are a lot of people in this baseball club, and that's why it's seperated into Teams A, B, C, and D, but -- there is no "team" for the D Team.
7: What?
8: There isn't a single good person in here...and we don't have enough poeple.
9: To be honest, this is more like a vault for the rejects. That's what they call us...it's D for Dead Stock.
10(2b): They call us a team officially, but...they make us do odd jobs and pick up balls in the hopes that we'll just quit...
11: It doesn't take long...for each person to just stop coming...
12: And then they forced me to become a manager...

1: Eh? You aren't a manager, Hibari-san?
2(2b): Don't just assume I'm a manager because I'm a girl, dammit! I entered this club as a player! There are girls who wanna play baseball too, ya know!
3(2b): Baseball really thrives in this area, so there are a lot of kids around here who dream of Koushien...the competition is intense...
4: Although...it's the same no matter where you go...unless you've got talent, you won't be able to take part in the game.
5: We can't...play games?
6(2b): No way...you'd have to at least get into the C Team to do that.
7: Then why don't you all quit...?
8: Probably...

1: Because they all like baseball!
2(2b): Hmmm...even though there's no place for them to play baseball? ...that's weird.

1: Are you two retards...?
2(2b): Especially you, fatty...what are you prattling on about? You're probably only playing baseball because you wanna go on a diet! Hurry the hell up!
3: This isn't for any diet!! And I don't want to hear that from someone like you, who thinks baseball is just a game of throwing balls around!
4: You overly-serious tub of lard! Don't get so cocky!
5: C'mon now, Ou!
6: Idiot!
7: rustle

1: You guys sure took your sweet time!
2: 9th Grader
A Team Left Second Baseman/Clean-Up Hitter
Nishi Hayao
3: This shit's all lukewarm!
4: I...I'm sorry...
5-7: haa
8(2b): Dumbass! You try carrying 60 bottles over here every time! You're slower than WE are!
9: What's with his attitude?
10: Well, you know Nishi-senpai...his big nose reflects his big attitude.

1: What'd you say!? Ugly!!
2: Hey...Nishi...that's enough...
3: Who?
4: Ashida-senpai -- he's a lot like Onodera-senpai's wife....
**in Japanese baseball, calling a player another's "wife" refers to a relationship between a batter and his catcher.
5: Hibari...this must have been really tough to carry...sorry for always making you do this.
6(2b): What?! Onodera-senpai's WIFE?! My rival!!
7: Hibari...when you're late, our practice menu gets late...
8: Hey...Jin...!
9: I know...
10: Kyaa! Onodera-senpai!
11: Do your jobs right from now on...
12: Yes siiiir!

1: I'll do odd jobs and pick up balls for the team and the club! ....but
2: that is not the D Team's "JOB!!"
3: throb...

1: You fucking newbie! Goddamn fattyyyyy!!
2: Come on, Nishi! I told you to stop it!
3: Hey, Ou...
4: Huh?
5: Teach that plump newbie a few things for me, would ya...?
6: You're more than suited...

1: As the ex-A Team ace with a crushed right shoulder.
2: Hey, Jin! Enough is enough!

1: Sorry...Ou...
2(2b): Whatever. What are you getting so serious about, anyway? We're just playing around throwing balls here...
3: rustle
4: "He was the super ace of the A Team..."
5: But then, it's like the say -- the god of baseball abandoned him."
6: "He broke his shoulder a year and a half ago, and if he had pitched a ball seriously from that point onwards, he would have permanently ruined it..."
7: "That's what they told him at the hospital..."

1: So...he's not gonna try and perfectly recover?
2(2b): He doesn't talk about it, so I don't really know...but my mom said that's what his mom said...
3: ...we fight a lot about things over than baseball lately...
4: It used to be just fighting over the Tigers vs. the Giants, exciting talk like that.
5(2b): ...and I used to tease him about how he wrote that his dream was to get taller on the first hard rubber baseball he ever bought in elementary school...that really pissed him off, and we'd fight over that too. Those old fights were fun...
6(2b): I love baseball too...that's why...his feelings...I can always see right through them...'cuz he's so stupid.
7: But...
8: Ou-senpai...he...intends to quit here...
9: To him, baseball might already be...

1: Yamaguchi...Tsutomu...
2(2b): Hey missie missie! What kind of animals do you like? I...yes, that's right, I...like TORA...! They're called TIGERS in English...
3: No one asked...
4: I like dogs!
5: Tch...not bad...
6: Dogs are...kinda similar to tigers...
7: twitch...
8: Are you serious?!

1: Guh!!
2: To think...a dead stock like you butting horns with use aces...
3(2b): You know...I'm gonna teach you something important. Guys who are gonna become regulars like us...we're given something special from God...
4: Something that you spares don't have...
5: The talent of being born loving baseball.

1: I know what kind of person you are just by looking at you.
2(2b): You don't like baseball that much...and you started late. And then all you spares ever talk about is one thing: effort!
3: I don't like the word effort...
4: Effort's like forcing yourself to do something you don't really like that much.
5: People like that...can never win against people who like baseball, and can enjoy and do anything for the game without having to ever think about putting forth effort.
6: This world...isn't a place that can be changed through effort.
7: I can confidently say that
8: the god of baseball loves us more!
9: swing
10: In other words--

1: you've got no talent!!!
2(2b): If you're a man...then just give baseball up already...
3: You D Teamers have got neither talent nor sense!
4: I love baseball too...that's why...his feelings...I can always see right through them...'cuz he's so stupid.
5: Heheheh! From now on you're just the odd jobs team!!
6: Oh yeah, and there was a girl mixed in there, too.
7(2b): Huh? Ahhh...wait, wasn't she the manager? Gahahahahaha!
8: I entered this club as a player! There are girls who wanna play baseball too, ya know!
9: Everyone...on the D Team...

1(2b): If they wanted to quit, they already would have!! But they all love baseball!!!
2: Don't make fun of the D Team!!!
3(2b): Enough howling outta you...and don't you ever sit on my bench, you trash!!

1: Let's leave it at that.
2: An ace shouldn't make a fist with his right...
3: Ou...you bastard...!
4: ...but I'm an ex-Ace...!

1: What do you want, you Hanshin idiot?!
2: Guarding this fat fuck...! How far have you fallen?!
3: Kuh!
4: Heheh...
5: Let's have a match!

1: Huh?
2: I'm gonna prove that we have more talent than you guys!
3: Ou-kun.
4: Are you a retard?! That's obvious without even playing, you spare!!
5: What merit would there be for us to do something like that, even if we won?!
6(2b): I can't forgive you for beating up Yamaguchi! And it isn't my style to go blabbing to Coach about what happened...
7(2b): Unlike you, I have nothing to protect...so if you don't agree, then I'll go crazy here and break your ace and clean-up hitter's arms!!
8: I'll make it so you can't play baseball anymore for a while!
9: No, for the rest of your life...
10: ...the previous offer was a better one, wasn't it...?!

1: It'll be me vs. Nishi...and then Yamaguchi vs. Onodera.
2: grip
3(2b): One-hit matches. If the batter sends the ball flying, they win! The pitcher can either get him out or win with 3 strikes! But since we D teamers have no defense, our only option will be to get an out.
4: ...alright!
5: rustle
6: Hey, Jin...!
7(2b): OK...but if either of you lose, all you'll ever do again is keep score. And you'll become our slaves.
8: Ou-kun...
9: Fine by me...
10: It'll happen 3 days from now, at the B&G field...
11: And...Ashida will be the umpire.
12: ...sure...
13: Yeah, your old battery's the only one who can be trusted.

1: Why did you come up with such a crazy idea...
2: I don't think it's crazy!
3: To stand in the box as a clean-up hitter at Koushien!
4(2b): Yamaguchi...watching you, I remembered my old self for some reason! ...my dream...
5: I've been...slacking off so much lately.
6: ...nah, forget about it...
7: Be honest!

1: You're...Atom, aren't you?
2: H...how do you know about that...?!
3: I knew it!
4(4b): Shouhoku Sports Boys' Club, Kanagawa Representative! Won in the All-Japan School Tournament! During their trip to Hawaii, there was only one student who, against America's genius pitcher...Darth Vader, was able to hit a home run! Yamaguchi Tsutomu...
5: He got a nickname for his unusual hairstyle: Iron Arm Atom (Astro Boy).
6: Your team was chosen as a model team for a boys' baseball technique book!
7(2b): This...is you, isn't it?! ...why didn't you say so sooner?!

1: Cuz! There's no one who knows about any maniac stuff like that...besides, that was around 2 years ago...
2: I hit that home run against Darth Vader when I was a fifth grader...
3: Then I wasn't able to hit them anymore when I became a sixth grader...I was unable to live up to my name...
4(2b): ...why would someone as good as you become unable to hit all of a sudden? What happened?
5: ...when I got into the 6th grade...I got even fatter...and then I couldn't hit anymore.
6: Look...I was way skinner then, so my body was smoother...
7: R...really? You don't look that different...
8(2b): No, no, no...you're the next guy over...you just mistook yourself for a really good-looking guy...
9: Ehhhhh?
10: Er...holding it that close isn't gonna change anything...you look the same...

1: Ah, you're right.
2: ...could this guy be...
3: I'm going out now, come with me!
4: Huh? Where to?
5: A glasses store!!
6(2b): You didn't become unable to hit because of weight! I mean, you haven't even changed a bit...OK, enough about that!! Anyway...your eyesight may have deteriorated!!
7: Eh?
8: Just follow me!!
9: Hurry it up!

1: C'mon! Hurry! The store'll close!
2: So that's it...
3: You really do love baseball...Ou-kun!

1: 3 days later...
2: B&G Field
3: slip...
4: ...what are those, goggles?!
5: They're glasses!
6: squeak...
7: But they keep slipping down! At least get the right size, dammit! They're huge!
8: Shut up! These were the only cheap ones!
9: ...you really OK with this, Ou?
10: Yeah...let's hurry up and start already!
11: We get to go first, Ou!
12: Alright.
13(small): Onodera-senpaaai...
14: Eh?

1: Leeeeeft!!!?
2: Ou...you...
3: squeak
4: Gahahaha!! First fatty, now you...are you guys TRYING to make us laugh?!
5: Ou's looking down on you! Bite him, Nishi!!

1: Dumbass! Just how much can you underestimate us?!
2: Begin!
3: Don't think you can complete with a clean-up hitter like me using some overnight left!
4: Eh?

1: He can pitch with it...
2: A...strike...
3(2b): I didn't pick up on it either...look closely at Ou-senpai's spikes...
4: ssh
5: There IS a spike cover on his left shoe, and it looks all beat-up...
6: snap
7: boro...
8: So ever since his right shoulder went bad...he's been practicing pitching with his left.
9(2b): Ou-senpai also has a lot of pride, so I hid it until I was finished...
10: Nishi...hurry up and get in position...

1: Ou...you...
2(2b): Hmph...I was a little surprised, but looks like that's all you've got...don't underestimate A Team's clean-up hitter, Nishi...
3: What?! A slider now...?!

1: Foul!
2: And to think he'd have a variety of pitches for me...
3: Guess that's to be expected...if not, then this would be no competition!
4: Nishi should be able to hit this now.
5: He honestly does have an overnight left.
6: Nishi's gonna sink it this time...
7: psh
8: You're in trouble, Ou, what are you gonna do?
9: Looks like...this is the end...
10: I still don't have good ball control or force...
11: Wait...senpai...
12: Ou...could it be...
13: No! Ou!!

1: ...but baseball's all I got.
2: I'll just have to go and raise up my left...
3: My baseball dream, that I almost gave up on once...
4: Thanks for making me remember it...Yamaguchi.
5: I was on the verge of hating baseball...
6: but you stopped me. Thanks.
7: slip
8: Nishi!! He pushed back his left leg!
9: And now...
10: No way...

1: Yamaguchi...I'm presenting my right straight to you!!!

1: Batter out!!!
2(bottom): His right...really is something...!!
3: Did you see that...asshole...
4: Thanks, Ou-kun...
5: Dammit!
6: Senpai!!!
7: This is pathetic! Hurry up and get ready, Nishi!
8: No need to limber up! This'll be over in 3 pitches!

1: Stupid...!
2: Heheh...
3: Kyaaa, Onodera-senpaaai!
4: Hurry up and give me a ball, Ishii!
5(2b): Listen to you, always so important. Bring your own damn balls!
6-7: bwish
8: Hurry it up, pig! We're gonna make you into livestock, so hurry up and end this!!
9(2b): When I was overseas, the pitcher on the other team looked at me and said..."Big"...I was big at the time, so I guess I looked bigger to them...
10(2b): But apparently that was just my misunderstanding, and what he actually said was "pig"...I apparently looked like a small pig to him.
11: Everyone has bad times here and there. It's their birthright.
12: Overseas...?

1: But...you were able to compensate for yours, so things became even...
2: If you're slow, and your running and defense were worse than average.
3: squeak
4: No matter how stupid your glasses look, or how fat you are...there comes a time in my life during baseball where you absolutely do look cool...
5: Enough blabbering!!
6: slip
7: Aaaahhhh
8: His glasses!
9: I saw the release point...

1: That's enough!!

1: ...so...cool.

1(2b): Onodera...there's no reason to get down...just throw more to get better so that he isn't able to hit 'em next time.
2: His family ran a battering center in Kanagawa...so he's been batting ever since he was born.
3: Nishi...you're not a bad batter yourself...
4: Hmph..shut up.
5: As expected from the clean-up hitter on the A Team.
6: You've crushed your hands so many times to make them hard and flat...!
7: But Yamaguchi's are even harder!
8: ...just who is that guy?
9: squeak
10(2b): He was the clean-up hitter on a team representing Japan overseas...and got the only home run on the opposing team's pitcher, Darth Vader.
11: Representing...Japan...?! That guy?!
12(2b): They call him Atom...until 3 days ago, I thought it was a name that Japanese people came up with...but the truth is, after the game was finished, Darth Vader went up and called him "The strongest boy from Japan, Astro Boy," giving him the nickname Atom.

1: ...Atom will throw harder! Swing better! So that he doesn't lose.
2: Now, you guys...like baseball too, don't you?!
3: Time to gather up the slacking-off D Team...
4(2b): The D Team's gonna become a strong team! 'cuz I'm their left ace!
5: Hmph
6: With THAT left?! You still need to throw some more to achieve THAT.
7: Once it gets a little bit faster, I'll challenge all 9 of you!
white: They continue to chase dreams and white balls!!
8(2b): Yeah! ...speaking of which, help me look for the home run ball...it's precious to me!
black text: To stand as an ace on the Koushien mound!!

bottom: Next is Sorachi Hideaki's one-shot!!

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