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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Suicide Island 5


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 27, 2010 16:14 | Go to Suicide Island

-> RTS Page for Suicide Island 5


tl by molokidan

Chapter 5 - Knife

1: How's it going over there?!
2: Looks like there might be something...
3: Dammit! This is really stuck hard!
4: It looks like it might op...
5: en!
6: Ohh...

1: A net..shed...?
2: We can use this place, can't we?
3: This is--
4: It's been three days
5: since we reached the island...
6: What is Kai and them up to?
7: They went ahead to the beach...
8: And we've finally begun serious work

1: towards living--
2: We're really lucky to have found these bananas!
3: Yeah. If we look harder, we'll probably be able to find more.
4: There were a surprising amount of houses other those of farmers that had trees planted in the gardens--
5: So as long as we find trees that are a bit off in their fruitification periods*, we should have little trouble supplying ourselves.
* Line: The period in which fruit trees bear fruit
6: Bananas are an excellent found source that include various vitamins in abundance such as calcium and magnesium. There are even some tribes that use bananas as their main food source.
7: The point is, these will allow us to move.
8: So the question is what to do now--

1: I have a proposition.
2: Kai-kun...
3: I want to fish.
4: Fish...with those nets?
5: We don't even have a boat, how are we gonna...
6: Yeah...it'll probably be difficult, but I think we've just gotta try anyway.
7: Even if we gather as much as we can individually, it'll be impossible for a group of this size to go on eating like this.

1(2b): If one has a high level of survival abilities, then it might be better for one to go on by oneself, you know? That's not me, though, so I want us to work together.
2: But I have no proof that we'll be able to catch anything...
3: We girls...have no say in the matter...there's no way we could catch fish by ourselves.
4: We'll help!
5: That settles things!
6: I have some doubts, but if fishing is possible, then all our food problems will be instantly solved...let's do it!

1: It's not gonna go that easily? I'm positive of that...
2: I'm know, I'm just...raising morale!
3(2b): Geez. You failures at suicide are so negative, I can never get a break, can I?
4: Hahahaha
5: Wh-what?
6: Isn't it...obvious?
7(2b): We're all the same here! Including you!
8(2b): I know thaaaat!!! C'mon, let's just get started already!
9: We all laughed as if to cover up our embarrassment.
10: It was the first time I laughed in a very long time.

1: You alright over there?
2: Yeah!
3: Alright, let's put it down.
4: You really found some good material...is that duckwood?
5: Are you gonna make it so people can ride it?
6: No, for the time being, all we need to do is make it so that we can take the nets out, right? You can't swim if you're carrying something like that.
7: There were a lot of Styrol boxes in there!
8: OK, shall we begin?
9: Where are the girls?
10: Over there mending the nets.

1: What are we gonna cut the rope with?
2: I have a lighter, so how about we just burn it?
3: No, it'll be a waste to use the lighter like that.
4: Wanna search for something?
5(2b): All I've got is my cell phone...and my wallet and stuff...
6: All the stuff we had before they sent us here was still in our pockets.
7: What we had before we were sent here...
8: I--

1: I...have a knife...wanna use it?
2: Y...yeah! Let's tie it and then cut off the excess part.
3: I also...
4(2b): have one. I'll help out.
5: There were other people who had knives and box cutters...
6: But there were none who asked why...

1: Using it like this...a knife can really come in handy, huh...
2(2b): Ehh?! Y-yeah, you're right.
3: That's when I realized...
4: That things used for death were really made to be used for survival...
5: The reason I first picked up this grim hunting knife
6: was to rouse myself up.

1: I wanted enough courage
2: to take my own life.
3: I think I'm being a hypocrite, though...
4: Alriiiight!
5: There should be enough buoyancy now, right?
6: Yeah, it should work.
7: How are the nets coming?

1: I think we did it just like you told us to...
2: They were pretty big, too.
3: I wonder if we can catch any...
4: I hope we can!
5: Ehh!!?
6: Ah...y-yeah, me too!!
7: This is like...

1: I...think it's the first time for me...but--
2: you know...everyone...like...how should I put this?
3: Ahh, s-sorry...butting in all of a sudden.
4: No, it's OK.
5(2b): I kinda feel like we're going to catch something now.
6: Yeah! We will, we will.
7: Yeah!
8: Mmm...it's tomorrow...let's do our best...mmm.
9: We have to do our best...mmm.

1: Ah! M-my name's Tanaka!
2: Tomoki...call me Tomo.
3: I...I'm Sei...
4: Even after that...
5: Tanaka-san kept going on and on about tomorrow.
6: That's right.
7: What's necessary for us now is--
8: tomorrow...

1: --It's tomorrow--...
2: Tomo...?

1: Trembling...? Tomo-kun...?
2: Someone's here again...

1: Ahh...wha...

1: We weren't able to stop Tanaka-san...

1: The next morning, in the garden...there he was.
2: Tanaka-san...
3: wasn't able to make it to tomorrow.
4: "This is wrong"...suddenly, that thought floated into my mind.
5: As for why...I had no idea.

[Chapter 5 - Knife End]

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