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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Suicide Island 6


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 27, 2010 16:14 | Go to Suicide Island

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 6 - ~Fishing~

1: Puhaah

1: Looks like this place is a little too deep to enter.
2: The current is fast may be too difficult for people who can't swim that well.
3: Let's go back and consult with everyone.
4: Wh
5: What?
6:'re just really good, that's all. (Even better than me!)
7: N-not at all!! I just swam for a little bit a long time ago.
8: No, really.
9: Let's head back, alright?
10: ...yeah...

1(2b): Here and here...there are a lot of fish, but it's deep.
2(2b): On the right side, the fish are a little scarce, but it's shallow. If you be careful of the reef, it might be alright.
3: Hmmm...
4: How's the equipment team faring?
5(2b): That diving shop was a treasure trove. They even had a lot of rental equipment left over.
6: Even life jackets!
7: Yeah, it had a nice selection of swimsuits and Seagulls*... (I think I may have seen even a bit too much...)
* Line: A suit made with elastic and water resistant materials in between a wetsuit and a T-shirt.
8: If not, then I wouldn't have been able to go in the water!!
9(small): Pervert...
10(2b): But, isn't that...heavy now that it's wet?

1: Hm?
2:'re right.
3: And since it's seawater, you'll probably smell later. If you don't bathe in freshwater and hang it up to dry--
4: Mmmmm
5: Yeah, you're right...but...
6(2b): Ah! Alright, alright, it is kinda gross...
7: I'll take it off!

1: Hooo...
2: Haha...
3: So it did freak you all out...

1: W...why you gotta be so depressing, man?
2: Hahaha...well, it's a long story, I guess...
3: Surprising...
4: Brimming with vitality and energy...and so bright it was a mystery as to why he was sent here in the first place.
5: Despite how he looked, Ryou had the deepest scars.
6: Darkness incomparable
7: with my barely 5cm deep scars.
8: Let's hurry.
9: We've got to carry those nets behind the hill down to the beach.

1: Y...yeah.
2(2b): You're right...let's hurry.
3: Uh
4: Umm...
5: Hm?
6: S...sorry.
7: About back there...
8: Don't worry about it.
9: I want to take it off was gross.

1: Let's try talking to him.
2(2b): Nah, just leave him alone.
3: It'll be better if we go in a group to try and rouse him up.
4: Heeey!
5: Ah geez...
6: We're gonna go net fishing right now, how about coming along....?

1: D-damn!
2: Again...?
3: The reason why everyone was pissed off
4: Day in and day out, he's working to bury himself...
5: I guess we have no choice...let's do it.
6: is because we all started embracing a new complex...
7: regarding being unable to die.
8: Let's clean him up.
9: Yeah.
10: A complex--
11: regarding our clinging
12: to life.

1: Were you able to put down the net?!
2: How'd it go?!
3: It's in!!
4: Is this spot OK?!
5: Looks good to me?
6(2b): Yeah. Now the pursuers just need to match up their speed,
7: and go in making as much noise as possible.
8: We decided to chase the fish in. Without a boat, and nothing but our belt-shaped nets,
9: our only hope was to try fishing this way, which some people had seen on TV before.

1: There are a lot more fish here than I thought.
2: At this rate...
3: They'll slip underneath me.
4: I need to get deeper and increase the pressure...

1: It's no good!! I can't get in...
2: The fish are all over the place.
3: Puhah
4(2b): Their line gets out of order and gaps open up. That's where the fish run away.
5: Once more!
6: ...yeah
7: However--
8: no matter how many times we tried after that,

1: We should probably set the net in deeper, going inwards.
2: the fish never went into the net.
3: And we're being too slow closing it...
4: It's probably better if I close it...
5: No, you should move around and support whatever our weak points are...
6: It's impossible...
7: It's impossible after all...for amateurs to try and catch fish like this...
8: My legs won't even move hurts...
9: Even I...after burying those who were able to die, every day!! Over and over...
10: I'm gonna die now too...I want to...despite having given up on it...
11: No...

1: I...gave up too.
2(2b): Thinking that even on some random island like this, it'd be still be alright to die. But...watching people go off every day like this...I felt like something was wrong.
3(2b): I don't really know why, isn't right...!
4: Me too...!
5: I felt the same way...I don't know how to put it, felt wrong!
6: Thanks...
7(2b): Ehh!!? Ahh...n-no, I...
8: Let's do this!
9: Y-yeah!

1: If we're gonna do it, then we'd better do it fast...the current's pulled out, which is making it more advantageous for us.
2: There's a funnel-shaped reef over there, it'd probably be easier to chase them if we hung the net there.
3: The sun's started to rise...let's hurry!!
4: Lost feelings
5: still resided inside us.

1: Those who tried to die,
2: and those who were able to.
3: Those who were unable to die,
4: and those who had.
5: Then, finally--
6: Close iiiiit!!!

1: those who tried to live.

1: W...we got them!!?
2: We got them...
3: We got theeeeeeeem!!!
4: Which one am I?
5: Is it really possible for me
6: to continue forward?

[Chapter 6 - ~Fishing~ End]

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