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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 210

Stupid Gajeel

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 7, 2010 15:50 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

slanted right: A perfect match?!
slanted middle: A sensei & delinquent couple!!
writing on Elfman's pants: You only live once, so I want to let this lotus bloom

Chapter 210 - Stupid Gajeel
text right: The boy who "erases life" disappeared himself!!
text left: The traces he left from his meeting with Natsu...are only on Natsu's muffler?!
1: That bastard...look what he did to Igneel's muffler...
2: Natsu...
3: How are black clothes and a black muffler fashion-wise?!
4: He...was worried about being well-coordinated...?
5: Surprising...
6: Hey...what about the exam?
7: Mmmm...with a creepy guy like that slinking around...
8: This is not the time for that.

1: It's not NOT the time!
2: As a man, I cannot simply relinquish this exam!!!!
3: Mu
4: I promised Gildartz.
5: And I'm my sister's little brother!! I have a right to pass this S-class exam.
6: Nu
7: He certainly was creepy,
8: but I have a feeling he didn't have any bad intentions.
9: You shock me.
[Mashima's Musings (1)] Lately, a lot of the new people in the editor division have been talking to me. I'm sure everyone is equally nervous, but I get really nervous when speaking with people for the first time.

1: Let's continue the exam!!!!
2: Yeah!!!! Let's go, Evergreen!
3: Didn't I tell you not to order me around?
4: So the time has finally come.

1: The day when the legendary Black Mage, Zeref
2: comes back to life.
3: And the keys are all within the palm of my hand.
4: We will awaken that which is inside Zeref.
5: However
6: Grimoire Heart
7: There is one problem.

1: The strongest Guild in all of Fiore
2: Fairy Tail.
3: One of the Guilds who destroyed a corner of the "Balam Alliance,"
4: Fairy Tail currently has its main members concentrated on this island.
5: Soooo what?! That doesn't mean anything!!
6: I'll just

1: turn every last one of them into a pile of ash!
2: Grimoire Heart
3: Uhahahahahaha
4: We should not underestimate our enemies.
5: I was born for this day.
6: Grimoire Heart
7: I...Iiiiiiii...
8: Release...
9: Iiiiiiii....
10: our desire...
11: Uuuehh..

1: This will become the main warpower of our Guild.
2: Tremble at our fragments...
3: Grimoire Heart
4: I...I...Ifeelthesame
5: Grimoire Heart
Kain Hikaru
6: You're talking too fast!
7: Translation: "I feel the same."
8: U....uuuuehhh!
9: Can you fight, Meldy?

1: Fight...
2: Grimoire Heart
3: ...yes.
4: Interesting.
5: Doesn't this sound interesting?
6: They still don't know what true darkness is.
7: The absolute darkness which lurks in the abyss.
8: Tonight demons and fairies will frolic.
9: Eat and be proud, or be eaten and scatter.

1: This is the decisive battle,
2: Fairy Tail.

1: Figure anything out?
2: No.
3: How can we search for a grave without a single hint?
4: I have no idea what to do.
5: Maybe that's the problem.
6(3b): Do we really have no hints? I've participated in this exam four times already, so it's just a hunch, but I have a feeling that there hasn't been a single irrational test in it.
[Mashima's Musings (2)] My friend is currently publishing a manga called "Hanamura-san Jussai" on a website called "Manga Gai." It's good, so give it a read!

1: There must be a hint hidden somewhere.
2: I see. This second exam was supposed to be about "intelligence," after all.
3: Thinking about that, then maybe the puzzle is in the words.
4: Words?
5: For example, we hear "grave" and automatically think it's a "place." We also assume that it signifies "the end of one's life."
6: Uwahh!! So dark!!
7(2b): Don't you have any more Lucy-esque analyses? Like "when people die, they turn into stars" or something!
8: That's it.
9(2b): A-ha!!! I just figured out where the grave is!
10: What!!?

1: Come with me!!
2: Ohh!! I knew you could do it!!
3: As expected of Lucy...
4: How lucky for us.
5: I think what this exam was testing us on...
6: was "intelligence and greed."
7: Anyway, let's follow them.
8(2b): What's the deal with this exam?! Pick a path, find a grave!
9: Ahhh, so noisy...
10: I just wanna punch Salamander and Erza!
11: So you don't care about me?!
[Mashima's Musings(3)] The release of Monster Hunter is drawing closer. Uoohhh! Until then, I have to do my best at work!

1: I'm not saying that!
2: But you always just fight with everyone, Gajeel!
3: You never...look at me...
4: You want some attention, shrimp?
5: Then fightseriously with me! Get stronger!
6: No, I can't...
7: I'm weak, and small.
8: I don't care anymore!!! Stupid Gajeel!!!!
9: What'd you say?!

1: What's with him...I finally thought he had sorta turned into a good person...
2: What a jerk...
3: I hate him!!!
4: I hate him!!!! I hate him!!!!
5: Hate...
6: rustle
7: Gajeel?

1: Eh?
2: Kyaaaa

1: Wh...what....!? Who are you?!
2: Kyaaaaaaa
3: You first.
4: Ahhhhhhh

1: It's hard looking for someone so small.

1: So don't leave my side.
white: The demons march in on Fairy Island!! Will the mystery of the island
2: And...
3: who are you guys?
white: be drawn into an unprecedented "darkness?!"
4: Grimoire Heart.
5(2b): A dark guild. Now what is the strongest Guild doing on this island?

TBC in Chapter 211 [Mest & Yomaz]

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