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Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi 2

The Tale of the Beauty Photograph Riot!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 09:17 | Go to Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 2
The Tale of the Beauty Photograph Riot!!

1: Howdy!
2: Thanks for reading on to chapter two, everyone!

1: My name is Hira Taira, born in Tokyo, and people call me Hirahira-kun for short.
2: As you can see, I'm a young'un! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I hope we can get along well from here on out!
3: Noooo, give it baaack!
4: Toh...
5: Again?
6: Now what?!

1: Nooo, please, give it baack!
2: Heheheh...
3: Isn't that Kazuko?
4: Please, give it back!
5: If you want it so bad, then try and grab it!
6: Hey, what do you think you're doing?!

1: Hirahira-kun!
2: What, you again?
3: I know you 9th graders are bad and all, but isn't bullying a little girl below even YOUR standards?!
4: Are you defying the Daimyoujin, pipsqueak?!
5: Hirahira-kun, please! Get back that picture of me!
6: Picture?
7: Hee hee hee...
8: My cute little Kazuko-chan! So cute!

1: shiver
2: This is giving me the creeps!
3: You doggone perverts!
4: Give it back!
5: Woah there....
6: Hey, get 'im!
7: Grrr!

1: You little!
2: Woahhh!
3: Owowow...
4: Hirahira-kun!
5: Serves ya right!
6: We'll be taking Kazuko's picture with us, then!
7: D-darn...
8: Oww...
9: Sorry you had to go through all that for me...

1: That's my line. I'm sorry I couldn't get your picture back...
2: Well, we did the best we could. But my picture wasn't the only one taken by Daimyoujin, you know!
3: What?!
4: Seiun Middle School--
sfx: chatter chatter

1: So your picture was taken too?
2: Yeah, just yesterday!
3: What do you look so happy about, then?
4: Because Daimyoujin only collects the pictures
5: of beauties!
6: Whaaaat?! He didn't take mine!
7: Tch! They're happy about having their photos taken?
8: I really don't get girls.

1: What? You mean yours was taken too, Yocchin?
2: Well, I AM a beauty, aren't I?
3: Tch! Gimme a break!
4: Hey, Hirahira-kun, go get them back! He's already collected around 20 different ones!
5: What's he gonna do with all those photographs, anyway?
6: Something really perverted, I bet!
7: Perverted?

sign: TOILET
1: Ufun ahhh...
2: So nice...
3: Wha
4: What the?
5(5b): Ohh, Kazuko! Ahhh, Mayumi! Yocchin! Oh, and Akemi's here too?! I love youuu!
6: It's Daimyoujin!

1(2b): Oh, and Midori as well! So cute! Sachiko and Junko, I love you both too!
2: Ahhh, I can't get enough!
3: 'scuse me!
4: Wawah!
5: W-what the heck are you doing here?!
6(2b): Ahhh, what a pervert! SOOOO perverted!

1: Ahh! T-that's my
2: No it isn't! I'm returning these to their rightful owners!
3: Sorry!
4: T-that crummy little...how dare he ruin my happy time?!
sign: 1-1

1: Is Hirahira here?!
2: Muh! Daimyoujin's toadies!
3: Special delivery!
4: Muh!
5: A duel request?!

1: The park on the hill--
2: Stop!
3: Daimyoujin is a coward, there's no way he'd come alone!
4: I can't turn back now, though!

1: Fine, but there's one ceremony you have to do before you go in!
2: Ceremony?
3: That's right, you have to make your heart and body lighter!
4: Oh, alright!
5: Oh yeah, I got a good idea!

1: Let me borrow your picture, Yocchin!
2: Eh?
3: OK, watch me now!

1: Yoh!
2: OK!
3: And next is...

1: Finished!
2: Muh! He's here!
3: Geez! So he did bring his toadies after all!

1: Hirahira ain't here yet, huh? Boy am I gonna let him have it!
2: Daimyoujin, there's a photograph over there...!
3: What?!
4: Yocchin's photo!
5: Grab iiiiit!
6: Ohhhh!

1: They fell for it!
2: U-uwaahhhh!!
3: W-what the?!

1: Stop iiiiiiit!
2: I-I'm getting dizzy!
3: See ya!
4: Mugyuuuuh

1: That's what you get, Daimyoujin! Now swear you'll never steal another girl's picture ever again!
2: A-alright...
3: I won't...
4: One day--
5: Kyaaaah! Hirahira-kuuuuun!

1: Take my picture!
2: I'm giving mine to you!
3: Uhyooooh!
4: Boy am I popular!
5: OK, OK!
6: Thankee, thankee!
7: Hm?
8: What's this one?
9: Uwahhh!
10: See ya!

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