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Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi 3

The Tale of the Physical Exam!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 12:06 | Go to Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 3
The Tale of the Physical Exam!

Seiun Middle School
1: ...mm?
2: What am I doing, yo uask?
3: Hee hee hee! Today is physical exam day!

1: Hee hee hee...
2: Heh heh heh...
3: If all the boys are hiding here like this...
4: Then it means that the boy's group has finished, and the girls' check-ups are going to begin! Hee hee hee hee!
5: Eh?
6: What are we all doing here if it's time for the girls' check-ups, you ask?
7(2b): C'mon, there's no need to ask something like that! You've already figured it out, haven't you? Hee hee hee!

1: Uhyoooo!
2: Here they are, here they are!
3: It's about to begin!
4: They've started taking it off!
5: What a nice view!
6: Special box seats!

1: Eee hee hee!
2: Ow!
3: Who did that?!
4: Daimyoujin!!

1: I don't need to tell you guys what I'm here for, do I?! Move it, 7th grade shrimps!
2: Noooo way!
3: They finally started taking off their clothes!
4: You guys know what'll happen if you keep flappin' yer gums like that?
5: What should we do, Hirahira?!
6: Mumuh!
7(2b): Fufufu...Hirahira, the main character, would never do something that dirty! That's our job, isn't it?
8: Mm?

1: Aww, give it a rest! We main characters wanna see what we wanna see, alright?!
2: Unreasonable as usual, I see.
3: Ah well. GET 'EM!
4: Oh yeah. It'll be troublesome if anyone finds out we're in here, so clean 'em up quietly!
5: Yessir!
6: Help us, Hirahira!
7: Leave it to me!

1: Hirahira, hang in there!
2: Are you alright?
3: Mmmmm
4: Hoh
5: Ohhhh, that smarts! Darn Daimyoujin!
6: Right now, they're watching the health office...grrrr, this isn't fair!

1: Hee hee hee...
2: I can hardly contain myself...
3: That swine!
4: Remember this!

1: Eee hee hee! I can see it! I can see it all!
2: A procession of boingies! Hee hee hee!
3: We really got to thank those seventh graders!
4: True, boss! We owe this excellent view to them, after all! Hee hee hee!
5(2b): Grrrrrr! I wanna see! I wanna see toooo!
6: Hirahira, what are you doing? What's that rope for...
7: Just sit and watch!

1: Ok, each of you grab one end!
2: Ah...
3: I get it now!
4: Ready? Pull with all your might!
5: OK, leave it to us!
6: Gooooo!!

1: Uwahhh!!
2: Kyaaaaah!

1: What are you boys doing?!
2: Hiieeeee!
3: Hee hee hee! Take that, Daimyoujin!
4: Keh keh!

1: shrug...
2: You fiendish, vile boys! Apologize to the girls at once!
3: Right now!

1: We're sorry!
2: It looks like they aren't satisfied yet!
3: Please, forgive uuuus!
4: This is all we can do! Please forgive us!

1: You're not off the hook yet! Do three circles and say "ruff!"
2: B-but!
3: You can't ask a man to do something like that!
4: I don't see any men here! You even carried desks in there just so you could peek later!
5: Yeah! Yeah! You villains!
6: W-wait a minute! We aren't the ones who carried those desks in!
7: What'd you say?!
8: The ones who came first with the desks and planned to peek
9: was Hirahira's gang!
10: Wh-what?!

1: H-help meeeee!
2: Waaaait!

1: Hieee
2: You cowaaaaard!
3: Attack!
4: Mugyu!!
5: Hee hee hee! I got you now!
6: Awahh! H-help...

1: Why were you sneaking in to peek?!
2: I-I'm sorry, I just had a sudden impulse...that's all!
3: Forgive meeee!
4: S-sorry, I had no idea that you'd be in there!
5: What'd you say?!
6: So you were planning on looking at OTHER girls' naked bodies instead?!
7: Yeah! So give me a break!
8: I can't forgive you! I can't forgive you even more now!
9: Huh?
10: Why not?

1: Got it? So don't run away!
2: I can't run anymore!
3: Stay there until I say it's OK for you to go!
4: I've already prepared myself. I'm in the wrong for peeking, anyway!
5: Go on, do whatever you like!
6: OK! Come this way!

1: I'm a man too, you know! Here I come!
2: Where are you? Yocchin!
3: This way!
4: Huuuuuuh?!

1: Well? You don't feel like looking at other naked girls now, do you?
2: Awawawa...
3: This is too much!

1: Oh my, he collapsed.
2: You wanted to see a naked girl so badly, and now look what happened! Men are so pathetic!
3: Stupid! That's why I wanted to see them IN SECRET!!
4: Being shown all of a sudden like that would make anyone panic!
5: But it sure was worth it!

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