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Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi 6

The Tale of the Seaside

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 13:48 | Go to Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 6
The Tale of the Seaside

1: This time we've come to the seaside!
2: Heeey! Let's race over to Tengu Rock!
3: OK, I'll show you just how strong these arms of mine are!

1: Do your best, Hirahira-kun!
2: Land ho!
3: Did you see that Hirahira power back there?!
4: That's my Hirahira!

1: H-hey, look!
2(2b): Ahhh, we're gonna lose our water! Stupid ebb tide!
3: Uwahhh, that's so cool!
4: We can walk to the other beach!

1: Ahhh, crabs!
2: Fish!
3: And a ton of shellfish!
4: Time for some clamming!
5: Waaaaah!
6: Wait a minute...
7: What's wrong, Yocchin?
8: Look at that!

1: It's Daimyoujin's gang!
2: What did they come here for?
3: To get in our way, obviously!
4: Oh no.
5: Leave 'em alone! Just ignore them and we'll be fine.
6: Yeah.
7: Now let's get dressed and go clamming!
8: What do you mean get dressed?
9: So we ladies don't get sunburned, silly!

1: There they are, there they are! Girls-a-blossoming!
2: Hee hee hee hee! Look at them, all baring their arms and thighs!
3: Hee hee hee hee!
4: Stupid! Like I'd drool at something so mundane!

1: So you aren't excited now, Daimyoujin?
2: When you get as experienced as me, you don't budge an inch until you've seen the whole package!
4: Just watch!
5: Why do you boys think I've been having you do carpentry since this morning? Hee hee hee!
sign: Changing Room
6: Hurry, hurry it up!
7: We're all waiting!

1: Who cares? It's not like you guys actually need to change.
2: Hmph! Tanned skin isn't in style right now, you know!
3: Come on, hurry it up!
4: Welcome, welcome one and all!
5: To our special changing room!
6: Oh, there's a new changing room over there!
7: Let's go!

1: Stop! Those are Daimyoujin's toadies!
2: So what? They made that for us since the normal one is full!
3: Daimyoujin is a lot nicer than you, you know!
4: Tch!
5(2b): It'd be too much of a waste to let one person in at a time. You're all friends, so go in two at a time!
6-7: OK!

1: We did it, Daimyoujin!
2: Oh yeah, oh yeah?
3: Alright!
4: Pull the rope!

1: Uhyoooo!
2: We did it, we did it!
3: Perfect! Overwhelming! Hahooo!

1: snip snap
2: Waaaaan!
3: I told you that you didn't need to change, didn't I?
4: Hirahira-kun, get revenge!
5: Please!
6: It's your fault for getting tricked!
7: Give it up!
8: Now c'mon, let's go clamming! If we don't hurry, the tide will come back in!
9: Fine!

1: Hm?
2: What, what?
3: Hey, 7th graders, who told you you could go clamming here?!
4: But this is the beach.
5: We don't have to ask anyone!

1: Sorry, but from now on, everything within this circle is our turf!
2: Wh-what?!
3: Now give back everything you got from my turf!
4: Oh my!
5: And if you don't want to, then leave money instead!

1: Grrr, I can't take it anymore!
2: Hmph!
3: Boys!
4: Watch it!
5: Careful now!
6: Hirahira-kun!
7: Mugyuuu
8(2b): Wahahaha! Now give it all back!

1: Dang that Daimyoujin!
2: You awake, Hirahira-kun?
3: Look, they're acting as if the beach is all theirs!
4: That slimeball...I've had enough!
5: Time for the battle ceremony, then!

1: Think of
2: anything?
3: Yep!
4: I got it!
5: Hey, Hirahira! Wanna go at it again?
6: We'll play with you anytime you want!
7: No thank you!

1: Let's all go sunbathe on Tengu Rock!
2: Alright!
3: Let's go! Let's go!
4: Umu!
5: Man, they all look so comfy!
6: Darn, this isn't fun anymore!

1: Charge, men! Conquer that land!
2: Ohhhh!
3: Move it, move it! This is Daimyoujin-sama's land!
4: What? Weren't you all clamming?
5: Shuddap! Shut your mouth or you're gettin' socked!
6: Kyaaah!
7: Help us, Hirahira-kun!
8: We got no choice...I can't win against crying girls and Daimyoujin. Let's retreat.

1: Banzaaaaai!
2(2b): Are you OK with this, Hirahira? I can't stand it! They always get in our way...
3: What are you going to do, Hirahira-kun?
4: Fufufu...
5: Everyone, look at the ocean!
6: Ahhh, the tide's coming back in!

1: Fufufu...
2: That's why it's always better to use this!
3: Follow me quietly.
4: Daimyoujin, we're in big trouble!
5: What's all the ruckus?

1: Dohyaaaaah!!
2: T-the water...
3: H-help uuuuus!
4: I can't swim all the way back to that beach!
5: Then do your best until the next ebb tide tomorrow! See ya!

1: W-wait, please! Help us!
2: We're sorry!
3-4: Bye bye!
5: Ueeeeen!
6: Ohh, what a beautiful sunset!
7: I bet it'll be great weather tomorrow too!

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