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Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi 7

The Tale of the Eaten Lunchboxes

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 14:20 | Go to Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 7
The Tale of the Eaten Lunchboxes

sign: Sakurada
1: Howdy! Today we're off for hiking and a picnic!
2: Have you all ever had a day like this?

1: What the?
2: Move it, move it!
3: Daimyoujin-sama is the first inside!
4: Don't hold your heads so high, shrimps!
5: You jerks!
6: Did you forget that 7th graders are supposed to be the first in?
7: Shuddap!
8: Arara

1: That's not fair!
2: What's with them?!

1: Those lowlifes!
2: Stop!
3: But...
4: Look at Daimyoujin's gang!
5: Huh?!
6: They're gonna eat all their lunchboxes now and then come moping around later!
7: Yeah, and then they'll come and force the 7th graders into giving up theirs...
8: Not this time, Daimyoujin!

sign: Rinken Mountain
sign: Hanaiwa Valley

1: That meddling little Hirahira!
2: Daimyoujin, at this rate, we'll die of starvation!
3: Wait, wait, there's no need to hurry!
4: But you said we could take their lunchboxes once we got to the mountain!
5: Stop your pathetic whining!

1: But seriously, that Hirahira is such a nuisance!
2: Take that! I bet Daimyoujin's crying on an empty stomach right now!
3: That's it! I know what to do.
4: What, Daimyoujin?
5: Listen up! That Hirahira dummy is weak towards girls.
6: And then...

1: Wahhh, so cute!
2: I love you!
3: Kiss me!
4(2b): Kyaaaaah! Help meeee! Someone, heeeelp!

1: Ohh, the girls are screaming!
2: Alright!
3: Uheeheehee...
4: The dummy fell right for it! Serves ya right!
5: Go for the lunchboxes!
6(3b): Wooow, sushi! Scrambled egg! Ohhh, a full Makunouchi Japanese style box!
7: A huge rice ball!

1: Sheesh!
2: What's wrong, Hirahira-kun?
3: Didn't you girls just call for help?
4(2b): Yeah! Daimyoujin's toadies came by. But they left without doing anything.
5: Eh? They left without doing anything?
6: That's strange...?

1: I thought you were supposed to be guarding the lunches, Hirahira-kun?
2: Oh no!!
3(2b): They're all gone! They got us!
4: My lunchbox is gone!
5: Mine too!

1: Hirahira-kun, you idiot!
2: Daimyoujin, that jerk!
3: You rang, Hirahira?
4: Daimyoujin!
5: Take this!

1: Shuddap!
2: Mugyu
3: Hee hee hee hee! That was one big lunch!
4: Tasty, tasty!
5: I ate to my heart's content!
6: Myoujin Daisaku!
7: Whaddya want, Teach?
8: You just ate other people's lunches right now! You think you're going to get away with that?
9: Eh?

1: Well either way, it's all in my tummy now!
2(2b): What are you gonna do about it? Pull it out?
3: Hahahahaha!
4: You monsters!
5: Stop, you won't beat them like this!
6: Waaaaan
7: I guess we have no choice...for those who still have their lunchboxes, please share some with those around you.

1: Stupid Hirahira!
2: It's your fault for slacking off your guard duties!
3: Everyone's mad at you!
4: Gimme a breaaak!
5: The grudge for lost food is a vicious one...

1: Curse you, Daimyoujin!
2: Hirahira-kun!
3: Yocchin!
4: Time for the ceremony!
5: Eh?
6: You're gonna fight with Daimyoujin, aren't you?

1: Alright, c'mon!
2: Time for the pre-battle ceremony, then...
3: Think of something?
4: Yep, yep!
5: Perfect!

1: Ooo, I'm thirsty!
2(2b): Mumu! Mountain water sure is tasty! Like slightly salty ramen!
3: Daimyoujin!

1: We found a great view!
2: You dolts! I was just being moved by this beautiful scenery!
3: No, we don't mean that! We're talking about the panties kind...!
4: What?
5: Panties?
6: Hirahira-kun, is this high enough?
7: OK!
8: Be careful!

1: Ahhh, Daimyoujin's gang is here!
2: Hyoooo!
3: What a nice view!

1(2b): Nice, nice! Show us more!
2: Raise your leg!
3: Chance!
4: Wah!
5: Mugyu!

1: Oh no, this was Hirahira's trap!
2: We did it!
3: Alright! Time for our lunchbox revenge, everyone! Beat on 'em until you're satisfied!
4: Woahhhh!
5: Uwahhh, help us!
6(2b): Please, have mercy!

1: Take that!
2: Well, Yocchin?
3: I'm smart, aren't I?
4: How dare you use someone's panties as a decoy?!
5: Pervert!
6: Eh? But...
7: You said it was a good plan yourself!
8: That's not fair!

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