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Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi 8

The Tale of the Ski Slope Riot

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 21:55 | Go to Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 8
The Tale of the Ski Slope Riot

1: Long time no see, everyone!
2: This time we're off to go skiing!
3: Yep!

1: Hey, hey, everyone, I'm getting a really bad feeling!
2: What's wrong?
3: Look at that!
4: Daimyoujin's up to something again!
5: We're counting on you, Hirahira-kun!
6: Leave it to me!
7: The 7th graders have me, Hirahira! I'm not gonna lose to the likes of Daimyoujin!

1: Wahhh, what a beautiful silver world!
2: We can slide! Slide to our hearts' content!
3: Enjoy yourselves! At night we'll heat up in the hot springs and have boar stew!

1: Shall we be off, then?
2: Daimyoujin, we came to ski, and you didn't bring anything?! Not to mention you're holding some weird tools instead!
3: Ushishishi! This is why Daimyoujin-sama is such a genius!
4: It looks like this mountain hut of yours is beat-up in various places, Gramps!
5: How about we fix it up for you?
6: What?!
7: You're gonna repair my hut instead of skiing?
8: I can't believe my ears! Tokyo middle schoolers really are admirable!
9: Now, now, 7th graders, go off and play!

1: Go for it, men!
2: Yessir!

1: Something's fishy.
2: There's no way Daimyoujn's group would suddenly become such good kids.

1: We're back! That sure was fun!
2: Welcome back!
3: It was amazing!
4: Did you guys really repair the hut?
5: Of course! Right, gramps?
6: Yep, yep!
7(2b): They fixed everything from the windows, to the door, to the roof! Thanks so much!

1: I can't believe this...
2: N-now, the hot springs are waiting!
3: Go on in!
4: You can go in first, boys.
5: Thanks!
6: Let's go!
7: Wait a minute!
8: What, Daimyoujin?
9: Don't you guys know about "Ladies First?"
10: Yeah!

1: We're middle schoolers, so we aren't kids anymore. We need to practice Ladies First!
2: By all means, go in the bath first, ladies.
3: Wahhh, I'm amazed!
4: You have good qualities after all, Daimyoujin!
5: OK, we'll go in first!
6: Mumu...
7: I don't like this! I don't like this at all...

1: Wahh, what a beautiful bath!
2: It's so huge!
3: The hot water keeps coming out.

1: Kyaaaaa!
2: Daimyoujin!
3: I saw, I saw!
4: Kyaaah!
5: You did THAT while you were fixing the house?!

1: Oh boy, did I get an eyeful! I saw everything!
2: I bet not even the Buddha thought you would fix it so that the entire window could come off!
3: Daimyoujin, how dare you?!
4: Dummy! Why do you think we did all that work in the first place?!
5: You jerk!

1: Shuddap! Get 'im!
2: Woahhhhh!!
3: Hirahira-kun!
4: Argh!

1: Move it, move it!
2: Wahh
3: Aw man, it's Daimyoujin!
4: They took over the good spot!

1: At least we were able to check that window.
2: Yeah! Now it won't come off.
3: Look, Yocchin! They're discussing something over there.
4: Probably some more mischief.
5: Alright!

1: Hirahira-kun?!
2: Daimyoujin, the girls completely fixed the window.
3: Fufufu! Don't worry.

1: That's what we did the roof repairs for yesterday!
2: Oh yeah, oh yeah!
3: They'd never expect the roof this time!
4: That it'd just pop off!
5: Not even the Buddha would notice!
6: Hahahaha!
7: Now let's have fun skiing until the evening!
8: They went as far as rigging the roof as well?!
9: I gotta hand it to them!

1: But Daimyoujin-kun, I've won this one!
2: Mufufufu...
3: What is that?
4: Mufufu...I bet it's a bit difficult for you to figure out, Yoshiko-kun.
5(2b): This is a secret weapon for taking out Daimyoujin!
6: Finished!

1: Watch me now, Daimyoujin!
2: It's fine!
3: We'll be fine tonight!
4: The window's OK over here too!
5: OK! Then let's relax and take our time!
6: Yahoooo!

1: Fufufu...guard the window all you want, tonight's the roof! Boy are they gonna be surprised!
2: C'mon, let's go!
3: We brought it, Daimyoujin!
4: Great!
5: Hee hee hee hee! Time for another eyeful!

1: Now!
2: Uwahhhhh!
3: What the, what the?!
4: Help uuuuuuus!
5: Stop thiiiiis!

1: Hyaaah
2: Coooold!
3: I did it!!
4: Take that!
5: Hirahira-kun, thanks!

1: Come with me for a second!
2: W-what do you mean by a thank-you?
3: Look!
4: Thanks! This is our way of thanking you, so look all you want!
sign: See you next time

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