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Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi 9

The Tale of the Graduation Commemoration

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 22:40 | Go to Hirahirakun Seishun Jingi

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*Only for use by Bite-Me Scans.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 9
The Tale of the Graduation Commemoration

1: Seiun Middle School
2: It's spring, it's spring!
3(2b): Sore-wasshoi, wasshoi! Enya koraya!
4: Is that Daimyoujin's gang chanting?

1: They must be planning something again!
2: Sora-yo!
3: Wasshoi!
4: Kora-yo!
5: Wasse! (*this is a bon dance chant)
6: Hey, Daimyoujin!
7(2b): What's the big idea, digging a huge hole in the courtyard like that?!

1: Yo, Hirahira! Forgive me today, would you?
2: Are you nuts?! There's stuff people can forgive, and stuff they just can't!
3: Please, understand! We're graduating soon.
4: You're digging a hole in the courtyard because you're graduating soon?
5: The truth is, we wanted to plant a tree here to commemorate our graduation.
6: A tree?
7: Yup!
8: When it comes to graduation, we feel like commemorating it just like other people, you know!
9: So you're planting a commemorative tree...
10: I can't believe it!
11: Wow.

1(2b): You sure are hard to convince! Hey, no slacking off!
2(2b): Wasshoi! Enya kora!
3: Still, that hole looks too wide and deep for just one tree.
4: Something's fishy here.
sfx: wasshoi wasshoi

1: What is that?
2: What's going on?
sfx: wasshoi wasshoi
3: What is Daimyoujin's gang up to?
4: That's a tree to commemorate their graduation.
5: Wow!
6: Daimyoujin's doing something like that...?
7: I know they're carrying a tree,
8: but why are there guys running next to them just acting like they're carrying something?
9: I have a bad feeling about this.

1: Wasshoi! Wasshoi!
2: Arayo!
3: be careful! Don't break it!
4: glimmer
5: Don't worry!
6-7: Wasse!

1: Attention all students: this is our graduation commemoration tree!
2: Feast your eyes upon this fine fir tree!
3: A fir tree?!
4: Wonderful!
5: Let's go!
6: Here come the girls!
7: Mufufu!

1: OK, dig!
2: Ee hee hee!
3: Wow, what a wonderful tree!
4: It's so romantic!

1: Ee hee hee!
2: I can see, I can see!
3(Special Illustration) The completely visibile panties plan
Originated by Myoujin Daisaku
4: Lightly sprinkle dirt over some firm glass!
5: Fir tree
6: Hide the entrance with a straw mat

1: Akemi's wearing flower panties!
2: Kakko's panties are all white!
3: Ee hee hee!
4: Ke ke ke!
5: Hey, do you hear laughter coming from below us?
6: Eh?
7: Ahhhh!

1-2: Kyaaaaah!
3: I saw, I saw!
4: I saw enough to kill me!

1: Hirahira-kuuuun! They got us!
2: Daimyoujin's gang was peeping on us!!
3: Again...?

1: Hey, today is the graduation ceremony! If you don't get them today, they'll graduate scot free!
2: I know.
3: Let's do the battle ceremony, then!
4: Think of anything?
5: Sure did!

sign: Seiun Middle School
sign: Principal's Office

1: Good, they aren't here yet. Now's our chance!
2: Are you alright?
3: Leave it to me!
4: Their graduation certificates!

page: Graduation Certificate
Class 3-3 Myoujin Daisaku
1: It's Daimyoujin's!
2: Yocchin! Find his toadies' certificates!
3: Alright!

sign: 32nd Seiun Middle School Graduation
sfx 1: words of reverence
sfx 2: the debt we owe our masters

1: Hey, Daimyoujin!
2(2b): Oh, Hirahira! We had a lot of differences, but I guess today is the end of all that!
3: Were you really able to graduate?
4: W-what?!

1: Look at this! It's the certificate the principal handed straight to me!
2(2b): Hmph! I can't believe a guy like you was able to actually graduate. It doesn't have a flunk notice inside, does it?
3: You hear that?! Time to show this pipsqueak our certificates, boys!
4: Yeah!
5: You cheeky little...

1: Hyaaah!!
2: Gyoehhh!!
3: Curse you, Hirahira...until the very end...arrrrrgh!
4: Thanks for reading!
5: Hope you all have a fun school life as well!

1: Special Feature
2: Adachi Mitsuru's Manga Classroom
3: How Hirahira-kun was made
4: Adachi-sensei, always super busy
5: Hey, Adachi! Did you do a lottery to see who gets to eat the last bun?
6(small): An assistant who's completely lost all reverence for his sensei
7: bun

1(small): An editor who's lost all reverence for Adachi-sensei
2: Hey!! The manuscript's in, Adachi! Finish it up by morning!
3: Umm, but I have a ton of other work to do.
4: Schedule Board
2. Cleaning
3. Wash
5. Mud cleaning
6. Beanbags
8. Bullying Morio
9. Cat's cradle
11. Kick the can
13. Yoyo
14. Hide-and-seek
15. Hopscotch
5: Yes, chief editor? I have a joyous announcement for you! That idiot Adachi has quit!
Upupu, oh no...I was kidding, kidding!
6: bleh
7: dangle
8: Ahaha!

1: This is Sasaki Mamoru-sensei's manuscript!
2: If you can read it all, you're a genius!
*translator's note: not only is it practically illegible, it's half-gibberish!

1: Stack of fan letters (...or so Adachi pretends...it's actually unpaid invoices)
2: drawing paper (he uses as cheap paper as he can find that matches the proper size)
3: Dictionary (can't write kanji unless he has this)
4: Schedule board (to list work on when he has a lot)
5. Knife (for stupid editors)
6. Coffee (to stay awake)
7. First he draws the boxes according to the manuscript and then writes in the text bubbles.
8: Thinking about the structure and the tempo,
9: It takes ten years to do this quickly!!
10: Adachi-sensei always thinks about food while doing this
11: so he can't do it very well!

1: After the text and the boxes, it's finally time for the drawings.
2: First penciling is done underneath,
3: and then it's inked.
4: By the way, Adachi-sensei uses Pilot ink.
5: Assistant A
6: draws the backgrounds.
7: Assistant B
8: eats buns.

1: He erases
2: and fills in the lines.
3: as well as uses the white pen for touch-ups.
4: And then
5: he eats ramen!
6: Then the screen tones are added in the end.
7: the patterns are cut to match the boxes and then stuck on (there are various types)
8: --and so Adachi Productions work hard day and night, putting blood, sweat, and tears into making wonderful manga for their hundreds of thousands of readers.
9: That's my bun!
10: Shuddap!
11: Gimmee!!

1: Now then, time to teach you how to draw Hirahira-kun and Yocchin!
2: Although they are quite similar.
top: Yocchin Hirahira-kun
(1) Draw a circle
(2): Draw a cross
(3): Draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth
(4): Draw some hair
(5): Color in the hair, and you're done!
3(2b): Try drawing different expressions! Then add a body, and move them as you like!

1: Hey! Show them how to draw me too!!
2: Ok, OK.
top: How to draw Daimyoujin
(1): Draw a circle
(2): Draw a triangle
(3): Draw an X
(4): Add in a leek pickle
(5): and you're done!
6: Like heck you'd be done with that!
7: Nyaha
8: See you
9: next time!

Adachi Mitsuru

Born in Isezaki City in Gunma Prefecture on Feb. 9, 1951. After graduating high school, he started walking on the full-blown path to becoming a manga artist. In 1970, he made his debut with "The Vanished Explosion." Afterwards, he released many different pieces, such as "Climb, Sun!!", "Nine," and "Lots of Sun Exposure!" His representative works include "Miyuki" and "Touch." This work, "Hirahira-kun Seishun Jingi," was serialized from April 1975 to March 1976 as a part of a "7th Grader Course." Its subtle differences from his other work at the time drew great popularity.

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