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Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin 5

A Bolt Out of the Blue

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 8, 2010 23:01 | Go to Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

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tl by molokidan

Chapter Five
A Bolt Out of the Blue

1: Can you toss back my ball?
2: Sorry, I know the fence is high.
3: Um
4: This way, this way!
5: Can't you speak English?
6: This?
7: Pass, pass it!

1: Ohhhhh, Pacers!

1: Owwww
2: You smiled, right?
3: Hm?
4: Oh, are you looking at this?
5: Not your shirt. You smiled just now, right?
6: Ahhh, yes, yes.
7: I see.
8: I'm not always like this, you know. So, tell me, were you laughing or not? If you were...
9: Yeah, I think I'll make you shave your head...and if you didn't...you need to learn enough English to make an excuse.
10: Ah, sorry. I don't know anything about English or basketball.

1: Then what's your N-A-M-E?
2: What's your...
3: Ahh, my name? Name...
4: I'm
5: Cosmo Natsume.
6: Cosmo?!
7: Your name is Cosmo?!
8(2b): What's that face for? Is it that funny?
9(2b): What's YOUR name? Did I say that right?
10: Wah

1: Toh
2: Ah
3: My name is Julietta.
4: See you!
5: Ah, hey! Wait!
6: The ball
7: Wait, what's that siren?
8: Should I be running away right now?

1: That was the first time I met her.
2: The second came the next day.
3: There is an american base in the town where I live.
4: And this was a fateful meeting between a girl from inside the base, and some ordinary boy outside it.
5: Fateful,
6: although I realized later that this was all part of her plan.

1: NBA Boy!
2: Hoo

1: This is my last pass.
2: Huuuuuh?
3: Come on, this is dangerous for both of us.
4(3b): Just remembering what happened yesterday gives me shivers. I don't want to get involved in some international incident, OK?
5: Ahhh, it's a...
6: It's a dangerous zone.
7: Hm?

1: Wanna smoke?
2: Eh?

1: NNo, what I'm saying is...
2: If I ever touch this fence again, I'll...
3: Eh?
4: Hey, come on.
5: This is dangerous!

1: Dan
2: gerouuuus!
3: cough cough
4: Fine then...
5: I'll show you my special secret.

1: What is that, medicine?
2: Are you sick?
3: Human experiments.
4: I'm going to become a me that isn't me.
5: These pills...
6: are to change my mind...
7: These pills...
8: are to change my blood...

1: There's a bunch more people in there like me.
2: It's a regular pig farm.
3: The room on the far right of the second floor is mine.
4: Sitting there, every day...
5: I watch a weak boy go down that road.
6: And you...
7: the weak, healthy boy, have been supporting me.

1: My heart...

1: Doahhh

1: It was as surreal as a dream.
2: My memory isn't working properly.
3: Ohhhhhh
4: Did she really exist?
5: And I don't think I'll be able to remember what happens from here on out all that well.

1: Ohhhhh
2: Afterwards, that "she" never appeared before me again.
3: No, that isn't the right way to put it.
4: It seemed that she had some kind of disease,
5: so maybe she went back to her country and got the care she needed.
6: And after some time,
7: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh
8: she appeared once more.

1: wah
2: toh
3: tah
4: Did she come back?
5: Something's...written here.

1: I'm here.
2: Yo.

1: Ha
2: Ho
3: Hah

1: Kufuh
2: Boy meets girl
3: everyday heeeere
4: Hoooooo

1: Dah
2: What the?

1: Who is our enemy?
2(2b): "America?" Then who is "America?" The President?
3: Or is it the "Euro Union" including the "UN Army?"
4: Or "China," the ones who dropped the bomb?
5: Why are you here?

1: You applied to come to this training facility, didn't you?
2: Hmmmm?
3: If I had to say, it'd be for revenge.
4(2b): My hometown was taken out. I have a "reason" to join the forces, now don't I?
5: Someday you'll graduate from this place
6(2b): be taken to some battlefield, and come face to face with someone...
7: the enemy.
8: Hyaaaa, what a man!
9: Were you a victim, Natsume-kun?
10: Don't say victim.
11: Oh, sorry.

1: You're talking about all the American camps in Japan going up in flames, right?
2: I dunno about that whole "Far East Purge" thing, but don't you think it's caused every Japanese citizen a world of pain?

1: Even so, revenge isn't a good thing.
2: Aha!
3: What are the hell are you laughing about?
4: Why did YOU join this army, huh?!
5: Heeheheheheheh
6: Glasses confiscated!
7: Ah
8: You sure are cheeky for a dangling penis!
9: Hey, give them back!
10: Nope!
11(2b): You suck, Natsume-kun! What, what?

1: I said revenge, but I don't even know who my enemy is, so technically I don't really have a right to say it.
2: Besides, that romance was never going to bloom in the first place.
3: Give me back my glasses!
4: There was something before all this enemy shit, though.
5: Natsume-kun?
6: Was it...love?

Chapter 5 - A Bolt Out of the Blue END

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