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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kintoki Oneshot : Toki of the Aurumoculi

Toki of the Aurumoculi

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 13, 2010 23:12 | Go to Kintoki

*Only for use by Mangastream.

tl by molokidan

-Toki of the Aurumoculi

Toriyama Akira

side: Toki, a youth with golden eyes, goes on a pulse-pounding adventure! Beginning right now!!

1: In this world, there exists a tribe of people known as the "Aurumoculi," humans who possess golden eyes and monstrous physical abilities...
slanted: A legend that sleeps in distant memory...
2: There were periods far in the past where they were extravagantly praised as gods of battle, but because of their short life spans, very few of them remain...
3: And now, they are on the verge of disappearing completely from people's memories...
4-5: zzz
6: bah

1: dash
2: stretch...
3: kiiiiiiin
4: bih

1: gyahhh
2: Alright!
3: hyuuuuuh...

1: wham
2-9: drag
10: Hoo...

1: Hoo...
2: What?
3: If you want a fortune, pay up 2 zenny.
4: Umm...it says "Venus Native Fortunetelling" here...
5: Are you really from Venus, Miss?
6: Don't call me that, it makes me seem old.
7: And of course. I just got here yesterday.
8(2b): But the average temperature on Venus is 400 C, isn't it? How can you survive in that weather?
9: Eh?! ..ah...ahh, of course.
10: I just pull out a fan when it gets around 1000.

1: Hott!!
2: If you don't want a fortune, then beat it!!
3: drag
4: Tch...
5: drag
6: Ehh?!
7: Isn't that a Thundra?!
8: Wh-what are you doing with that?!
9: I shot it down with my boy.
10(2b): Yeah right. This thing flies super fast! You can't even shoot it down with a gun!
11: You just found a dead one, right?

1: Ohh! Caught another, eh?
2: Heh heh heh! Good work!
3: This one is a little small, but what the heck. I'll give you 35 zenny for it.
4: I'm being really generous here!
5: 35 zenny?! That's highway robbery!
6: There are pearl-like jewels within those Thundora that can sell for at least 400!!
7: Wh-who are you?! Shut up and stay out of this!
8: Take it to the next town over, someone there will probably buy it for 500.
9: F-fine...guess I've got no choice.
10: I'll buy it for 400...
11: Tch...
12: Wow...!
13: I could buy a house made out of bread with this!
14: I get half your profit, you know.
15: Eh? ...ah...I see...
16: Today is really turning out to be my lucky day!
17: C'mon, I'll buy you some Zoda water.

1: Here, drink up.
2: Thanks.
3: Ummm...you're...a girl, aren't you?
4: Eh...?!
5: You didn't have confidence in that...?!
6: I'm obviously a beautiful young girl no matter how you look at me!
7: Umm...
8: Then will you marry me?
9: Ehh?!
sign: Venus Native Fortunetelling
10: M...
11: Marry?!
12: What are you talking about...
13: Hm?
14: You read this "Venus Native," right? Is that you?
15: Ah...ahh, well yeah...
16: Wow...! So there really are aliens from Venus!
17: ...but...I wonder if I can get married to an alien...
18: What are you talking about in the first place?!

1: I'm
2: an aurumoculi.
3: ...aurumoculi...? I feel like I've heard that somewhere before...but yeah, I guess your eyes ARE gold.
4: I don't really know much about them, I thought they all died out.
5: I think I'm the last one.
6: When my father died, he told me just to get married even if it's not to another aurumoculi, so that I can have children and continue the bloodline.
7: Aurumoculi have short lifespans, but if you don't mind, would you marry me?!
8: Are you kidding me?!
9: How old are you, anyway?
10: 19.
11: You're surprisingly grown-up...even though you're small.
12: I have a complex about that.
13: Either way, I have no intention of getting married!
14: Sorry, but try someone else.

1(2b): That's unfortunate. Thank you for the Zoda water.
2: ...he's not persisting...
3: ...oh yeah, what's your name?
4: Toki.
5: And yours?
6: Merulusa.
7: See ya.
8: ...an aurumoculi, huh...didn't they have some kind of special powers or something...?
9: What was it again...

1: I see. A beauty, just as the rumors said.

1: Here for a fortune? Sorry, but I'm done for today.
2: I'm not here for anything like that. I, Berry-sama, have come here because YOU have caught my eye, and I would like to ask you out on a date!
3: Follow me. I'll buy you a delicious tempura special.
4: Unfortunately, I made an unexpectedly high profit today. If you want to buy some tempura, then eat it yourself.
5: I'm not interested in playing around with some kid. Go away.
6: Hey, woman.
7: Be careful how you speak. Berry-sama is the son of our lord.
8: And despite how he may look, he is already a mature 25-year-old man.
9: ...despite how he may look..?
10: Ahh!
11: I...I just meant despite how magnificent he may look!
12: You can refuse if you want.
13: But you'll end up acquiring a third nostril.

1: Fufu...a third nostril...
2: Ssssh!
3: Bang
4: Gyaaahh!!
5: Berry-sama, it was the man next to him who laughed at your nostril catchphrase.
6: Eh?
7: Owowowow...
8: Bang bang
9: Hoooo
10: Hey, Rasp! That wasn't catchphrase. It was just a light gag.
11: Yes, sire! Please excuse me.
12: ...so then wouldn't it be ok to laugh...?

1: Well, woman? Now do you understand how fearsome...
2: S-she's gone...!!
3: Is this a Venus native's technique...?!
4: She ran into the fields.
5: Tell me that sooner!!
6: Over there, Berry-sama!
7: Rasp, aim for the legs! Don't kill her!
8: Understood!
9: baaaaam
10: Ugihhh!!

1: O-owwwww...!!
2: D-dammiiiit!!
3: Ha-haaaah! Nice one! As expected from the finest sniper in our nation!!
4: ...a gunshot...and a scream...
5: Sounded like that Venus native...Mel...something...
6(2b): Berry-sama, it's dangerous out in the fields. You never know when a Thundra might...
7: Hmph! It's already evening, they're resting their wings by now!

1-3: hop
4: Ku ku ku...now you'll just have to go on the date with a hurt leg!
5: And now I'm only going to buy you four takoyakis.
6: Shithead...! Pervert! Shrimp! Skater cut! Stupid son!
7: Wh-what...?! Skater cut...?! H...how dare you humiliate my hairstyle...!!
8: ...that's what you're mad about...?
9: I will forgive no more. Cran, execute her!
10: Eh?
11: Yes, sir.
12: You're a foolish woman. All Berry-sama wanted to do was sing a duet with you at karaoke after dinner!
13: Eh...?!

1: Prepare yourself!
2: wham!

1: Wh-who are you?!
2: Toki!!
3: Eh?! Wh...where did he come from...?!
4: You just tried to kill a Venus native, didn't you?
5: She certainly is scary, but she isn't a bad person. Forgive her.
6: Forgive her? Fu fu fu...
7: Have you ever heard of the name "Cran?" He's the finest swordsman in our nation!
8: So what?
9: Ahh...!!
10: C...could this guy be an aurumoculi...?!
11: Aurumoculi? What's that?
12(2b): A...very fearsome race of people...a...a long time ago, a single one of them took out hundreds of soldiers from our army...
13: H...hmph! What an over-exaggeration...
14: You think Berry-sama would be frightened by such a man?! Off with his head, Cran!
15: tap...
16: Yes, sir.
17: Are you fine with your bare hands, kid...?

1: Ehh?!
2: Hohhhh!!!
3: bam
4: splat

1(2b): O-oh, now I remember...! Aurumoculi are extremely good at fighting...!
2: Who's next?
3: You can all come at once if you like.
4: So cool!
5(2b): H-Huckle! You're the strongest man in our nation! Get him!
6: Rasp! Hurry up and shoot him down!!
7: Owww...!
8: I'm sorry...! All of a sudden, my stomach...!
9: I'll take you on, kid.
10: I don't think that's a good idea.
11: Eh...?!

1: ...was Quina really that strong? ...
2: I don't know...but he may be the most courageous man in the nation...
3: Start whenever you want.
4: Well then, don't mind if I do.

1: skiddddd
2: hop
3: bam

1: bam
2: tap
3: ...
4: Wow! You're really strong.
5: ...could you be...
6: Yes...I'm also an aurumoculi.
7: I never thought the day would come when I would see a young one, however.
8: S-so there still exist other ones than me!
9: Wow! H-hey, how many other are there?!
10: I don't really know, but I think that you and I are the only ones left in this nation...
11: I heard that there are five or so in the eastern country, though.
12: Really?!
13: Q...Quina is an aurumoculi...?
14: G-great!!

1: Hey! Was one of them a young girl?!
2: I don't know that much.
3: Quina! Hurry up and get rid of that guy!!
4: I'll give you a special bonus for it!!
5 ...I'm 38, past the average age of death for one of us...
6: I wanted to live out my last days in luxury, so I got a job with a good salary. But you know, working for an idiot like that is really unbecoming for us proud aurumoculi.
7: Seeing you now, I've come to regret my actions.
8: I quit.
9: See ya.
10: dash
11: D-don't move!!
12: Move an inch, and this Venus native is dead!!

1: You should just hurry up and apologize.
2: At this distance, I could beat you in an instant.
3: L-liar!!
4: Did you see what just happened? I think he's telling the truth.
5: And you two should get down.
6: Eh? Why?
7: A Thundra's coming.

1: Ogyaaahh!!
2: H-hiieeeeeee!!
3: Be
4: Berry-samaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
5: Getting eaten by a Thundra is too sad a fate, even for a guy like that.
6: Shall I help him?
7: I guess? Might as well poach it.
8: Can you lend me that gun?
9: Y-yes, sir!
10: C-can you make it?!
11: Probably.
12: They can't fly fast when they're carrying food.
13: Thundra only have one weak spot. If you aim for that, you can drop them like flies.
14: What's the aligned distance on this thing?
15: 150 meters.

1: U...umm...can't you shoot yet...?
2: If I drop him now, then that guy will die too.
3: I'm waiting for him to get over the lake...
4: gyahhh
5-6: splash
7: A-amazing!!
8: Excellent job!!
9: If you don't hurry up, he'll drown instead.
10: T-thank you very much!!
11: You can take that gun as a thank you!!
12: Really?!
13: Wow! I can sell this for a lot!

1: Are you alright? Can you walk?
2: Hell no! I was shot!
3: But you saved me. Thanks so much.
4: I'll carry you to a doctor.
5: Really?!
6: Thank you!
7: But you're kinda suspicious. Toki, you come too.
8: H...Huckle...
9: P...please, take me too...
10: I'm gonna ask a trivial question, but are the marks on your cheeks some kind of warrior symbol?
11: They're to make me look slim.
12: ...hmm...

1: Still, though, you're crazy strong, Toki! If you worked hard, you could really make a lot of money.
2: Maybe then I might become your lover <3
3: That's OK. I might be able to find a female aurumoculi.
4: ...and Venus natives seem kind of strong-willed and scary...
5: What?! What's scary about me?! I'm a beautiful, gentle young lady!!
6: And who would actually think I'm really from Venus, anyway?! Are you an idiot?!
7: ...afterwards, the trio went on a great adventure to find the other aurumoculi...
small at bottom: THE END
side: A mismatched trio, off on an exciting adventure!!

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