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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

World Embryo 59

Hatsumi Island [3]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 15, 2010 07:57 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

1: I went to see my father.
2: His address was written in my mother's address book.
3: I saved up all my allowance and went by train--
4: ...but in the end, I wasn't able to meet him.
5: However

1: ...you've probably forgotten...
2: But I remember.
3: That...was the last time I was able to be a child...

Chapter 59 - Hatsumi Island [3]

1: Which side does this go on?
2: The right!
3: Hey, it's not high enough!
4: Don't ask me about that!
5: ...Installation complete.
6: Now I can control 70% of the island's electronic systems.
7: Gimme some stir-fried liver!
8: Coming right up!
9: Good work. Now just practice the start-up timing until the scheduled day. You'll have to measure with your eye, you know.
10: What's the daily special?
11: I created 24 different plans to deal with accidents, so leave it to me.
12: ...she's the one who has it the roughest, though...
13: ...don't you think our leader is bearing too heavy a load with this plan?
14: Well, she designed it. If you think about it terms of priority handling, it works out so that you do all the machinery stuff, and we do the transporting.
15: Are you fucking blind?!

1: That's the Ootori youth gang...
2: The numbers don't match up at all!
3: Huh? That's your fault.
4: What?! Look more closely!
5: And that's the leader of the Takao firefighters.
6: With the festival drawing closer, I've been seeing a lot of quarrels all over the place.
7(2b): It's better to have a lot of powder kegs...chaos creates blind spots...it was a good idea to have done some monkey business ahead of time.
8: Geh! Our eyes met!
9: ...huh?
10: ...it really seems like he forgot about what happened...
11: Oh yeah, and we were called to assemble by the leader. 17:30 at "home."
12: ! Is this about the proposal...?

1: You've been in a sort of strained relationship with her ever since that one time, right?
2: How about you try and clear things up before it causes any problems during our operation?
3: Haha...
4: After that, I thought she'd be avoiding me...but it's so hard to grasp the subtleties of her emotions.
5: And rather hard to capture her.
6: Uwahhh! My lunch break!!
7: ---this is Hatsumi Island from 7 years ago.
8: I'm journeying through Karasawa Shirou's memories.
9: ...or so I thought...

1: ...I've pretty much been everywhere I can go...
2: It's almost been a month since I came here.
3: When Karasawa works during the day, he doesn't do any activities as "Tokiji"...so in the meantime, I've been sightseeing.
4: All that's left now is to go on a boat ride...although, it'd be dangerous if I get stuck somewhere.
5: I'm certain that "this" isn't reality...I never get hungry, nor do I have to go to the bathroom...
6(small): But it's hot, and I get tired and sleepy.
7: ...it doesn't seem like this is simply Karasawa's memories...

1: Over this month, the people of the island have gradually warmed up to Karasawa.
2: The people at the town office, the intelligence agency members...Takao...Ryuusei.
3: What about...Sayoko-san? (I don't really get her.)
4: And...
5: I wonder what she's doing today...it's kind of bugging me...

1: gih...
2: Oh no...!
3: cough
4: hack
5: blehh
6: A-are you alri...
7: Stop!!!

1: You must not remove the mask!!
2: "Spirits of the dead are not human"
3: "They must not return to their human state in front of people!"
4: Yes...grand...mother.
5: ...when I leave Karasawa's side, I can catch glimpses of other things.
6: Like this crazy worshiping that's centered around the cocoon...
7: And it seems to me like that distortion is centered mostly around this girl...

1: It seems like she trains for hours and hours every day...without eating, taking a rest, or removing her mask. Always alone...
2(small): ...she took off the bottom part...!
3: The only one she talks to is Tokiji Sayoko-san, who's acting as a teacher for the handicapped...and it looks like that's a dangerous deviation from the island's rules...
4: Geh! The 5:00 siren?
5: Oh no...Karasawa's gonna finish work! (If he disappears again...)

1: Is this...a dream?
2: mmmm....boy is this nice!
3(2b): A nostalgic port town that I should have never been to...my breast is aching...and after wandering for some time, what appeared in front of my eyes...
4: The atmosphere of a town right before a festival! It's sparkling!
5: what appeared before my eyes--

1: It looks like I can photograph a lot of shining this time!
2: was master!
3: Ahhh! It looks like they're discussing something important!
4: I wonder if I'll understand if I jump in now...
5: ...why are you telling me this now...?
6: If you read this, you should understand.

1: This is an alternate plan.
2(2b): The risks you have to take for the current plan are too extreme, if you actually plan on masquerading as the maiden yourself in order to switch out the real holy object.
3: And the bigger the risk, the lower our chance of success becomes.
4(2b): Give me one month...no, even half a month, and I will remove all the defense systems in the shrine from the outside! There is no reason to do this on the festival day, where you'll be purposefully throwing yourself before the eyes of many people.
5: Are you saying that if I give you time, you'll be able to do something about that?
6: ...we're already out of time...
7: Your propsal is rejected.
8: There will be no change to our plans. Everything is to be executed as previously decided!

1: ...but thanks.
2: You're clearly...worried about me from the bottom of your heart...
3: ...don't mention it.
4: ...so she won't change her mind, no matter what I say...
5: Because it's such a risky mission, the benefits will be great...to you, as well.
6: Once this project is finished, I'll make it so that you can receive any post you like within the Tokiji Group.
7: Wow...how thoughtful of you.
8(2b): ...in that case, I'd like a cell phone company. This island is too inconvenient...I would have put a base station here at the very beginning.
9(2b): Oh, that's perfect. I think my older sister was planning something like that.
10: But...personally, I would have qualms with working permanently under you...

1: I can't step out into the front stage of Tokiji...
2: There's no place for me there...because...I'm a shadow.
3: It's fine that you're the President's confidant! But why do you yourself have to insist that you're nothing more than a shadow?!
4: What's different between you and Sawako-san?!
5: On one side, you're a young elite, the 7th in the line of successors to the Tokiji group! And then on the other side, you're a tainted hidden dagger who your own group doesn't even know about!!
6: Were these HIS orders?! That's too old-fashioned! What weight can the selfish demands of some old fart possibly...

1: No!!
2: The only one who values me now is my grandfather!
3: If you deny me that, then I would never forgive you...
4: ...please excuse me.
5: I'm going to return to gathering materials.
6(2b): ...let me just say one more thing. You think the president is the only one who values you...?
7: Ridiculous.
8: I also...

1: ...yeah, that's right! I thought you were necessary for my goal.
2: But he's living inside of you, and I just can't take it anymore.
3: I didn't want to lose to him!!
4: ...if only...
5: we had met a bit earlier...
6: bleccch
7: cough
book: The Neverending Story
Michael Ende

1: --I vaguely understand their future.
2: Most of their efforts shouldn't have even had the chance of grasping a ladder to a new future...
3: But at this moment, they were struggling with all their might to keep on living.
4: Believing that their hands would soon reach a better tomorrow.

1: And so...that once-in-a-lifetime summer passed on by...

1: ...this really is a strange festival.
2: Evvverybody's wearing fox masks.
3: That'll make it easier for us to transport everything.
4: ...yeah, it'll be a cinch.
5: ...they're here.

1: That's...the holy body?
2: ...this really is a risky plan.
3: Switching out the leader herself...
4: Maybe we should have assembled a similar number of women members...
5: Didn't I tell you? She's the one who came up with this. All we have to do is follow her orders.
6(2b): It's time. We're heading into Phase 4. Don't mess up the timing, Karasawa.
7: You be careful too, Katagura-san.
8: ...there are more people here than I expected, though...
9: I can't see too well...at this rate, the timing...

1: Dammit! Should I move...?
2: Fuwahh?!
3: Uwahh! Where is he going?!
4: wait...!
5: Uwah! Wh-what the?!
6: S-something just hit me?!
7: Ahh, excuse me...can't you hear me...?
8: ...uwahhhh! How can I find him in this?!
9: Where did you go, Karasawa?!
10: Master?
11: Masterrrrr!!

1: ...Arisugawa...?

1: Arisugawa...
2: Why are you here...
3(2b): Oh, that's right! We were together after we defeated Karasawa...I'm glad you're...
4: alri...
5: gggghhht...
6: What are you...

1: Uuuuu....
2: Uuuuuuuuu~
3: ...sorry...

1: Seems like...I made you worry. Sorr...
2: ...huh?
3: Idiot!!
4: ...Arisugawa-san?
5: Sh-shut up!!
6: D-don't look at me, idiot!!

1: I-I'm just so irritated right now that my head's become very flustered!!
2(2b): I have a ton of things and complaints I want to say to you!! J-just wait until I calm down!!
3: She...was really worried...
4: I'm really...sorr...
5: The lights?!
6: It's pitch black...
7: It's begun...Karasawa's plan!
8: What's...happening?!
9: Calm down...it's almost time.
10: 15 seconds until the lights come back on...and during that time, they'll switch the cocoon out with a dummy...

1: ...the holy body
2: the holy body...is gone!!
3: Wha...
4: Eh? Really?
5: What's going on?!
6: Who took it...
7: A dummy should have been replaced there.
8: What's happening?!
9: Nobody move!!
10: It shouldn't have disappeared entirely...

1: What's going on, Karasawaaa?!
2: Karasawa?!
3: The source of the infection is here?!
4: Ah...no, I'll explain later!! We have to find Karasawa!!
5(2b): ...that's it! Our Cages!! If we kensei, we can use our CAGEs to search!
6: Oh...right! (I forgot)
7: Kensei!!!

1: ...where are we...?!

Next: Nov. 30

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#1. by rokuso3 ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2010
Thank you very much molokidan! I'm looking forward for the next chapter *_*
#2. by tarmie ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2010
Thanks a bunch! ^^
Can't wait for the next chapter!
#3. by Yunie ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2010
Where can I find this chapter? I've been looking for it, but I can't find it, I can only fin the translations, but not the manga with the translations, please help me!
#4. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Dec 26, 2010
You're welcome! And to Yunie: sorry, can't help you!
#5. by Yunie ()
Posted on Jan 4, 2011
It's okay~ :)
But thanks for the translation molokidan! I can't wait for the next chapter ! :D
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