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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shitsurakuen 17


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 16, 2010 00:31 | Go to Shitsurakuen

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tl by molokidan

1: It is a tale that everyone knows.
2: The story of a knight going to save a princess kidnapped by a demon king.
3: It's a very simple story.
4: The knight continues to trudge forward on his straight, true path toward the princess.
5: Defeating six demons, one after another,
6(2b): falling prey to not a single obstacle or temptation the demon king throws out.
side: Not batting an eye to the temptations of the demon king.
7: But what if the knight did stop moving?
8(2b): If the knight's eyes stopped on one of the demon king "El"'s repeated machinations, and drew his gaze away from his straight, true path to the princess "X?"
9: What would happen?

1(2b): How would things end--...?


1: Change your gaze for only a moment, and there lies--.

1: ...slice
2-7: slice
8: slice...
9: ...ummmm.

1(2b): What's going on? This is...
2-5: slice
6: slice...
7: Last evening, Shoujou fought with Himoto and won.
8: The four girls we received at that time have been delegated to officers as ordered by El.
9(2b): Izaki Koharu is to go to Kajiwara-senpai, Shishidou Hiyo to Tougyuu-senpai,
10(2b): and Oashi Tomoko to Mitarai-senpai, so I have brought them here. You said you would go visit Tougyuu-senpai today, after all.
11(2b): Why is Date Reiko sleeping in Tougyuu's room? Isn't the girls' wing on the other end?
12: It was El's order, in order to keep a good watch on her without letting her get in contact with Himoto...

1: ...I see...
2(2b): Fine! More importantly, I came here to visit a certain someoooone! Yahooooo! Tougyuu, how aaare you?
3: He's still in a comatose state, so I doubt he can hear...
4: Oh, really?
5(2b): But if that's the case, then he can't eat this apple, can he? Why are you peeling it?
6: Can I eaaaaat it?
7: ...go ahead.
8(2b): But you know...he was always laughing so boisterously and slovenly that I didn't notice, but...
9: Tougyuu...

1(2b): Looking at him this way, he's actually pretty cute. I almost want to give him a kiss <3
2: ........ggghh!!!
3: ...he
4: protected Hiyo-chan--...
5: Hiyo-chan?!

1: Gyuu!!?
2(2b): Hey...what are you doing, you little brat?!
small: you made me bite my tooongue
3: ....gh
4: Tomoko-san...?!
5: With Sora-sama gone now, she has no one to count on...
6: I have to protect Hiyo-chan...!!

1: Because I'm more of an older sister...
2: than Hiyo-chan!!
3: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! This bitch bit meeeee!!
4(2b): Yooo...uuuuuuuu
5: little pisswooooooorm!
6: ...tch

1: grip
2: ...ah.
3: Eh...?

1: You two are so silly...
2: Come now, move! Move, I said!
3: Tougyuu? Hey...
4(3b): ...oh, don't be like this...unconscious...? This is so awkward with you asleep like this...
5(2b): Ummm...you're a little too relaxed, you know? Tougyuu...Sumitaaaaa...!
6: ruffle
7: If we're gonna do this, then let's do it like we've always done...
8: C'mon, right now...before anyone sees us!

1: --knock
2(2b): knock knock
3(2b): Yes, yeeees! Oh.
4: A message from El?
5: Ahh, we can't use our phones in this place, so thanks for coming all the way...
small: El's so serious...yet another lovable quality <3
6: ...huh?
7(2b): Eh? But we just got them...why do we have to throw them away...
8: ...transfer? All three of them?
9: ...to who?

1: gh
2: ...gaah
2: No...
3(2b): Nooo...ahh
4: Sto...
5: Shut up...stop moving!
6: Hah
7: Nnn
8: ...gaah
9: Please stop...
10: It's alright, just hurry up and...
11: nnn
12: Hiiee
13(2b): Ahh nnn
14(2b): Nnnaah aaaaahhh
15: let me yank it out...

1(2b): ...tch. I just got you, and you're already bugging out on me...
2: What's with this bug mark?
small: Besides, why did you have to make such weird noises over me pulling the weapon out?!
3: It must be because that bug woman had you...
4: This isn't a bug!
5(2b): It's..."proof." Proof...that Sora-sama...will protect us girls from Iwahijiri!
6: ...and

1(2b): The fact that this proof is on my weapon is in turn, proof that we will support Sora-sama.
2(2b): Support her on her charge down that direct path, that we will be at her side, giving her strength...it's proof that we have the right to walk beside her...
3: Proof that...it's my duty!!
4: It's fine.
5: Even if you can't use it in a battle, even without the "seal,"
6: you can still become her strength!
small: Ah...
7(2b): ...Oh my...I'm sorry...Yuki-san...

1: ...hah.
2: You still going on about "Sora-sama?"
3(2b): She fell prey to her own anger like an idiot, went up against Shoujou, and then lost instantly.
4: She used each of your weapons one after another, without thinking about what would happen,
5: and then lost you all.
6: That's all she was capable of!
7: She's just an intolerant, stupid kid trying to act like she's on the side of justice!
8: There's no way a loser like that could ever stand up to Iwahijiri!!
9(2b): ...what it with boys...

1(2b): Chauvinism is clearly wrong, Iwahijiri is obviously mentally disturbed and doing something bad...
3: Yet they not only show absolutely no resistance toward that,
4: but curry favor with him, because he promised them a future! They happily accept what he does!!
5: They're all cowards who can think of no one but themselves!!
6: Compared to you people...
7: No! She's incomparable with you!
8(2b): Sora-sama is so much more handsome and valiant...!!

1: Wake up already!
2(2b): You're my property now. And from now on, I...
3: I...
4(2b): ...ma...

1-2: Sora-sama
3: Sora-sama...
4: Sora-samaaa...
5: ...tch
6(2b): So...we boys really are the villains...
7: beep beep

1: beep
2: ...what?
3(2b): ...huh? Transfer her?
4(2b): Koharu?! To who...huh?!
5: Why do I have to make a transfer to that useless...
6: Sora-sama...!
7: I believe in you.
8: I know...you'll protect me...
9: Sora-sama...
10: Sora-samaaa...

1: I believe in you...
2: ...wh
3: wh...
4: y...
5: Wh...y

1(2b): Why...they "believe in me"...
2: Yet I...
3: couldn't...protect the Princess...?
4: Why...
5: wh...y

1: It's alright, Sora-sama...
2: There is still a straight path in front of you.
3: Protected by a great, invisible power.
4: Connected to a dream where everything goes how it should.
5: A wonderful, sure, straight path.
6: So...
small section:
1(2b): flip flip
2: flip...
3: ...huh?
4(2b): ? What's wrong, Yuki-san?
5: Right now...Iwahijiri
6: ..."absent"
8: I'm telling you...
9: It's alright...!
10: ...I

1: As you walk down this path,
2: they are not allowed
3: to go beside you...
4: But...

1: ...mm

bottom: Yuki's feelings creep in--.

Next: Oct. 22

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