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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Shitsurakuen 18

Off The Path, There Lies--

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 16, 2010 00:31 | Go to Shitsurakuen

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tl by molokidan

1: ...koh
2: What happened to the seal girls, Shoujou?
3(2b): They were given to their respective officers as delegated by El, sir. Izaki Koharu went to Kajiwara-senpai, Oashi Tomoko went to Mitarai-senpai,
4-5: koh
6: Shishidou Hiyo went to Tougyuu-senpai, and Date Reiko went to Sumita...
7: Fufuh! And by now, they're probably all...
8: koh...
9(2b): slamming what they've "saved up" against them, right? You know what I mean...

Chapter 18 - Off the Path, There Lies--

1: koh...
2: An overwhelming victory against Himoto within 15 minutes, though..
3: koh...
4(2b): That's really something. You did well, Shoujou.
5: ...gulp
6: N-no, I just...
7(2b): Ah...I just had the advantage. I mean, think about it.
8(2b): It was our first battle, so Himoto-san didn't know about my "fighting style"...

1: And so I took her by surprise.
2: And more than anything,
3: Himoto-san
4: lost herself due to her own anger.

1: So you see,
2: it was rather easy...
3: to read her movements...!

1: President!
2: Huh? Kawazu-senpai.
3(3b): We received contact from an Exaclan admin. They want you to hand over the subchief you have...who are they talking about?
4-5: kah
6(2b): They must mean the President, "El." And call the admins "Angels."
7: pachi
8: That's right, Kawazu-senpai! How many times do we have to tell you?
9: ...ggh
10: ...hmph! Ridiculous...
11(2b): --Yeah, it's me. You OK right now? Kuchinawa?

1: Tell her to go to the lab immediately.
2(2b): Yes...it doesn't matter. Have her go alone.
3(2b): ...is it really OK to let her go alone? That woman...she might do something...
4: If you'd like, I could go watch over her...
5: There is no need for that.
6: Don't do anything unnecessary.
7: Who is "she?"
8: Why is Kuchinawa also there...?!

1: And...you were talking earlier, weren't you? About "seal girls" and stuff...
2: What is up with those "seals?!"
3: What's with you people...
4: Hiding things even from your other officials...!!?
5(2b): Sorry, sorry, senpai. But this is top secret stuff that only certain special people are privy to.
6: The only officials who know are El, me...
7: Oh, and Sumita and Kuchinawa-san.
8: Kuchinawa too...?!

1: The world that Kawazu-senpai and I live in is a liiitle different, you see.
2: Kajiwara-senpai and then don't know, though. So please be friendly with them!
3: ...give him back.
4: Give him back, youuuu!!

1: Woah...what are you doing...
2: "El" my ass! "Angel" my ass!!
3: Give him back! Don't pull Kuchinawa any deeper into your twisted world!!
4(2b): Kuchinawa...Haruka used to be my...
5(2b): Huh? Why are you so obsessed with Kuchinawa-san? And don't be so possessive of him, like he's a woman or something...
6: Fine, I'll give him back to you.

1(2b): But Kawazu. You have to go fight with Himoto too.
2: Fight her, and acquire Yagizawa Yuki.
3: E...El?
4: Relax. I'll lend you some powerful weapons.
5: Izaki Koharu, Oashi Tomoko, Date Reiko, Shishidou Hiyo, all four...
6: ...w

1(2b): Wait a minute, El! Yagizawa doesn't even have a seal!
2(2b): She also has the weakest short sword...it won't do us any good to acquire her!
3(2b): Ah, but if you want to hurt Himoto more, then I'll go. So...
4: I'll do it!
5(2b): All I need to do is beat Himoto and get Yagizawa Yuki, right?! Then you'll return Kuchinawa to me!!?

1(2b): Yes. It's a promise.
2: You hear that, Kuchinawa?
3(2b): This is a special occasion. Go and watch Kawazu's battle.
4: ...my, my.

1(2b): I've never once been Kawazu's, though. As usual, his misunderstandings are troubling.
2: But oh well, I finally get it now.
3: This is why you made such a useless man into an official.
4: ...El.
5: What's wrong...?
6: Don't you know how useless...
7: how weak and useless a man Kawazu-senpai is...?!

1: We finally got our hands on those seals...
2: And you're going to have Himoto take them ALL back?! Are you sure about this!!?
3: And Kuchinawa...
4: What's all this fuss over Kuchinawa?!
5(2b): He's a man, but you treat him like a woman...like he's your possession.
6: Kawazu-senpai knows, right?
7: Why won't you tell me too?!

1: Is there something else other than the seals?!
2(2b): What...what are you thinking?! El...!!!
3(2b): Please tell me everything...everything!!
4: I live in the same world as you, right?
5: I walk on the same road...next to you...
6: We're walking together, right...?!
7: ...Shoujou.

1(2b): I only remember ever teaching Kuchinawa and Sumita about the seals.
2: You just got ahold of that information on your own, didn't you?
3-5: koh

1: Yet--...
2: Yet, I!!

1: Everyone...was taken away.
2: All the girls capable of becoming weapons, supporting Sora-sama...
3: But...
4: It's alright...
5: I...
6: I'm still here...!

(some of the bubbles in the flashback are too blurred out to read. I'll try to tl it if you really want)
1: --No, I...
2: have nothing to do with this.
3: Whether I'm here or not, nothing will change.
4: Sora-sama will certainly continue charging down her straight path.
5: And in the end, she will definitely...win!

1(2b): I can't be holding Sora-sama back anymore than this...
2: I can't do anything...unnecessary!!
sign: Himoto Sora

1: gyuh

1(2b): Sora-sama! Is it OK for you to be up already?
2: patan
3: Yuki...
4: What's that letter...
5: ...oh.
6(2b): A girl from the student council brought it a little bit ago. It's a request for a battle from one of the officials.
7(2b): He's going to use the four of them, and requested I use Yuki...

1: dokun...
2: I...?
3: doku...
4: Does this mean I'm necessary...?
5: doku...
6: ...no! That can't be.
7: No matter how skilled Sora-sama may be,
8: I...only possess a weak short sword capable of being broken by bare hands.
9: There's no way I could beat all four of their strong weapons.
10: I'm not the one who can give Sora-sama power.
11: It must--...
12: It must be--...

1: ...Yuki!
2: Please, lend me your strength...
3(2b): I'm sorry. But I'm still not in the proper condition...
4(2b): ...ah. R...really?
5: No...it's al...right.
6: Even without a weapon, we can win...
7: Because I "believe"...
8: OK...?

1: Why couldn't I protect them, even though they believed in me...?
2: --oh, really...
3: She couldn't even protect Tsuchi-san,
4: and then had the four taken from her...
5: So she's started to not believe in herself anymore...
6: ...you'll definitely succeed.
7: But...not if you stay
8: in that condition...!
9: Sora-sama...

1: ...what a nice sound that made.
2: Yuki-san, what are you doing?!

1: What do you mean you "believe?!"
2: Tsuki-san and the four were taken from you,
3: But that isn't everything.
4: This is all necessary for you, Sora-sama,
5: so that you can succeed in the end!
6: ...and although I can't provide anything,
7: you still have a "weapon" left...right?

1(2b): just like when you first saved Koharu, and with Hiyo-chan yesterday...
2: It's called "miracles"...
3: a "great, invisible power"...
4: ...ah...
5: Please believe me, Sora-sama.
6: This all has a purpose.
7: And in the end, you will definitely win.

1(2b): I also...believe!!
2: Yuki...
3: ...yes!
4(2b): That's right, as long as we believe, I'll be able to protect them in the end.
5(2b): Just like the knight with the princess...I...will protect everyone!!

1(2b): Thank you, Yuki! Because of you...I can finally move forward again...!!
2: Because...of me...?
3: I...gave her power...?
4: ...ah
5: Sora-sama, I...

1: In front of you is a single road.
2: ...now go, Sora-sama.
3(2b): Protected by an great, invisible power. A wonderful, certain road.
4: I will stay here and pray for your good fortune.

1: You will definitely bring joy to everyone.
2: ..patan
3: ...but
4: It's unsettling.
5(2b): Why, even though I adore you more than anyone,
6: believe in you more than anyone,
7: Why do I not have the right to walk down that path with you?
8: If my role is simply to watch from behind as you grow farther and farther away from me,
9: If anything else I try to do will really just be meaningless...

1: Then I--...

1: I have a request, Yuki.
2: Can you go to the forest behind the library for me?
3: I want you to bring me a "miracle."
4: A "great, invisible power."
5: Eh...?
6: I'm not actually supposed to tell anyone, but
7: I'll tell you, Yuki.

1: "X."
2: Bring her. Bring the "power that can save everyone!"
3(2b): Believe...I'll be waiting! ...Yuki!!
4: Sora-sama...

1: patan
2: ...dokun
3: dokun...
4: ..so you came! Himoto...

1: Sora-sama, good luck...
2: Sora-samaaa...
3(2b): Is everyone alright?! I'll be right there, so...
4: Yes...!!

1: Where's Reiko-san?!
2: Ahh.
3(2b): I left Date Reiko at the diagnosis center. She is my property now, but...
4: She still won't move, so I have no use for her!
5: Reiko-san...
6(2b): More importantly, Himoto. Where is Yagizawa Yuki?
7(2b): Without a weapon, how will you fight? Aren't you going to take these three back...?!
8: ...I will!
9(2b): Even if I don't...have a weapon right now...

1: Because I "believe"...!
2: I will definitely...win!
3: Because I am a just knight that protects my princesses!
4(2b): As long as we believe, I will definitely protect them!!
5(2b): ...so we have "angels," "El," and now your bullshit too...
6: And of all things,
7: you're some "just knight protecting a princess"...?!

1: Give me a break!
2(2b): What's just about you?! Hurry up and bring Yagizawa here!
3(2b): There's no need for that. Even without her...
4: I'll still protect them!!

1: Protect the princesses
2: my ass!
3: call her!
4: Now!
5: Call herrrrr!
6: ...Yuki!!

1: X!
2: X!
3: X...!
4: Sora-sama needs your power.
5: Please...lend it to her!!
6(2b): I'm begging you. Come back once more...
7(2b): Let me complete my job!!

1: I wasn't useful in neither intelligence nor strength.
2: Yet Sora-sama gave me this job!
3(2b): This isn't that big a job, I have to complete it...!!
4: X--...
5: --ah

1: ...oh. "X."
2: I feel like I've heard that name somewhere before...
3: "Princess Ix"...?
4: The name of the princess in
5: "Paradise Story"...

1-3: Call her.
4: Sora-sama.
5: Hurry up and call her.
6: nooo, Sora-samaaa!

1: Enough already!
2: Don't try to fight with your bare hands anymore!
3: Hurry up and call Yagizawa!!
4: Use a weapon!!!
5: Sora-sama...
6(2b): You coward! Using a weapon against an unarmed opponent!
7: gh

1: ....gh
2: Noooooo
3(2b): Sora-sama! Sora-samaaaaaaa

1: Stop! Don't attack anymore!
2(2b): This is one-sided...it's too horrible!
3: That's why I kept telling her to call Yagizawa...
4(2b): That was an accident just now...she just...
5(2b): I'm...al...right...everyone...
6: Because...I'm a just knight who protects the princesses...
7: I'll be right there to save you all...!!
8: Sora-sama...
9: Sora-samaaaa...!!

1: What...the hell?
2: What the hell?!
3: Why
4: Why do I
5: have to do such wretched things?!

1: "El" my ass! "angels" my ass! "Just knights who protect princesses" my ass!!
2(2b): I just want to protect Haruka...
3: Dammit...it's not fair...
4: It's not fair if you always act like the just one...!!

1: Do you understand how I feel?!
2: How we boys feel at always inevitably becoming the villains?!
3(2b): The moment I came here, this misogyny was immediately pushed upon me!
4: You think girls are the only ones suffering here...?!

1: No more
2: No more
3: I can't take
4: anymore...
5: What are boys
6: thinking?

1: Oh yeah...I
2: decided back then...
3: That I was no longer a "princess"...
4: That I...
5: That to me, "my kind of princesses" were...
6: ...ah
7: How pathetic, Kawazu-senpai.

1: What lies off the path?

1: Off the path that says that knights always have to protect their princesses?
2: ...what lies there?
3: What can I find...?

1(2b): ...the Demon King El...?!

black: Yuki searches for X, but who she finds is El--!!

Next: Nov. 22

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