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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 61

Welcome Back, John Dayuu

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 23, 2010 23:20 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 61


1: the story thus far
2: The teacher for the "Fortune Betterment Research Department" was Sandayuu Seagal's son "John Dayuu."
3: John Dayuu got a little too full of himself and hurt his back during a Michael Jackson impression.
The 61th Recorder - Welcome back, John Dayuu
4: My, sorry for causing you trouble...
5: I made you wait 2 weeks. I'm very sorry.
6: But thanks to your patience, my back healed and I was able to leave the hospital.
7: Oh, so you were in the hospital.
8: You made us wait two whole weeks, you bastard!
9(2b): No, really, I'm sorry! Really sorry! I'll begin the lesson immediately...
10: Really, sorry.
11: Just like how there is shadow where light is, this universe is built the law of two inseperable sides. The balance between the two will never crumble...
12(diagram top): Get lucky
13(diagram bottom): Taste misfortune out of your own efforts
14: Great misfortune should in turn call on an equal amount of fortune...and it is the "Johnda-style Fortune Betterment Technique" that utilizes this law.

1: I already owe a lot to this technique.
2: When I tried the "Fasting For Three Weeks Fortune Betterment Technique," I won a prize and received a teacup set.
3: You didn't eat for three weeks just to get some teacups?!
4: But they weren't just teacups. They were teacups of a famous brand that costs over tens of thousands of yen.
5: And the truth is, I brought them with me today to prove it...
6: Actually, let's not. That has nothing to do with the lesson.
7: It's pointless...let's begin the instruction.
8: How sad--!!

1: OK! Now let's change up the mood here and think of some new betterment techniques!
2: What?! We're going to start thinking of them now?!
3: Yes! Betterment technique begins from thinking of "misfortune that will bring on wonderful fortune."
4: Any ideas about some good misfortune?
5: Good misfortune...
6: Well that's an easy one. You just smashed all your teacups.
7: Eh? I did what?
8: I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about.
9: I didn't smash any teacups.
10: Nuuu?! Yes you did, just a minute ago!
11: No, no, I didn't break any at all.
12(2b): It's true that I thought they were broken for a minute, but after looking closely at them, I realized they were fine. Boy, was that a relief! They weren't broken, so in a way, I was lucky.
13: Y...you liar! Then show us the bag again!!
14: No, I will not. I'm not lying, but I definitely will not show it to you.
15: Wh...why are you denying this so strongly?!
16: I'm not denying anything strongly.
17: Yes you are!!
18: Are you trying to erase some inconvenient misfortune?!
19: No, no, hahaha...
20: You're a fraud! And you smell! Your whole body...
21: Hiiieeeehhhhhh!!!
22: SILENCE!!!

1: Hi...hieeeehhhh??
2(2b): You CANNOT call me a "fraud!" That is an absolute no-no...
3: You can call me whatever you want, just not a "fraud!!"
4: Uwaaaaaah, he's spinning around!!
5: Fine then. I'll look myself.
6: Hyaaah, wait!! You thief!! What are you doing, stop!!
7: Look! They're all in pieces!!
8(2b): You didn't say that. I can't hear you. Now...give it ba...
9: Fortune Betterment Kiiiiiiiick!!
10(2b): Ahhhh, they broke! They broke just now!! They weren't broke, but then I kicked them and broke them!
11: Why did you kick them!!?
12: Well, you see, I wanted to. I just suddenly felt like kicking them.
13: You're trying to destroy the evidence! Just be honest!!

1: Nooo, look! See? They're broken.
2-4: haa
5: It's, you know. "The Cup-breaking Betterment Technique."
6: Th...this guy is SO desperate!!
7(2b): Now we'll do a simple experiment to see if that technique worked or not. If it succeeds, then please acknowledge that I am not a fraud!
8: Experiment?
9: In here I have 100 lottery tickets! And only one of them is a "WIN."
10(2b): We're going to do an experiment to see if I can successfully pull out the winning one...how does that sound?
11: Mmm! Good idea.
12: Fufu...then, here I go.
13: Hoaaaaahhhhhh...Seagal Seagal Chickaaaahhh!
14: Come to me, winning ticket!!
15: Hoaaaiiii!!
16: rustle...

1: Hoaaaahhh come to me now, winning ticket....
2: Hurry up and come to me!!
3(2b): What do you mean "hurry up?!" Are you just going to keep doing it until you win?!
4(2b): Ahh, I get it. Hey, that's cheating!! You can only do it once, fraud!
5: D...don't call me fraud!!
6: He's saying it like it's a nickname...
7(2b): There's no way it'd come out the first time. All I did was break some teacups! Novices like you always say stuff like that...
8: Go ahead, try and see yourself how difficult it is to pull it out on the first try!
9: Alright, let's do this, Piyohiko.
10: Why me?!
11: We'll do it in order!
12: Ohh, I see.
13: Huh?
14: I got it.
15: Oh? Really?
16: Ehhhhhhh!!?
17: That was surprisingly easy...
18: Great, now we can really call fraud a fraud.

1(2b): Th...that's not good. That kind of good fortune cannot be...
2: Something really terrible is going to happen to you!!
3: Eh?
4: You don't practice fortune betterment, do you?!
5: Something really bad is going to happen to you now, mark my words!!
6: N...no way...
7: Don't threaten us, fraud.
8(2b): The law of the universe cannot be a fraud!! Ahhh, I shouldn't have said anything!!
9: Don't come crying to me when something happens!!
10: It's none of my business anymore!! Since you don't believe what I say...
11: clack
12: Hm?
13: What's wrong, dad?
14: John Dayuu.
15: Our house exploded...
16: It really happened!! (Thankfully, to fraud and not us)

Vol. 3 END

*Bye bye indeed. This will be the last chapter of Jaguar I do for personal reasons. If anyone wants to pick it up, knock yourselves out!

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