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Fairy Tail 213

1 of the 7 Kin

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 27, 2010 14:52 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 213 - 1 of the 7 Kin

slanted: Recommending unbalance?!
lower slanted:
attitude, magic, height, appearance (1?) They're complete opposites of one another <3

slanted: A red signal paints the sky!! Demonic footsteps riding on shivers from the "dark world" echo in the fairies' holy land?!
1: A red signal blast?
2: Enemies.
3: What's gonna happen to the exam?!
4: It'll be temporarily suspended, obviously.
5: Could it be that guy?
6: Who knows? That's the signal for an enemy attack...which means they're about to come attack us.

1: Well I don't know who it is, but someone is apparently picking a fight with Fairy Tail!
2: Let's strike back at 'em.
3: Aye, sir!
4: Why, at a time like this...?
5: This is the final part of the exam!! I have to deal with possibly leaving the Guild here!!
6: Cana
7: This isn't funny!!
8: I'm continuing the exam!!
9: Let's see them get in my way, if they even can!!!

1: Calm down, Cana.
2: Everyone feels the same as you.
3: Grey! Loki!!
4: Why are you here...
5: We were follow
6: Just a coincidence!!
7: Who cares about that?
8: Now that we have company, this is no time to be doing exams.
9: Let's go to the emergency meeting spot. We're lacking too much information.
10: Just...what IS happening here?

1: Erza-san, what do you plan to do now?
2: I'll take Gajeel to the camp.
3(2b): For now, let's look for Mest and Wendy. There's a possibility that they can't find the camp, and are wandering around lost.
4: Now...to ask you what your goal is.
5: Hmph!
6: Like we'd cough up anything to you...

1: Zeref...
2: The legendary black mage, Zeref.
3: That Zeref is on this island.
4: Impossible!!!
5: Zeref is that person that lived hundreds of years ago...
6: 400 years.
7: That's impossible!! There's no way he could be alive!!
8 I mean...

side: [Mashima's Musings] Cleaning my room is such a big job it takes more than a whole day. I have too many things I don't need.

1: He lives.
2: And has been, for the past 400 years.
3: But...Master Hades did say that Zeref's currently in a "slumbering" state.
4: I can't believe this...
5: When Zeref wakes up,
6: this world will be submerged in total darkness.
7(2b): Ridiculous...this is Fairy Tail's holy land.
8: Are you trying to cause some kind of disorder on THIS island, which is surrounded by fairy protection?
9: The army Master Hades is in direct command of will be here soon.
10: I wouldn't underestimate the 7 Kin of Purgatory if I were you.

1: The time mage, Ultear.
2: RustyRose.
3: Our boss, Caprico-sama.
4: Kain Hikaru.
5(2b): lick lick
6: Zancrow.
7: Meldy.

1: And
2: kukuku...
3: One more
4: is already on this island.
5: What!!?
6: Mest-san!

1: What is that color for again?
2: Hm?
3: Ummm...
4: Huh...?
5: I wanna know!! I really really wanna know!!
6: Ehhh?! You forgot too, Mest-san?
7: ...this is bad.
8: They're going to move before the main squad gets here...?
9: Wendyyyyyyy!!!
10: Get away from him this instant!!
11: Charle!! Lily!!

1: Mest!! Just who are you?!
2: Eh?
3: Wh...what do you mean who...
4: I'm Mystogan's pupil...
5(2b): The prince would never take a pupil from this world. You were smart to use someone who is no longer in this world,
6: but you made a mistake in the "setup," Mest...or whatever your name is.

1: Hey!! What are you two talking about all of a sudden?!
2: You be quiet.
3: Who are you?
4: Wh-what are you talking about...
5: You can probably use magic that controls people's memories.
6: You cast magic on this Guild's members and then pretended to be a member yourself.
7: Including the bit about the prince, your story has tons of unnatural points to it. And I can't think of anyone who has had any interaction with you.
8: On top of that, it seems like you don't even know what that signal means -- and I won't let you talk your way out of it.

1: Wha
2: He disappeared!!
3: No...
4: Teleportation magic!!?
5: Oh no!!!!
6: gsh
7: an
8: Wendy!!!!

1: Watch out!!!!

1: An attack?!
2: What's going on?!
3: Someone protected...
4: Wendy?!
5: Who was that?!
6: Show yourself!!
7: Good job finding me.
8: Hiee
9: A person is coming out of a tree?!
10: Wh...who are you?!
11: My name is Azuma.
12: One of Grimoire Heart's 7 Kin of Purgatory.

1: Grimoire Heart?!
2: A dark guild.
3: So that signal just now was to announce an enemy attack, I see.
4: Hmph.
5: Maybe I should I tell you that it's too late now...
6: Just what...is going on here?!
7: If I infiltrated Fairy Tail's holy land, I figured a few questionable things would come out of the woodwork.
8: But Grimoire Heart, on top of the black mage Zeref?
9: Lady luck must really be shining on me.
10: Zeref?
11: Who are you...!!?

1(2b): You still haven't figured it out? I'm a member of the council.
2: I suck in here searching for something I could use to put Fairy Tail out of business.
3: The council?!
4: But...
5: My, my.
6(2b): But I'm afraid that plan has come to an end. To think that a guild with an unknown location like Grimoire Heart would come to this island! Fuhahahaha! If I can take care of this, I'll be able to stop dreaming about that promotion.
7: Just in case, I decided to have the council's main forced arrest squad...battleship waiting nearby. Looks like that was the right decision.
8: I'm arresting all of you. I'm going to crush that demonic heart of yours into pieces.
9: Battleship?

1: Are you talking about that?

1: Wha
2: Eh?
3: Wh...what did you do?!
4: The ship
5: Impossible...
6: Hmph.

1(2b): Now then...would you mind if I began my job now, Mr. official?
2: Grimoire Heart
7 Kin of Purgatory
slanted black: A huge "evil," far bigger than what anyone imagined!! Their sweat reflects the "darkness" looming inches away from them...!!
3: Everyone, get back!

TBC in Chapter 214 - "Makarov Charges"

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