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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Dragon Ball SD 1

Dragon Ball SD

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 3, 2010 08:20 | Go to Dragon Ball SD

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tl by molokidan

side text: Make sure you get someone to help you and make sure not to get hurt while using a cutter or pair of scissors to cut the inside page out!
bottom left: Creator/Supervisor: Toriyama Akira
Manga by Ooishi Naho

red text: Little Gokuu on a big adventure!!

1: A long long time ago, deep in the mountains far removed from the city, lived a lone boy.
2: Yo! I'm Gokuu!
3: Listening to his deceased grandfather's instructions, Gokuu went to go train under a master martial artist named Kamesennin... (*Turtle Hermit)
4: Kintoun! Take me to Kamesennin's place!
5: Sorehhhhh!
6(2b): Ahhh! Is this his house?
7: Hellooooooo!

1: Huh? Is he out?
2: Uh...ummm...
3: Ah! I'm Son Gokuu! My grandpa told me to come here.
4: Please train me!
5: No...you see, I'm...
6: I'm surprised that you're actually a turtle, Kamesennin! I bet you're crazy powerful though...
7: ...who the heck are you...?
8(2b): Eh? Who...? Are you a disciple too, grandpa?
9: I'm
10: Kamesennin!
11(2b): Oh, so you're Kamesennin! I thought there was something weird about this!
12: You're the weird one...
13: Incidentally,
14: what did you come here for, anyway?

1(2b): My grandpa told me to come here and get trained. See, this is his letter!
2: Hohh...let me see here, hm hm hm...
3: I suppose I'll train you too then.
4: This here is another aspiring disciple, Kuririn.
5: Yo! Nice to meet you!
6: ...you intend to train under Master Kamesennin as well? You sure don't look like it...
7: Your head looks like a pachinko ball, you know that?!
8: What did you say?! Those who aspire toward the martial arts shave their heads bald to focus their energies!
9: Look at Master Kamesennin himself!
10: Actually, I'm just bald...
11: Ermm, ahem! Now then, might as well begin the training at once. You two ready?
12: Training, training! How exciting!
13: OK, first we have to build up our stamina.
14: Follow me!
15: Yes sir!

1: Look at that vast jungle behind you.
2: Eh? What about the jungle?
3: This is a big forest.
4: And this cliff is rather high up.
5: Huh?!
6: Waaaaaaah!
7: Your first matter of training is to survive within that jungle for a month.
8: Gegeh!
9: But! How are we supposed to...
10: Eh?
11: Wah...awawawa!
12: What's this rumbling?!

1: Uwaaaaah! A huge volcanic eruption!
2: Those are some big fireworks.
3: Is this time for that?!
4: Mmm...this will interfere with the training...
5: Oh well...I might as well use THAT technique here..
6: Ka...
7: Me...
8: Ha...me...
9: Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

1: Gegeh!
2: Th...the volcano...!
3: Wow! Hey, grandpa, teach me that move too!
4: Awawa...
5: Ho ho ho...
6: Train hard under me, and you both might be able to shoot it as well someday.
7: But first, you must survive for a month within that jungle. Then your real training will begin.
8: Got it?! After a month! That's the promise!

1: Uuu...To think I'd have to spend a whole month in a place like this...
2: Heeey, Kuririn! I found some food!
3: I caught a really lively centipede!
4: Like I'm gonna eat that!
5: Awww...but they're so yummy.
6: How about this, then?
7: That's it, roast it! Roast the whole thing!
8: You're really hardy, you know that...are you used to this kinda stuff?
9: Yeah, I used to do this kinda stuff in the mountains every day. You'll be just like me in no time, Kuririn!
10: Half a month later--

1: I'm gradually getting used to this lifestyle.
2: I should take some for Gokuu, too.
3: Hm?
4: Hm-hm-hmmmm
5: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
6: Huh?

1: Gokuuuuuu! Help meeeee!
2: Kuririn!
3: Darn, I forgot Kintoun at Grandpa Kamesennin's house...
4: Oh yeah! I'll just use that move he did...
5: That's my only choice!
6: Come out please...this is all or nothing!
7: Ka
8: Me
9: Ha
10: Me...

1: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
2: Kehhhhhh
3: Hiiieeeeeeh
4: Uwaaaaaaah!
5: crack crack

1: You OK, Kuririn?
2: There you go!
3: Upuh!
4: I...I'm alive...!
5: Good thing you have a rock hard noggin!
6: Gokuu, you rascal! What a guy you are!
7: I owe my life to you, ya little monster...thank you so much!
8: Heheh!
9: Ho ho ho...to think he'd be able to shoot the Kamehameha already...
10: I'm getting rather excited for those two!
11: I wonder if we'll be able to eat this guy if we roast him?
12: Kamesennin's training has just begun! And Gokuu's adventures will continue on and on!
red: Get excited for Gokuu's further exploits!!

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